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Note: guys I using nikita, pragya both name in this shot but for abhi , the lady , the kids , everyone in that home know nikita is her name.

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Here shot 4

Pragya decided something thinks to meet abhi. Here abhi came to company. Today he is not in good mood so the coworkers are get scold from abhi. They all are confused by abhi mood yesterday he is in good mood but today everything change. He scold them even they don’t do any mistakes.

It was evng.

Abhi ready to go to park but some think stops him. He think like NIKITA is not going to talk him. So he changed his decision and went to hotel room.

In park

Pragya is eagerly waiting for abhi. Today all the kids are came with pragya to see RS. It’s already late abhi still not came they all are wait for abhi almost 3 hrs. Finally pragya decided to go. And she consul kids with her lovely talk. They all are went with disappointment.

Abhi is only thinking of nikita. Her face smile voice shyness cute pouts everything again and again came in front of his eyes. He try to divert his mind but it’s get even more worst. Finally he decided to meet nikita 2mmoro in park. He thinks to wait for her. If she came he definitely make friendship with her. Abhi tells to himself abhi u r a rock star ya she will definitely accept ur frndsip.

Next day

Abhi is in park. Today he came earlier and hide behind a tree and wait for nikita arrival . Finally pragya came and sit a bench. After watching nikita abhi decide to meet her but his mind tells him to watch her if she will search him. So abhi still behind tree and watch nikita(pragya). Today pragya is not came with kids. Bcos yesterday they all are disappointed so pragya said to them she goes to park and talk to RS to meet u all. Kids nods yes. Pragya was continuously watching here and there and also main gate. Time pass half hour still abhi is behind the tree and watch nikita (pragya) he likes all face pouts and expression. Now pragya feel sad and closed her eyes and pray to god to meet abhi. Abhi see this and came infront of her and stand like a god pose. Pragya opened her eyes And get shocked. Abhi smiles by her looks and came back to normal position. Pragya smiles. So chashmise u r waiting for me right. Pragya gets shock how he know this but she maintain herself and said no no who said like that. Abhi said then y r u be here. Pragya said tooooo too get get fresh air ( blabber ) abhi smiles and ask oh u only get fresh air in the park haaaa. Pragya try to said something like woooo not like. .. that woooo actually. Abhi stop her and said oh chashmise I know every girls are waiting for me to see me for selfies for autograph for.. pragya said stop this iam not like that. Who says iam here to took selfies and autographs. I came here to meet u and abhi stops her and ask so u ur self told like u came here to see me right (with winks). Pragya now blushed hard. Abhi was enjoying her blushing. He pinch pragya cheeks and said don’t blush over chashmise ur checks are become red like tomato. Pragya smiles and abhi also smiles. Then abhi ask pragya chashmise one cup coffee with me ( it was first time abhi ask coffee to a girl bcos girls are only asking him today everything different and abhi also little bit nervous ). Pragya just look abhi in shock. Then shyly nods her heads. Abhi is dancing inside his heart.

In coffee shop.

They sit in a private table and talk No no just see each other. They ordered a coffee. That’s also came but still they don’t start there talk (plz any one start the talk) slowly abhi ask so chashmise u said u came to the park for met me. So wat is the reason. Pragya said I want one help from u. Abhi ask help! Wat help u want? Pragya said our home kids want to see u and also said kids sadness and yesterday incidence. Abhi gets sad and scold himself for not came for yesterday. Pragya said plz meet them the kids are not have parents if they meet u they will feel happy and iam also get happy (with beautiful happy smile). Abhi smiles of seeing pragya happy and said ok I will come. Give me address. Pragya become more happy and Give address to him. Suddenly abhi phone rings abhi sees dadi calling him. He attend the call and talk ( one side conversation)
Dadi how r u
Iam fine dadi
r u take ur medicine regularly
If aliya called u
Ya she called me said she is good and everything is good there.
No dadi I will come only after 25 days.
Ok dadi love u take care
Tell dasi iam asked her

Same time pragya was watching abhi without taking her eyes. She think of her state and feel sad. After completing talk abhi see pragya. She is totally some other land abhi see sadness in her eyes. Then abhi call her chashmise chashmise where u lost. Pragya said nothing just thinking something. Can I leave now. It’s already late. Pragya was sad now. Abhi see this and ask wat happen chashmise suddenly u become sad. Pragya no no iam alright ok iam leave now. U come 2mmoro ok. Abhi said ok. Then pragya leave from there. Abhi also leave.

