Abhigya – It’s our love story shot 2 (Kumkum Bhagya)

ello everyone, I’m glad that people like that shot. So here is the second shot
When pragya asked about Aaliya all of sudden Bulbul started crying. Pragya doesn’t know what to do rather than consoling her. After some time Bulbul becomes normal n she started saying about Aaliya.

When Aaliyah’s mother died when she was very small her father has married another woman (imagine tanu’s mom as I hate her n I acknowledge her asT.M)by hoping that she get mother care from her. But the T.M never care for her n she often tortures Aaliyah. But Aaliyah being a silent girl never utters any word against her. Aaliyah n Bulbul are classmates. Purab loves Aaliyah for her care n attitude towards others. At first it is one side love from purab’s side n after so many meetings , Aaliyah has a soft corner for him which is later turned into love. So Two love each other n after purab’s clg got over, he has to go to Mumbai n he told Aaliyah that he will reach Ooty in a week.
But purab has not returned even after one n half month so Aaliyah’s mother (T.M) forced her to get married to another man n brainwashed his father that Purab only used her so that’s why he has not returned yet. So his father also asks her to get married as he don’t want Aaliyah to suffer. So as no other way left , Aaliyah committed suicide.

When Bulbul has finished this , Pragya is crying hard. After some time she talked with Bulbul n she goes to her home.
Pragya thinks I think Aaliyah has taken sudden devision. In letter purab has explained his situation n from his words I can feel how much he loves her. But I feel that Purab doesn’t take any decision like this in hurry.
Whole night she was thinking about this incident only then she remembered his talk with her retired army uncle.

One day when uncle was writing something n pragya reached there.
Hi Uncle what r u doing???
Hello beti. I am writing letters.
Letters ? Now a days who will read n sent letters uncle ?? N to whom u r writing these for ???
Yes beti, letters have the power to reach a person’s heart by our words more than chatting like those. With letters we can change any person’s attitude n made them inspire to follow to right path. N these r the letters I’m writing for our army persons. As they r away from their family, our soothing words can make their day happy n they make them strong.

Finally pragya decided to reply to purab.
So she replied purab like Aaliyah.

Dear Purab,
I’m fine. I know u would have a strong reason for not returning. I have faith in our love. But I haven’t seen or talked with u (through letter or any other contact) I am desperate whether everything was fine there or not. U Know right only after my mother u only call me as Aalu , as my mom reached god after few years of my birth, I think i was a bad lucky girl , so I don’t want to lose u also bcoz of my bad luck. I’m eagerly waiting for ur arrival n take care dear.
Urs Aaliya.

From then Pragya used to write letters to Purab n she’s used to it. She really love the way he cares for her n she sometimes thinks whether a person love a girl like this. She unknowingly adored the person who is giving reply to her who was an unknown person.
Finally one day, through letters they decided to meet at a place(bcoz pragya wants to say truth to him). She thought to buy a gift to him. She went to nearby shop. There she met Abhi.
Abhi : hey devil, what the hell u r doing here , came to complain shop owner about this Children ah?
Pragya : (thinking o god , y r u angry on me. Y u made one of the biggest day in my life like this. Now I have seen this monkey. Please don’t spoil my happy mood). No , I have read in newspaper that Tanu is roaming here , so came to give ur home address to her.Y do u want to meet her om a particular day only ah. No problem , I will definitely make her meet u on that day only.

Abhi : hey u ? *Stops by seeing the gift * acha u r buying a gift that too Tajmahal , hey do u fall in love ? Good pls save that person from this blood sucking devil.
Pragya : It’s not like what u think n moreover pls don’t spoil my mood. Get lost u idiot.
Abhi : * thinks hey abhi y r u fighting with her , u should concentrate on y u r here right * I’m also not in a mood to fight with u , go to hell devil.
So they both reached a park n both eyes fall on a big paper board type. Both reached there at the same time to get that. N after that what fighting started. When both r tired of fighting they agreed to use half n half.
* Here when there r going to their places their gifts got exchanged n they don’t know that*
So both wrote some names on those paper sheets with big letters n are waiting. After some time the wild wind has caused to see what was written on their papers n both r shocked to see the names.
Abhi : u know who is Aaliya?
Pragya : u know purab ?
Pls say where is Aaliya?
Even I want to meet purab . Do u know where is he ?

