Abhigya – It’s our love story shot 3 *final shot* (Kumkum Bhagya)

Hi everyone, this is third n final shot.
Pragya reached her house with lots of mixed thoughts. Her thoughts about abhi has completely changed.
Next day, when pragya is having her morning coffee while her father is reading a newspaper. He shared the news to pragya and her mother that the train which departed from Ooty to Mumbai yesterday has met with an accident. So few people have died n some are injured. Pragya was shocked n she left to her room.
She immediately dialed Abhi’s landline number.
Tring tring
Hello , has abhi reached there?
Abhi’s maid : No madamji, the train which abhi beta was coming has met with an accident so Abhi’s parents went to station.
Pragya cut the call n cried. She prayed that he should be safe.

At railway station…
Abhi’s parents met Abhi n they r happy that abhi is safe when there is only a small cut type injury in his hand.
How r u? Did u met Aaliya ? How she reacted?
Abhi : I’m fine dad. No, I didn’t meet Aaliya das *says what happened there*
Dad : so the letters were written by pragya. I know she is a nice girl with beautiful heart. She just appears as rude girl but she’s not.
Mom : Some persons who appears rude were soft hearted. They are rude to their loved ones only. See your dad, when u r here, he always scolds u n there is not a single day when u both didn’t argue na. From night he didn’t eat anything as u met with an accident.
Abhi’s dad puts his shoulder around Abhi in a way to express his love for his son.
Abhi reached home. Then landline rings again..
Dad : Abhi check the phone. I think it’s one of ur friend to know whether u reached safe or not ??
Abhi : ok dad. He attends the call.
Abhi : hello
Hello Anybody there?

Other side pragya is having tears of happiness.
She cut the call n murmers abhi is safe.. he is safe…
Then her eyes fell on the gift box which says TO AALIYA
She opened the gift box n there is a small soft puppy toy. There is a sticky note attached to that. It says …
A person is not with u means u r not alone it’s bcoz that person n u both are same n one soul , so purab is inside u n purab is always with u.
After a month, at Pragya’s home.. calling bell rings
Pragya opened the door n jumped in happiness by seeing her friend Purvi n her classmate Nikhil.
She hugged Purvi n welcomed them. Both Purvi n Nikhil love each other in clg days and they are now inviting their friends to their marriage. After 10 days marriage n all her friends are coming in a week early for marriage. After some chitchat they both bid bye to Pragya’s family.
They invited Abhi also as all were classmates.

At abhi home…
Abhi : definitely Yar, I will come 3 days early itself , don’t worry Nikhil.
Nikhil : huh?? U r coming only 3 days earlier when u r in Mumbai whereas Pragya is coming for Purvi from Ooty in a week earlier.
Abhi : Don’t worry Nikhil I will also come for u before a week.* I’m coming for myself Nikhil sry dear for not saying truth*
All his friends screamed in joy…
At the first day of their wedding celebrations..
We can hear lots of gossips, laughing n screaming sounds of all the people who are enjoying, working for the wedding.
But 2 pair of eyes are searching for one another even they are talking with their respective friends. Finally they met each other n they had an eyelock.
From seeing his eyes she knows that he loves her n vice versa. They knows that other person feels the same way as them n they want to spend entire life with each other.
All the functions goes well n their feeling are growing stronger day by day. N the wedding happened. In this one week abhi n pragya didn’t fight with each other.
Last day when all are leaving to their homes, abhi want to say his feelings to her. So he entered Pragya’s room.
Pragya slapped abhi n scolded him badly. The disheartened Abhi didn’t say anything n leaves sadly.

