ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 10)

Hello friends. thanks for all your support and comments. if you feel boring just tell me so I can improve episodes. sorry for yesterday’s short episode. let’s move on to the story….
pragya is in her tent. she can’t sleep today. when she closes her eyes she see abhi who is confessing his love… she look bulbul and aliya…
pragya move towards outside night is very dark now. fire that abhi make still burning. she stands there and thinks. she rembers all the moments she spend with abhi. a cute fuggi smile arise in his face. suddenly she looks sad a tear drops roll down from her cheeks. she wipes it oh god! why you bring me to such a situation…. I can’ t take a decision as my own. I don’t knew to choose whose sound heart or mind… meri heart uskelliye beat kartha hei lekin meri mind kahathehe ki neglect him…. what I will do…. I can’t lose him. I see love in his eyes when I get pain he feels pain in him. when he laughs l feel happy. I like all the moments with him.. I like to talk with him… when I first saw him that spark..I feel at every moment when I see him… I feel we have some past relationship… today when he confess his love, muje lagtha hai ki I am the most luckiest girl. it was the most happiest moment in my life but how can I accept if I met him before 2 months I will not think a minute but now conditions are not like that. but he is waiting for me more than 10 years… I don’t even remember that note which I have written. my heart says he is made for me. we are made for each other… (koyi mumbo song in ek villains in back ground )meri maa kahathae hai ki always hear the sound of heart… so I think…. I love him…. so pragya you are in love in loud voice I love him….. a hand touch on her shoulder… she turns.. she couldn’t see who is… the person brings a handle between them.. it was our abhi????… he is staring at her… ( kaisa hei ishq hai.. plays in background )
I love you rock star…. I love you so much. pragya falls on his chest they both hug tightly….. I love you fuggi…. ( chau mai yaan in ashiqui 2 song plays in background )
suddenly pragya came to mind and loosens the hug. and moves away
abhi came close to her… so fuggi you accept me without my mission
pragya : mission?
abhi: ya I have planned fuggi’s love mission to make you confess your love towards me
pragya: oh
abhi: so I am proud of you abhi. you just make her realise without effort
pragya: if you can’t success in your mission
abhi : abhi the rock star kabi be harthe nahim
pragya : no way
abhi: fuggi I will not lose because I can see your love in your eyes. that’s why..
pragya: but rock star you must give me a promise that kabi bi kisi vakth main you don’t go away from me…
abhi : I will promise fuggi. i have no life without you.
abhi and pragya together in loud voice and said we love each other and laughs
pragya: rockstar one more promise
abhi: kya fuggi why are you like this
pragya: our relationship must be kept as secret. bulbul aliya and purab ko yeh bath math kahana
abhi: deal. they look each other and smile.
pragya: I am going… bulbous will doubt me if I am not there.
abhi: please fuggi wait for sometime… we can sit together for sometime
abhi: fuggi you must call me a different name… a name that no one call me
pragya: name… idiot
abhi: bad
pragya; then I will call you… meri jaan
abhi: what?
pragya :ya meri jaan???
abhi : k
pragya : so goodni8 sweet dreams meri jaan
abhi: I can’t sleep today
pragya: why
abhi: because of you. I want to turn this night as morning because I can see you
pragya: so cute meri jaan and she moves her hands through his air and goes. abhi keep smile do like what his fuggi do
note: I am stopping this episode here because I need no body to break their romantic moment and mood. hope you all like this???

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  1. Awesome dear keep rockng☺☺

    1. thank u dear

  2. Sooooo cute yaar…I luv this epi……but eat hapnd to pragya…any nw twist….

    1. may be dear just wait and see

  3. Superbbb…….. Keep rocking ……..don’t thing that we r getting boring …..plz update it fast & more

    1. nannu i just write so to get your suggetion… actually today episode is again short… because whwn i write their cute romance…after i can’t write any more because iam really big fan of ABHIGYA

  4. U mean u r ending ur ff ah…

    1. NO my dear…. i can;t stop this ff dear… if stop how can make you to wait for me…..to update another episode…

  5. its very nice and cute..keep going…update regularly…

    1. nasima i will try update regular yaaar

  6. It was so cute episode

    1. thank u monesha

  7. I loved it to d core man…..really really awesome…….somehow u made Prags to realise her love….its great

  8. plz show some rabul moments too

  9. Awesome episode haritha so cute loved it

  10. Nice like it… Hope more abhigya’s scene….

  11. Loved it

  12. Reshma Pradeep


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