ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 2)



i am going to continue the story from where anu stopped.i just give you an intro which already anu had written. pragya is a professor..there is a college day fuction which which going on her college it was abhi the rock star who is going to inuagrate the function. the day comes pragya is very tensed because she is going to sing a song for him…but she didn’t see abhi on the colege day she saw him first time on posters she feels like she had alreday met him and some feelings she feel towards him. she sang SANAM RE song for him.abhi senen her already when she is trying to look him through curtain but he only sees her two eyes while singing he couldn’t see her face.then abhi gave a sppech inwhich he tell about a memory…he says that there was a person in his life which he can’t forget.. while inhis journey to his music he always feel failure…he has a habit of writing diary in park…one day when he writes his sorrows on it and he left from there without taking it .when he came back to take the diary he saw some writings..if you think you fail you failed…if others think you failed you can;t do any thing then you can do anything so be positive…you can do whatever you wants…it was written bya girl because there was a photo of girl with chashma.because of this thought he win …

so let’s continue with story
after singing song pragya with the help of his friend reach her house.her friend is vijay..
scene shifted towards PRAGYAS house

pragya and vijay reached near pragyas house dropped her there and go back suddenly.
pragya: Arey vijay….please come to house and just have tea…
vijay: nahi baba ! tumari bahan bulbul ….oh iam going
bulbul come towards them at taht moment vijay goes
bulbul:di….tum aa gayi…bathavo vaham kaise he? kaham he mere autograph…\
pragya: wait bulbul let’s get inside…
sarala:pragya tum aagayi….do you sing song?what did he said…
beeji(mother of sarala):beta…kuch bola….
pragya: oh… just stop it… i sing song there…but i don’t know how is it?whether he liked it or not? when i complete my singing and come back.
bulbul:ufff…di… tum kyum aise….
beji:beta…mera abhi the rockstar kaise he?
bulbul: beji tumara abhi…

beji:mera abhi ..iam a great fan of abhi
sarla:beta tu bolo…
pragya:maa…plz .leave me alone .i don’t know how i sing or how is he…i can;t see him clearly(but maa i see him…he ..he is familiar to me..whwn i see him my heartbeats raise from normal level..i feel there is nobody around us)
bulbul: di app kya sochthe he?
pragya:kuch nahim…
scene shifted towards mehra manshion…

aliya: arey dadi…come fast..there is a live telecasting of inuagration function…
dadi:beta ..i will come within seconds….wow…kithane achi hei pragya? she is singiong very well….i know she can
aliya: your are right dadi….pragya di ..is a nice person..
in abhi’s room
abhi is thinking about the pragya…

he is looking towards moon…at the same time pragya be looking into moon
abhi:why i feel that th girl i see today is the one iam searching…why i feel she is familar tome
pragya in mind:why i feel something special when i see him today…
abhi take diary from cupboard and look the sketch of a girl…at that time dadi enters to the room
dadi: beta, i know you are too sad today….i saw the inuagration function on tv.actually you don’t share your feelings then what happen today..do you miss your maa and papa…beta ..tum
abhi:dadi i don;t know what happen tody…why i speak so…
dadi:abhi who is the girl that you talk about
abhi:dadi i don’t know who is she? i was searching her more than 10 years….to say thanks
dadi:don’t worry abhi…abhi how is the girl pragya
abhi:pragya who is she
dadi:beta vo ladki..who sing song

abhi:dadi who do you know here?
dadi:abhi vo mere dosth ki grand daughter hai…she is very nice
abhi: dadi..iam going to meet purab..
dadi:i know you will go to meet purab…he is the person which you share everything
abhi:bye dadi
dadi :bye
abhi started to walk through varandha and just collide with aliya
aliya:ouch… bhai…aapko kya ho gaya?tum kaha ho? muje oatha
aliaya: i think you are thinking about that song.. pragya dika song..
abhi: pragya…tuje bi patha hai vo ladkhi ki ke bare main..
aliya: of course bhai…vo meri guide hai..mere project ki…muje yeh be patha ki
abhi: kya aliya?
aliya; you are thinking how she get that song…because it was she who wrote it..bhai one day when you are composing a song…you are very much anger tha…and you throw so many papers…at that time pragya di bi yaham hai…and it was she write the song…and i give it to you and said that mere friend ne yeh likha…
abhi: kya? vo yaham…

aliya: yes bhai…but she doesn’t know that you are my bhai..she know i have a brother and he is a writer
abhi: acha…k. how do you know her
aliya: dadi..ki
abhi : wait… dadi ki dosth ki grand daughter…
abhi: pragya ..
aliya: what bhai?
abhi : kuch nahim..ima going to meet purab…bye
aliya: bye
abhi started to drive……while driving he is thinking about pragya in red saree he tried to recollect her face and couldn’t…
abhi reach purabki house main…
purab: abhi,,,i know you will definitely come… i see your inuagration on tv
abhi: ya purab…purab aj mujhe vo ladkhi ke yad aaya
puarab: which girl?
abhi: chashmish
purab: kyum… when you see pragya di that’s why?

abhi: pragya… do you know her?
purab: ya…we are friends
abhi: friends..
purab: i met her in your own house.she will once a week there with bulbul
abhi: bulbul…who is she?
purab: her sister
abhi: you know her too
purab: abhi actually … i wanted to talk about it…but iactually was not clear that’s why
abhi: kya purab…today i know there are so many things going around me without my knowing
purab: abhi… what is this yaar..?

precap: pragya… iam coming to meet you….

Credit to: HARITHA

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