After a month ….
Abhi is packing his things to go to U.S to do a music course n all his friends are at his home.
Then they see a smiling picture of pragya in his bag.
Friend 1 : Abhi what’s this Yar? Y r u taking Pragya’s picture ?
Friend 2 : y Yar u don’t want to live in peace or what ? Y r u taking her picture when she is ur enemy?
Friend 3: u forgot how she scolded u in Nikhil’s marriage???
Friend 4 : y r u silent Yar? Say smthg ?
Abhi : * in low voice * bcoz I love her.
Friends : what ??!!!!!
Abhi : s , I love her.*with tears* Maybe I was wrong in thinking that she love me , but I love her. My love for her is enough to stay happy n I will live in peace with her memories till my last breath.
After that he told them what happened.
Friend 1 : Abhi I think she misunderstood u . Y don’t u just confront her before going to abroad?
Abhi : ha maybe it was a misunderstanding but if not ?. I want my love should be always like that for her even she doesn’t love me. If she doesn’t love me , if my love decreases for her? I don’t want that yar.I believe in one thing that if she is mine , this entire world helps me in getting her.
His family n friends has reached Airport to give send-off to him.
N the flight has been take off.
Same time at Ooty…..
Nikhil n Purvi has planned thier honeymoon in Ooty n pragya, Nikhil n Purvi reached a small Valentine party as it was Valentine’s day. There so many people are proposing each other n enjoying with one another.
Nikhil : hey pragya do u love anyone?
Purvi : pragya n love ? U should ask her where do u hate anyone? Then she says about Abhi. Y u hate him that much pragya? We thought u two changed as u 2 never fought with each other. Even on last day also u slapped him . Y u did like that?
Pragya : huh ? Y I slapped him ah? U know what he done to my puppy toy, he throwed that toy in fan so the entire room is full of cotton n the toy become a cotton ball. I know we were enemies n we always tease each other but every one has it limit na, y he show his enemy towards a toy.
Purvi : no, pragya u must be mistaken , Neil done this not Abhi.
Pragya : no Purvi, abhi only done this, I even say abhi in my room smilingly.
Purvi : but I heard that Neil saying to others as how he done this. I think u misunderstood him Yar, maybe he came to say talk with u at that time.
Pragya : * crying* it means I slapped abhi when he hadn’t done anything, I should apologize to abhi now ….
Purvi : How can u apologize to him when he is leaving to U.S today ? I think the flight has been take off by now.
Pragya’s tears r unstoppable…..

At that place , a girl (T.V anchor) is asking different persons about their opinion about love etc…
She reached the spot where these 3 are celebrating.
Anchor : hi , what’s ur name.
Purvi : I’m Purvi.
Anchor : Do u love anyone? Seems to be like u r recently married. Is ur marriage love or arranged???
Purvi : S , we married a month ago. Meet my husband Nikhil n my friend Pragya.
Anchor : o , congratulations to both of u , wish u a Happy married life. * To pragya * Do u love anyone???
Pragya : Yes. * Purvi n Nikhil shocked *
Who is he ??
He is my classmate n neighbor when we were in Mumbai
Oic, then how ur love story started?
We don’t like each other, so we always fight with each other, but we have known each other through letters (says about Purab n Aaliya story ) , then suddenly his train met with an accident n I am so much desperate to know whether he is safe or not so slowly I realised my love for him. * With tears* But I hurted him badly n he has gone to abroad. But I love him till my last breath n I my love is enough for me to live with his memories.

After a week,
One a rainy day, Pragya has visited Aaliyah’s graveyard n was crying. Suddenly the raindrops are not falling on her , she realized this difference n looked up. There she saw a person (blurry image) holding an umbrella above her. She cleared her tears n she came to know that he is none other than Abhi.
Abhi : hi devil. What are u doing here?? U didn’t even left the died persons also huh ??
Pragya : * crying* i am sorry * abhi placed his fingers on her lips*
Abhi : Don’t need to say anything , I know everything.
Pragys hugged abhi n cried until her guilt left her in hurting him.
Abhi thanked his luck for giving her to him…
When abhi is waiting in airport, the Valentine’s special program is telecasted live , so they all listened to what pragya said and all were happy whereas abhi is super duper happy..
True love don’t need any confessions, by seeing our loved ones eyes we get to know how much they love us which cannot be mistakable.
Abhi kissed Pragya’s forehead.
His kiss n her smile are enough to know their feeling.
I end this shot with a note that..
If anything belongs (destined) to us , it will definitely reaches us whether it’s maybe a ring or book or our loved persons. So keep calm n stay strong…
Thank you each n every one who spent thier valuable time in reading n commenting these shots.
I wanna say this ……
My day is incomplete without ur fanfictions. Our kkb writers , thank u so much for giving happiness to me through Ur fictions n I donno how I will live when u all r busy n no one updates their fictions. Kindly please keep in mind that a die hard fan of abhigya is waiting to read ur ffs all the time……

Hats off to all writers n special hatsoff to Maya sis n Sowji as they upload 2, 3 fictions in a day itself (in recent times) n Haritha ( when she is free) . Now I , wonder how u give time to ur works n ffs. Thank u everyone….
This is Abhigya lover …
Meet you in other story (if possible)
Until then Take care all……

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