ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 18)

hope all are fine… thanx for all your kind support……
lets move on to the story…. the haldi day begins… whole house is decorated with yellow and white combination… abhi and purab are in discussion…. purab I need to put haldi on her face… give me an idea for this abhi.. both of your haldi function are on the same time… but I will help you abhi…. abhi dressed up… in white and yellow mixed ‘ sherwani… pragya is wearing both colour combination saree… pragya looking gorgeous today… di, just give me some pose I will send it to jiju… bulbul ah di knew you need his photo I have already tell to purab… meri pyaari bhahan…. she hugs her…. no di I knew your love is fake.. bulbul kya hua? di aap muje chodkar jiju ki sath… from tomorrow you Will go away from. then how can I see you talk to you fight with you di I will really miss you lot…. she hugs and cried… pragya tooo (ek hasarome mein played background )… abhi calls…. di jiju is calling I knew this call is not for me… but di put it on speaker… don’t tell him otherwise I will not talk with you… pragya puts on speaker on. hllo hey chahmish I think vo bulbul didn’t allowed to me talked to you… fuggi.. actually I will teach her lesson because of your sister… bulbul get angered… don’t tell like this abhishek… what you calling me abhishek…. you call that name… in which I see your love… abhishek…. just stop talking nonsense… fuggi… please… k merijaan that’s my fuggi she get shy…. fuggi please give one kiss…like that kiss you give to me when we go for first date… actually that was a memorable day because on that day your sister too confess her love. but I don’t how put an will manage her? fuggi why she not like you and laughs…maa is coming talk later she ends the call. bulbul vo just joking don’t take it as serious… di you changed a lot… and she goes..because of him meri bulbul muje naras ho gayi… a message comes on phone it was abhi he send his photo.. pragya looks and glare on it.. at the same time abhis message fuggi don’t look at me like this… at the same time next message this abhishek na.. I knew now you have a cute fuggi smile on your face… loves you. next message fuggi don’t send photo to me.. I Will come to see you… you can’t forced me.. because you are not my wife just lover… oh God what’s all drama he is going to do… function starts…. abhis haldi ceremony is going to take place first all family members put haldi dadi abhi you can go now… it’s time for pragyas function don’t come here it’s our rituals… k dadi he goes… pragya comes and sit her function starts he feels the presence of abhi she looked around. di whom you are searching… aliya I feels your bhais presences… what bhabhi no way… he just go outside for a busy job.. I think you are thinking about him… but my heart tells he is here… suddenly light Gones… suddenly someone drags pragya… she get tensed and tried to shout but abhi shuts her mouth and put haldi on her face… fuggi I told you nA I will come and see you… fuggi you are looking gorgeous today… fuggi… he pulls her towards his chest and give a kiss on her forehead… she also give kiss on his forehead… suddenly… hey what you have done.. leave if current comes all will get tensed… fuggi don’t bother about without my instructions no light will on that means ya I have done it… now I win in the competition you can go ohoo she also put haldi on his face and ran… this fuggi na and he smiles… purab comes there laugh at him… abhi why are laughing… just look at your face you understand…. abhi looks in a mirror there is a lip mark on his face he get shy… meanwhile bulbul comes… abhi : bulbul she doesn’t notice him… purab I just came here talk to meri Jaan… what? ha purab… please call me that name… bulbul… kya hua? what are you talking please give one kiss…like that kiss you give to me when we go for first date… actually that was a memorable day because on that day your sister too confess her love.
what happened to you… bulbul sorry really sorry abhi why are you telling sorry abhi… abhi explained abhi bulbul really sorry… I will forget it but you will fulfill one condition… k bulbul tell me what it is… I will tell you tomorrow are you up to something nothing like that jiju you are my sweet jiju na…
precap : pragya Is sitting in dark room and screaming but abhi is taking pheras ( taking round around fire)

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    Wat???does dat mean someone kidnapped prags n kept her in dat dark room….??is dat “some one”is tanu??gosh!!precap is freaking me……todays part where Bulbul says lyk abhi was lol…..d way abhi pleaded her was cool….loved it

  2. nice episode but pls dont seperate abhigya or dont make abhi get married to someone else.

  3. Omg Precap is interesting I loved today episode it was awesome

  4. superbbbb………….omg what that precap

  5. no no no you cant do this . dont make abhi to marry anyone.if you do so i wont read your ff

  6. Arshifan

    I guess its tanu..she will only create problems in tanu’s life..i guess pragya will reach in time and stop the marriage..nice epi..keep going..

  7. today is super …precap is interesting../

  8. Oh my god precap s shocking bt plzzzzz don’t make tat tanu as abhi’s wife yaar… Plzzzzzz stop that marriage… Omg…

  9. Oh my god precap s shocking bt plzzzzz don’t make tat tanu as abhi’s wife yaar… Plzzzzzz stop that marriage…

  10. don’t seperate yaaaaaaaaaaa pls

  11. Omg precap is scaring me update soon dear???

  12. Riyashri

    Update soon Haritha !! Love today’s update ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️???

  13. Hey haritha actually I don’t know that this is also ur story ..it is good dear ….I have become ur great fan

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