ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 22)

sorry guys…. I knew it’s not to stop an ff without any information… what really happened is when I started a new story… I can’t think our right anything about the old one really sorry for that… I think almost all of you forgot the story…
in brief I will tell u the story… pragya is a professor he meet abhi in college function. and sing a song for him. actually they are family friend.. but abhi and pragya didn’t see each other… as abhi feels something for her because he feels her as a girl he searching for.. and find route for that… he make her a friend… after realising she is the girl he is waiting more than 10year.. confess his love… and pragya accept it.. purab who is close friend of abhi is already in love with bulbul working in his office who is pragyas sister… family arrange their marriage… on the marriage day tangy make a plan to get married with abhi. aliaya stopped it… but at night she tried to kill pragya…. but by beating with a flowervase she falls down and make her admit in hospital…

let’s move on story…
abhi looks pragya she is very tensed and too afraid.. he goes towards her and make her sit near him… he takes her hand and put his hand on it… she gets a relief… he make her lye on his lap… and just touch her head… slowly she slept…
abhi : fuggi… sorry I knew u afraid a lot today… from tomorrow onwards I will make u happy always.. love u fuggi and kisses on her cheeks… she just smile… in sleep.. abhi also slept… as morning starts…
pragya open her eyes… she saw she was lying on abhis lap and full night he sit and slept like this….she make him to sleep correctly and covered with blanket and gives a kiss… she get freshen up and goes down and go to pooja room and did pooja… dadi comes seeing her and smiles.. she gets up and take dadis blessing and give Prasad
dadi : beti no need to worry… we are with u na..
pra: I knew dadi… now I have no tension
dadi : is abhi awaken?
pra: no dadi… because of yesterday’s incident he doesn’t slept correctly
aliya comes

good morning bhabhi and dadi…
she take dadis blessing
pragya goes to kitchen
dadi : stop pragya… there is a rasam that newly bahu must make some sweet food to family after that her grihpravesh get completed.. so prepared for that…
pra: I just make a coffee to him and come…
dadi : k
pragya enters room with coffee
pra: sunniye… sunniye… she kept coffee on table and go towards him. suddenly he pulls her towards him she just fall on him… she get shy
abhi smiles on her
pragya :what are u doing… dadi will come.. I just need to go and get ready breakfast it’s a Rasam
abhi : k u go..
pra: but u holding me na
abhi : u just make my hand away and goes…
pra: looking to him I can’t make your hand away from me… I can’t go to distance from… I always like to be with u… as close as possible… so I will not go away from me.. I can see you meri jaan every time….
abhi and pragya look each other… ( tu meri jaan hai plays on background )
abhi just remove her hair from face..I love I fuggi
I love you too…
suddenly bulbul enters… abhi and pragya get shy they just stood up… abhi goes washroom…
bulbul : smilingly diii
pragya : aa bulbul…. you came early.. come down.. I want go to kitchen immediately…
bulbul : is that very important..
pragya goes…

she makes all breakfast.. dadi abhi aliya bulbul purab all sits in dining table…
pragya serves food… abhi just staring on her
dadi : pragya you also sit with us..
pragya : no dadi
abhi : ya sit fuggi… he moves chair just beside him.. pragya sit there
dadi : oh alloo poratta… abhi kafavorite… what a taste…
abhi look at her.. he serves everything to pragya… he holds her right hand with his left hand.. and tell her to eat…
pragya look at him
dadi : beti why ‘re u sitting like this.. pragya : nothing dadi… she tried to remove her hand.. suddenly she priked his hand…
abhi :ouch… she started to eat… what happened and smiles..
dadi : what happened abhi.. he looks at her and tell no dadi just have a pain on hand…
dadi : oh… pragya there is lotion in his room… he usually have this pain… I make him to rub in his hand and shoulder please apply it…
pragya: k dadi
abhi smiles… abhi looks at her.. there is a communication through eyes…
abhi : now I will show u who is abhi
pra: ohooo pain… I will make u pain…

precap: abhi is fighting with pragya with pillow…

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  1. Missed this story sooooooooooo much !!! Keep Writing Greenie!!!!
    Superb update !!! Love u !!!

    1. HARITHA

      thanks priya… don’t now I will continue it.. love u lot…

  2. Trisha

    Superb epi Haritha???

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      thanks Trisha ??

  3. Really we forgot haritha ….please update next episode soon this is very good track of kkb

    1. HARITHA

      it’s usual smiley… it’s have been so long I am not update next part of the story… don’t worry now I will continue it… thanks alot

  4. Superb

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      thanx dear

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  6. Plzzzz don’t stop tz ff yaar continue n upload regularly… Nice n cute episode

    1. HARITHA

      no Durga… I will continue it… I knew I always tell me continue this one.. that’s why.. I upload new one.. I will try to upload regular..

  7. super but please dont seperate abhigya

    1. HARITHA

      actually I have no plan to separate them till now.. thanks mukund raj..

  8. super n thanks yaaaaaaaaaaaa

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      no need to thanx.. actually I must thank you for accepting it

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