Abhigya – lust or love (Intro Episode 1)

Hi guys
I am new to this page
So the characters of my ff are
Abhishek Prem mehra-A famous rock star who doesn’t care about anyone..he has no relatives
Pragya Arrora-A simple bubbly girl working as a manager in xyz company.she is a huge fan of rock star Abhi
Purabh Khanna-Abhi’s friend but he doesn’t like abhi’s character.so he doesn’t talk to him
Bulbul khanna-wife of purabh Khanna and best friend of Pragya Arrora
Sarla Arrora-mother of pragya
Arjun-pragya’s boy friend and works as a manage in abhi’s company

Episode 1
. Our episode starts with a girl who was sleeping in her bed.
Sarla:pragya wake up and take bath
Pragya:please ma let me sleep some more time
Sarla:if you sleep more time I will through a bucket full of water on your face
Pragya:okay ma
So these are the main characters of this fan fiction.Hope you guys are enjoyed and don’t forget to comment

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  1. Sowji

    Nice intro…update next part soon..

  2. AarthiNayanaSTL

    nice..think its a different one after going through the intro..a negative shade of abhi..intresting..keep going…all the best..and plz don’t drop in between

  3. Too short…. Could have been better

  4. Super start….

  5. nice start ,,, pls long update yaaaaaaaaa

  6. wow nice intro loved it ma excited about the next episode

  7. Prathi

    Give long updates dear!! Nice start though

  8. Nice start dear….episode one is too Short…. plz bring long updates and pls post the next one soon…pls dnt stop it in between…waiting for you….

  9. nice intro plzzzz update soon

  10. nice start

  11. B.k.maha

    Superrrrr…… Pls continue….

  12. Superb start dear…update soon…

  13. Solace

    NYC intro…welcome to this page..keep writing..very good intro..

  14. B_Ani

    nyc intro…but could have been longer…
    but its a good start. keep writing.

  15. Maya

    Nice intro???

  16. JishaFrancis8

    Thanks for your comments
    Next episode will be long update
    Thank you so much guys

  17. Sethidisha002

    awesome i love it

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