In hotel room
Abhi thinks pragya her talk and smiles and also her sad face. Abhi was feeling restless he want know wat bothering her. Her sadness killed him. He don’t know y it’s all happen to him.

In home

Pragya tells about abhi to the lady(home controller). The lady become happy and said thanks to pragya. Then pragya said the news to all kids all are very much happy and hugs pragya and kissed her. After some time she leave to her room and think about abhi and his conversation. She feel sad. She thinks there is anyone for me if they searching her And cried bcos of her state. She want a shoulder to cry. She want a hand to care her hair. She want a person to hug and share her fellings. But she don’t get any revember Ness in past 3 months. She even don’t her name. She only known is now she is nikita and stay in xyz home. That’s it. Some how she is happy bcos of abhi. Abhi present gave her family surrounding feel. Then she slept thinking of abhi.

Next day.

Abhi is ready to go to the home. Here pragya prepare all kids to welcome abhi and some of dance and songs. After some time Abhi came to the home and all kids welcome him. Then he spend some time with kids. He enjoying his day with kids and also pragya. Pragya also enjoying she is too much of happy today. The lady she this and gets happy of pragya and kids happy. Abhi spend his whole day with kids and gave some gift to kids and donate some money to that home. It was time to abhi leave. Abhi said bye to kids and nikita (pragya). Then he came to his car the lady came to abhi and said thanks. Abhi said it’s my pleasure iam happy after too many days. Thanks to you first and also nikita. The lady said u know abhi can see nikita how much she is happy too day. From the day she came here she will always lost in something and her memory loss everything bothered her but today she is very happy. Abhi gets shock after herein memory loss and ask wat u r saying? The lady gave puzzle look and ask u don’t know anything about nikita then how u become frnd with. Then she told about nikita her accident memory loss everything. Abhi was shocked too much. He feel sad for nikita. Then the lady leave from there abhi also leave to his hotel room.

Abhi continuously thinking about nikita (pragya). Abhi says to himself I also lost my memory of past 2 yrs but I have my family to support me. Even I feel there was most important thing happened in my past 2 yrs I feel strange some time in my family members. But she lost her whole memory even don’t know her name orginal name. Y there is no one is searching her. I can feel her state. Now I understand y she suddenly get upset after my dadi call. She is longing for love and care. She is longing for family support. Iam going to help her to find her family members. Abhi said with determinate face.

The next day itself both abhi and pragya regularly meet in park some time goes to coffee shop. Pragya is feel happy whenever she is with abhi. She can feel her family in abhi presence. But abhi he developed his feeling for pragya ya he completely love with her. Not for pity. He really madly deeply love with her. But he has a fear to confess his love to her.

