ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 21)


sorry guys…. I knew it’s too late… but I am not in a mood to write this ff that’s why… so we are going through wedding of abhigya…
all are very happy…. abhi and pragya look each other and smile.. they starts to take pheras ( rounds) now it’s 7th found they starts to take… only small distance is needed to complete it.. on the other side tank is coming there in running as tanu reaches wedding is completed…. suddenly tanu goes from there…. they both take blessings of dadi, sarlama, beji… purab aliya bulbul hugs them in happiness…
dadi : now it’s time for grihapravesh…
dadi do all arrangements for this…. pragya enters home.. by rituals… she mark her footprints there… at that time bulbul comes there and told
jiju di both of you just put your right legs on it
abhi : what’s this bulbul
bulbul: do as I say… no more question
abhi; k meri maa…
they do as she say…
aliya : there is ritual in this house that husband would take his wife in hands and bring her home
pragya : aliya what’s this
aliya : bhabhi it’s our rituals…
abhi takes pragya in hands pragya get shy… there is an eyelock between them ( sayyara tu sayyara plays on background )
abhi pulls pragya and started to move towards room
purab : hllo where are you both going? some more rituals are remaining
all laughs… abhi get angered… pragya smiles
Now let’s see… is bhabi or meri Bhai going to win this… I have put a ring on this rose waters.those who first find this… must wear it on your partner… so game starts…. pragya and abhi starts to search.. all are encouraging them… while searching there is cute smile seen in pragyas face.. abhi stares on her… he takes pragyas hands and look at her… pragya and abhi are looking each other ( ithinise bath hai song plays)
bulbul : hllo we tell both of you find that ring.. we will give you time for romance… at last abhi got it and tease pragya mean while pragya looks abhi and just give a sight with her eyes.. at that time she takes ring and show everyone…
abhi : this is cheating… cheating…
all laughs at abhi… pragya wear ring….. and they smile each other…
aliya and bulbul bring pragya to abhis room
abhi : purab k see you later
purab : hey abhi where are you going… I need to talk with you…
abhi : we can talk tomorrow
purab : it’s important… purab starts to talk with abhi… but abhis mind is not there… it’s now become morethan 2 hours…
dadi comes
dadi : purab stop torturing him.. leave him alone.. pragya is waiting for him there…
abhi hugs dadi and love you dadi… he rush to upstairs… he reached his room… when he opens… he sees pragya sitting there for him…
abhi enters and close door and started to move towards pragya… suddenly some one knock door.. he goes to open door… it was bulbul and aliya they need to talk with pragya… abhi with too much work… closed the door…
abhi : fuggi they are unbearable… me kabse… ye moment ka wait kar raha hum… he starts to move towards pragya suddenly someone take pragya and put knife on her neck… it was tanu
abhi : tanu what are you doing leave her
tanu : abhi… do you knew how much I love you… I knew you too loves me… because of this Prague.. you starts to hate me…
abhi : tanu what are you saying… I am not loving you… in my life… I only love my fuggi..
tanu : abhi I knew… don’t lie in front of her… she pulls pragya and move towards abhi… tanu is doing some mannerisms which is like a mental patients… abhi… please accept me… I can’t live without you…. I can’t spare you… abhi please accept me… I will do anything for you… tanus tone starts to change… pragya takes a flower vase and hits on tanus head… tanu falls down… all others come outside calling abhi and pragya… abhi runs towards pragya and hugs him… fuggi is anything happened to you… abhi opens door… all enters shockingly seeing tanu…
aliya : tanu how did she reach her
abhi :I don’t knew aliya… she is behaving as…
aliya :I knew Bhai … she is not normal… she need to get you…. for that she plans to stop this marriage… but I reached in her house on time and tied her there
abhi : aliya then why don’t you tell us
pragya : aliya please call ambulances… she need some treatment… she is not normal that’s why behaving like this… ambulance came and tanu is taken to hospital….

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  1. Superb dear lovely love u????

    1. HARITHA

      no dear I am not satisfied with this episode… I feel its not good… I am going to end this ff with 2-3 more episodes

      1. No not at all dear its really lovely???i wil be very worried if u stop tis pls darlu continue wit abhigya love life as husband and wife pls love u darlu???may i knw ir afe coz if u r elder i ll cal as dii or akka and r u tamilian☺

      2. HARITHA

        actually dear I am not tamilian I am a malayalee and I am doing my third year degree… you call me anything as your vish

  2. Krish

    noooo dont end it yaar………..its really awesomeee ……plss cont…..n todays epiii s superrrrb……..waitng fr te nxt epiiiiiii….

    1. HARITHA

      thanks krish… I will try

  3. Divchan

    Hi , haritha , its not like that ..this episode is good , my suggestion is that u can continue this ff as routine life of abhi and prgya alon with other family members , just shows only happiness …. little bit of troubles and mis understanding which creates move love between them , then off course their cute fights for it .. u r really awesome , you have good creativity …. keep rocking

    1. HARITHA

      thanx divachan… I like your suggestions … I think you must write ff… you can write it

  4. Divchan

    Thanks haritha , will try , but not sure …. plz stop any of your ff its interesting in its own of the story. !

  5. Interesting yaaaa don’t end pls conti this ff really nice….

    1. HARITHA

      thanx di… actuate I am really blessed to have such friends

  6. Divchan

    I am sorry, I mean to say plz dont stop any of your ff, typo erro

    1. HARITHA

      don’t sorry I understand… but you must do what I said

  7. It is good haritha really nice one

    1. HARITHA

      thanx smiley

  8. Superb yaar its really awesome plzzzz don’t end it yaar plzzzzzz continue its really nice n awesome

    1. HARITHA

      k Durga I am not going to stop how can I stop if my friends need this f2f to be continued… thanks alot

  9. Riyashri

    Haritha Ji ….I loved this wedding update and its ceremonies….U nailed it….
    Sorry for the late comment….surely tanu should be treated in the hospital in real kkb tooo….

  10. Vaishali

    no no haritha dear pls dont end it pls its a crazy fan request i loved todays episode abhis desperate feeling to go to meet pragya was awesome loved it to the core haritha waiting fr ur nex pisode

  11. If u end it then I will strike to continue this ff plz don’t do this I love this ff so much

    1. HARITHA

      don’t do any strike I Wil continue

  12. Superb.. Nice hit by Pragya.. ???

    1. HARITHA

      thanx nirmal

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