ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 15)

hello guys…. thanks u guys for your comments and support…..let’s move on to story without any furthur introduction
bulbul: di….what’s this…..you both are in love…..i can’t believe it…you hide this frome me…from your pyarii sister
abhi: actually bulbul, your sister told me to don’t inform you….i think she doesn’t believe you….abhi laughs
bulbul : bhai, oh now this bhai is going to become my jiju…oh di, i think vijay is better than him….he is not good….he is coming between our discussion
pragya:bulbul, don’t talk like this
aliya: oh di, aap kithana cute hey…but i don’t like di….meri bhai as your pair…he doesn’t suit you…
purab: don’t talk like this aliya….abhi is most perfect jodi for di….but i my opinion abhi will get some girl better than di…purab laughs
abhi:please stop all of you….abhi put hands on pragya’s shoulder and make her so close and tell my fuggi is my love…she my soulmate…
bulbul: ohooo
pragya: bulbul, …
bulbul: don’t talk to me..
pragya: k then i will talk to maaa directly…about what’s going on between you and purab…purab starts to move on…abhi: purab, where are you going…please come close to me…
bulbul: what?
aliya: ya di there is smell of love
abhi: but bulbul, you both have to wait after my marraige… i will talk to maa
bulbul: ohooo, so this much you both reached….di and jiju…you both must do punishment for this…..
abhi: what punishment?
sarla and dadi comes…
sarla: oh bulbul, stop harrasing them
dadi: you both are made for each other…
aliya: dadi….bhai ki marraige ke bare mein decision hogayi…then
dadi: then what?

aliya: mera shadi…
abhi:oh pyaari bhahan your marriage…oh it must be a difficult task for me….i want tofind a person who can bear you….aliya starts to beat him abhi runs..
dadi: they both are like kids…pragya, you must change his attitude….pragya smiles..sarlaji, i think we must take a date for their engagement….
abhi: engagement and looks at pragya…pragya get shy….
sarla: i think the date iam going to make her marraige is perfect date for engagement
bulbul: oh maa, it comes in next week…it was not posssible
sarla: kyum?
bulbul: i don’t like to give my dii to this rockstar and laughs….
sarla: k now we are leaving…sarla and bulbul moves they stops and look at pragya…pragya and abhi are looking at each other and they are in their own world….
all starts to laughs…pragya nad abhi get shy….
sarla: k betaji we are going…they moves pragya turns and looks him while leaving
purab: abhi, you are not a good friend yaar
aliya: ya you are not a good bhai

purab: but abhi ihave one doubt when you saw your chashmish one day then what will you do? abhi starts laughing….
purab and aliya gets angry..abhi looking at them control laughs and say
purrab,my chashmish is my fuggi and he explain how he get to know
purab: oh abhi, that’s great yaar….after all you find your chashmish iam very happy and hugs him and abhi hugs him inreturn
purab: iam going now, let’s see tomorrow
abhi and aliya: k bye…
abhi comes to his room and thinks about whole incident
abhi:within some days, my life changed alot, i get my fuggi, iam going to marry her….but i must give her a surprise for this what will i do…
he suddenly gets idea and goes

scene shifted towards pragyas house
pragya: bulbul, today iam so happy…..i think i must lost him…but..bulbul vijay how will i face him
bulbul:ufff, di don’t thik about him,..think about jiju then your tension will fly away…bulbul starts to tease her
sarla: both are you going to talk in the whole light….we have so many works for tomorrow… we need to start preparation for engagement and goes…
pragya and bulbul goes to sleep…now time becomes 12 o’clock
pragya hears some sound…she just starts to wake up someone shuts her mouth..and tie her eyes..the person take her on arms and moves …she tried to make bulbul wakes up but it;s not possible..she get tensed…the person is moving to garden she doen’t see him.suddenly lights on she sees abhi taking her on arms…(allah warriyan plays on background) abhi makes her stand and make her to sit in chair…he brings a cake infront of her and asks her tocut it…pragya: oh what’s all this why cake.abhi: this is special day for both of us…we are going to get married …for that we must make it more special and romantic…abhi and pragya cuts the cake and share each other
pragya:why do you love me like this?
abhi: beacause you are my life…..pragya hugged him emotionally …….

Credit to: HARITHA


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