ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 23)


hllo guys.. thanks a lot… because I all accepted this story after it return back… so let’s go to story
abhi and pragya come to room..
Abhi takes the oil and give it to her.. so fuggi start ur work
PR: what?
A: massaging with this oil…
Pr: but you have no pain na..
A: dadi dadi….
dadi comes
Dadi: what happened abhi?
A: dadi she is not…
P:nothing dadi… he tells that he will get pain.. while applying this oil..
dadi : abhi why are u behaving like a child.? lye down… abhi removed his baniyan.. pragya apply oil.. dadi goes….
A: wow kithana sweet.. I feel like feather touch..
P: started to give a beating massage that usually body builders do..
abhi wow..
pragya get irked..
A; fuggi continue with ur massage
P: it’s completed
suddenly abhi make her ly on bed and look at her face..
A: fuggi are u in anger…
P: started to laugh… no… I feel that u r just like a kid..
A: really
P: she pulls his cheek and give him a kiss and started to leave… abhi hold her hand and stand up..
she get nervous when he get approached.. he put his hand on her shoulder and make her turn..
A:wow… u are getting shy… oh god.. do I have such feelings..
P; what?
A: u are like lady mogambo?
pragya get angered… she started to beat him… they both starts running and fight with pillow.. the cotton from pillow comes out and dances in air… when bulbul aliya purab opened door they get shocked
aliya : Bhai what is this.. suddenly they look around.. they both laughs
A: actually pragya want to go to snow world.. so we just creating it
hey na pragya
pragya : ya… we are just playing…
purab :what game is this.. why u both behaving as child…
they goes… pragya : snow world..
and they both laughs… they both lying on that bed look at each other
A: fuggi where u need to go to honeymoon?
p: we will go to ooty… and must visit them.. our grandma and grand pa
A: ya we will go there… because that’s the place where we started our love…

after two year…..
life changed a lot in this one year… purbul get married.. aliya also get married to a business man named ashok… our rock star and fuggi shifted to a new home with Dadi… aliya and ashok were living in mehra mansion….
fuggi.. fuggi… where is my dress… fuggi fuggi where is my watch… fuggi fuggi where is my files
dadi : abhi starts his job.. go fast otherwise there is will be case filled by neighbors about noise pollution
pragya : k dadi
pragya comes to room..
abhi : fuggi where are you?
pragya : hey rock star.. don’t u do anything by yourselves… is I needed everything for u.. I am not ur personal secretary
abhi pulls her towards him and tell
Ya u r not my pa but my wife.. so I must do all this…
p: ohoo is this wife’s duty
A: no wife have so many duty.. and tried to hug her..
P: why are u always like this..
A: because I love I lot… I don’t like to go away from u..
purbul enters
bulbul: hllosweet romantic couple…
A: aagayi tamari Pyari Bahan.. whenever I tried to romance with u she will come in between.. I think after her marriage she will come as para
Bul: sorry my pyari jijju… it’s not possible
A: is bulbul is also like this to u?
pur : ha abhi but looking at bulbul… no abhi… she is so sweet
A; no need for acting I knew
Pu: abhi I don’t understand it’s become 2years both get married but u both love eachother as before
abhi putting hand on fuggi.. that’s our love..
bulbul; this is all because of my sister… I don’t knew how she is handling you.. there must be notice put on this house handle with care..
abhi : tired to beat bulbul
pr: why u both are just like kids..
abhi putting hand in bulbuls shoulder.. that’s jijubahan relation..
pra; that’s k… look its 10o clock.. meeting is on 10:30
purab : ha di we are leaving.. abhi bulbul purab goes…
dadi : pragya.. I don’t knew how this 2 years go… as you come.. I have no tension about abhi or aliya… u always take care of them.. thanks beti
p: dadi why are u talking as formal… dadi do u the specialty of this day.. it’s his birthday…

dadi : whose
pragya : rock star ka..
I have planned a surprise for him.. a party only our family members… aliya and a whom will come… so please help me arranging it… I think he don’t knew about it…

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