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Next day abhi get up from his bed. The first he think about our pragya. Her smile her face. He can feel she is more close to him. And thinking of that he get ready to go to production company.

Here pragya is continously thinking about abhi and smile. The lady see this and ask wat happen. Pragya just said nothing and goes back to wrk. The lady think NIKITA(pragya) is happy after long time. I can see her smile now.

Abhi compose songs. The coworkers are little bit confused of abhi state. Bcos everytime abhi will get angry if any of them miss the notes but today he is different. He has a constant smile in his face. Even he not scold any one bcos of wrong note. They all are get supries by abhi behaviour.

It was eveng.

Both abhi and pragya are ready to go to park thinking of they meet them today also. Pragya was waiting in a bench looking the kids playing and also each 5 seconds look at main gate of park. After some time abhi enter park the first he see our pragya. She is now watching kids playing. Abhi thinks she looks more cute and also I have seen to many girls and models but no one affect me like her. I don’t know wat happen to me. My heart telling me she is mine. She is my future even I just met her yesterday only but i feel like I know her from my birth. On that time pragya also watched abhi. Abhi is fully thinking of some thing. But her heart tells her he is thinking of her. Pragya think like I don’t know who is he my heart says he is my life. I can feel I know him from my birth itself but I just met him yesterday only even I don’t know his name also. Pragya’s thought was distracted by abhi. He came to her and smiles. Pragya also smile return. Then abhi ask in action like can I sit here. Pragya smiles and gave space to him. Both are silent some time and continously watching kids play.but they are looking each other corner of eyesSlowly abhi start the conversation
A:smiles sooo wat’s ur name chashmise?
P: shyly says u already gave a name to me then why u ask my name.
A: oh…… Ya u r right but just want to know.
P: pragya says NIKITA.
A: NIKITA nice name. But if ur name get starts in letter P it’s suits you too good. Like priya prema even haaa pragya. The name pragya suit’s u more than NIKITA.
Pragya looks him confused.
A: don’t get confused ok. The name pragya is always in my mind but i even don’t know anyone in that name. But i like the name. That’s y i say like that bcos( silently)
Pragya smiles and ask
P: wat’s ur name?
Abhi was little bit shock bcos he thinks like Pragay know him very well bcos he is a ROCKSTAR.
A: (with shock) u don’t know me.
P: pragya was now confused and said no.
Now abhi was too much of shock. But other side Pragya thinks may be he is relatively of mine or may be I forgot him bcos of memory loss.
A: really u don’t know me chashmise
P: no
A:u don’t watch TV. Or some of Internet site.
P: iam not intrested in it. Why u r asking like this I just ask u ur name.
A: oh chashmise don’t u here about rockstar abhi.
P: Haa kids are fan of him. They said he is a singer and music composer. But last 3 months he not released any songs. So they are little bit sad of that.

Abhi just smile and said Iam the ROCKSTAR ABHI.

P: lie u r playing with me right.

Just then a kids come there and sees abhi and shout ROCKSTAR.

PRAGYA was totally shock now. Abhi just smile’s of her shock and wide open mouth.

Then the kids are rounded abhi. Abhi just enjoy there antics and gave autograph to them. He totally forgot he is in park. Then all the members in park came to him and ask autograph. Abhi was totally rounded by people. Abhi see pragya from distance. She still in shock stage. So only she call the kids and leave that place. Abhi was little bit disappointment then he call his bodyguards later they clear the crowd and leave to his Room. This incident is flashed in news also. Pragya saw this and smiles but thinks abhi will not accept her friendship.

In abhi hotel room :
abhi looks dull. He thinks NIKITA (pragya) will not accept his friendship bcos of his rockstar image. He mentally scold himself for his image.

Next day
Pragya was in kitchen and prepare some foods for kids. Kids all are in dinning hall and eat breakfast. Pragya serve foods to them and watch them. Kids are taking several topic and slowly it’s move to rockstar. One kid said to another kid yesterday they met abhi the rock star. Another kids said lie. But suddenly 10 kids are said they met rs. Some kids feel sad bcos yesterday they not went to park. Pragya see this and feel sad. She want to see all kids to be happy. Bcos nowadays kids are her world. And also the kids from that don’t have there parents. So she thinks something to do for kids.

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