One fine day it was birthday of abhi. Abhi decided to spend his day with nikita .Dadi purab everyone called him and wishes. Abhi goes to home to pickup nikita but nikita gave supries to him the kids are welcome him nikita made a cake for him he cut the cake and the kids are sung hpy B’day song. Abhi enjoyed well after some time both abhi and nikita leave from there. So abhi u said u have a surprise Wat is that. Abhi I will tell u in proper time. And u looking so beautiful today this saree suits u. Pragya smiles and says thanks. Then pragya gave a gift to abhi. Abhi opened that and shocked. Pragya ask r u like it. Abhi said it’s super ya. Who draw this pragya said me. The gift is abhi’s picture. Abhi said wow chashmise u have too much of talent. Pragya smiles. Abhi said u really makes my day good nikita first kids wishing then ur cake now this picture everything is good. Thanks nikita. Pragya said no thanks and sorry between frnds ok. Abhi nods his head and said u made my day really good so now tell me wat gift u want for ur B’day. Firstly tells ur B’day date ya. Pragya becomes sad and said I don’t know a small tear came from her eyes abhi mentally crushed himself for this and pragya’s tears killed him. He said sry pragya said its ok with sad tone. Abhi don’t know wat to do now. He see a restaurant and stops his car suddenly pragya ask why u stops the car. Abhi said Iam feeling hungry so only pragya ask wat before half an hour only u ate food now u r tell feeling hungry abhi said ya I have hungry problem. Pragya ask Wat with shock. Abhi said stop this shock and come with me. Abhi and pragya entered that restaurant and sit in a table. Abhi ask pragya to order she said Iam not feel hungry u can have food. Abhi smiles. Then abhi remain something and said nikita u wait here I have to call someone it’s important I will come. Pragya nods. Abhi goes from there.It was almost half an hour Still abhi is not return. Pragya gets fear and ask a waiter about abhi but he said he don’t know. Then after some time a waiter came to her and told her to go to private pool side table. Pragya ask y. The waited said abhi sir only told him. Then pragya goes to pool side table. The place are full of darkness. Pragya gets fear and she said abhi in husky voice. There is no response . She again said abhi in load voice again no response so she decided to go but suddenly a song played. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to chashmise. And the lights are on . The place is full of decoration. All the waiters and some people are assembled there. Pragya gets tears in her eyes. Abhi smiles and come to pragya and wipe her tears and said chashmise plz don’t get sad u don’t revember ur B’day from today onwards this day is ur birthday we will celebrate our B’day together ok. Pragya don’t know wat to said. She just hug abhi. Abhi was little bit shock of this bcos it was his first hug from nikita. Then pragya came to sense and said sry iam little bit emotional that’s y. Abhi said it’s ok nikita u have alright on me. Pragya ask Wat abhi relize wat he said and said nothing, come the cake is waiting for u. Pragya smiles and goes with abhi. Both abhi and pragya cut cakes and feed each other.

After some time both alone in the place. Pragya ask so today is my B’day na so give a gift. Abhi smiles and said I’m not going to give u a gift chashmise I’m going to give u a promise that is here after u r my responsibility and iam find out ur family and join with them. Pragya was too much of happy and again hug abhi this abhi also hugs her tightly. Both stay like this some time. Then abhi broke the hug and cup pragya face and said nikita iam going to told u wat iam feeling for u I don’t know after here that y will be with me or not. But I couldn’t controll myself. I LOVE U CHASHMISE. I MADLY DEEPLY LOVE WITH YOU. Pragya gets shock and move from abhi. She know she Also like abhi but something is stop her. She just stand there without any reaction. Abhi ask wat happen nikita y u don’t say anything. Pragya just see abhi eyes she can feel his true love and care but don’t know something is stop her. Abhi comes to pragya and ask u don’t like me. Plz tell something nikita I can see love in ur eyes then y u couldn’t say anything. Pragya slowly says sry abhi i like u but love I can’t think u in that way. Abhi came and hold her hands tightly and said u r lieing nikita I know u also love me and I see ur love in ur eyes. And this tears says to me u r lieing. Pragya said plz leave my hand abhi it’s paining. Abhi said first tell me the truth that u r love me. Pragya said abhi u know very well about me my memory loss abhi stops her and said I don’t care about that. Just said me the truth nikita or wat stop u. Pragya with more struggle said wat I have some one in my means wat i have get my memory means wat I already have love means ans wat I already marri. .. but abhi stops her and said I told u iam not going to see ur past and I have hope my love if u gain ur memory also u will not separate from me with tighting grip in her hand. Pragya finally said abhi there is one thing u don’t know I have a think to me it’s related me to my past and that think is my maggalsutra. Abhi gets shock and leave her hand.

Precap: nikita u have only two days after that iam leaving this pune. Now the ball is in ur side.

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