ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE episode 12 part -1


sorry I know this is a late update…. I can’t enough time to write that’s why…. let’s go to the story
bulbul: sorry purab.. I can’t accept your love…
bulbul moves away… purab get sad… and turns…and move away.. bulbul runs and hug him from the back and says… I love you purab… purab turns and hug bulbul… ( tu meri.. jaan hai)
bulbul: purab I want to tell you something
i loves you but one condition you must not tell it to any other
purab: I have already told abhi… he gives to confess my love this way
bulbul get anger
you even don’t know to confess your love…
purab : sorry bulbul… I share all my matters with abhi
bulbul : but…
purab : don’t worry abhi will not tell it anyone
bulbul : k purab we need to go there
purab: bulbul this is our first date na… then you are telling to go back very soon
bulbul : di is alone there so we need to go otherwise she will doubt us… it was very difficult to me to answer her question I can’ t cheat her… but
purab : k we can go

abhi and pragya are sitting on bench which we seen in park… pragya is lying on his chest
abhi : fuggi you know one thing
pragya : what
abhi : purab is going to propose your sister
pragya : what… they are in love.. oh so my doubt is correct
abhi :you knew it
pragya : I have some doubt
abhi : I gave idea for this…
pragya : ohoo so you are the head of master plan
abhi : ya fuggi… it was actually nice na I am going to marry fuggi.. my friend to bulbul… both are cute couples na
pragya : oh god when I think about it… I don’t knew what my maa will say.
abhi : don’t worry I will talk to your mom
pragya get sad
abhi : fuggi don’t worry
pragya : we can go to hotel.. aliya must have reach there….
abhi : k lets leave otherwise she will make a big issue…
abhi and pragya reached at hotel. purab aliya bulbul had already reached there
purab : where were you both… we are waiting more than one hour.. I want to inform you one important thing
abhi : why bulbul and aliya look so sad….
purab : I got producers call he can’t meet us here… because he caught an accident and a fractured his leg
so he tell us to meet him tomorrow
abhi; oh no… we want to leave now… to reach there…
purab : yes that’s why… they look so shy
abhi: please postpone meeting…
purab: no way year
pragya: no problem we can go what’s the problem
abhi looks pragya.. she didn’t understand
purab look bulbul and get sad…
aliya : k lets go
they packed and get ready to go… purab so aliya you came with them and purab and bulbul
abhi : oh no, purab why did you do this to me. i think to spend romantic moments with fuggi from abhis expression she understands her thoughts and smile
aliya : Bhai why are waiting get in. pragyas sits in back seat..
aliya start talking… abhi feels bored.. he adjusted mirror to see fuggi…
guys I will update it as part-1 like wise

Credit to: Haritha

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  1. Hahaha…..nice pay back for Abhi…..cant control my laughter even now…..its an LOL episode….try to update part2 sooner……

  2. superb episode……enjoyed……pls post 2nd part soon ya

  3. Great dear☺

  4. Very funny …..while think about abhi….nd so cute yaar……

  5. Ha ha …. add some more cute fights or Roman scenes

  6. Sooooo cute abhi….

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