Abhi : k fine I will say . Purab is no more *with tears *.
Pragya : What ? U must be kidding right? I know u r joking, he replied to last letter also, how can he die ?
Abhi : do u think I will lie about my friend. I know he sent the letter to Aaliyah with marriage card also, but now he is no more.
Pragya : how it was happened?
Abhi started to say the flashback
Purab n I were childhood friends. He got his clg seat in Ooty n there he fell in love with Aaliya. One day purab shown his marriage card to us n told that his father got convinced n he gave us marriage card.
Friend : hey purab what’s this? U even printed cards in fast ? I have an idea Yar, say to Aaliyah that ur father has not convinced n all of a sudden give her surprise.
Purab : if I do like that she will commit suicide.
Abhi : what ??
Purab : yes Yar she is very sensitive, I already sent a letter with card also. She is really a weak girl.
Abhi : oh , then u should give ur cards to all n reach there quickly otherwise this idiot give some idiot ideas.
So when purab is crossing a road he met with an accident.

Pragya : *crying by knowing purab is no more * then those letters? Who send those letters to me then ?
Abhi : As purab said Aaliya is so sensitive, I thought she would take any wrong decision so I was the one replied to those letters.Now u have known about purab na say where is Aaliya I have to say all these to her, pls…
Pragya : Aaliya is no more *says what happened*
Abhi : then those letters?
Pragya : I thought purab couldn’t be able to accept the truth so I only wrote those letters.
So in all these days abhi n praya are talking through letters, even though they hide their original identity , they r able to know about other person’s real character.
While returning to Mumbai abhi is thinking about all his meetings with pragya n about their conversation through letters.

Abhi’s pov…..
After my purab’s death, one day I received a letter in the name of purab (bcoz last time when purab sent his letter to Aaliyah he has sent from abhi’s home address as purab’s father doesn’t know his love matter).I thought to reply her as he is no more. But purab’s word were echoing in my mind so I don’t want Aaliyah to give up her life , so I replied her as purab. Every week I got a letter n I replied to that. As it continues, I have inspired her to stay strong n we should never give up any thing. But I always had fear that how she reacts if she came to know the truth. I am feeling guilty to cheat her but what can I do rather than this. I never believe in love, but from her I get to know that what is love n how a person love. One day she asked me to meet her , I am waiting for right time to ask whether she can meet me so that I told her the truth , but when she asked I agreed.

The biggest shock of my life is Aliyah is no more n these days I am talking with devil. Whether she is devil, I always falls for her eyes even when I hate her. At that time also I used to get disturbed by her eyes but I ignored that feeling by saying myself that she is not good like that. So today I agree wholeheartedly that I love her eyes.
Heart : hey abhi only eyes ???
Mind : hm … I think so . But l must say she is damn beautiful yesterday.
Heart : only yesterday???
Mind : no she is always like that but I like her yesterday mostly.
Heart : then what’s next ? Do u love her ?
Mind : Don’t know, but I love her if she loves me.
Heart : what ?? Is love an exchange process or what ?
If u love her , love her . But don’t let your ego to decide ur future.
Mind : *closes his eyes n sees pragya, so he thought to never think about pragya*
*But his mind n heart has no other thoughts than pragya*
U know God is really angry on me , so pragya never left my thoughts maybe bcoz I love her?
Yes I love her.
I love you devil

I thought to complete this story in this shot but this shot will be big if I write remaining part so I will post another shot today which is final part until then bubye frndzz….

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  1. super dear n sad 4 alipur

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    Both are died…at least they are happy in heaven..abi love started….hate turned into love…what about bulbul..awaiting for next ff…

    1. Abhigyalover

      Bulbul character ends here dear, there is no pair for Bulbul. I submitted my final shot at 8 pm dear, donno when tu will post that. Thank you for your support sowji . I jus love your if u hold on together ff

  3. U r inspired n wrote this FF from a Telugu film right …?! U r too gud frankly to say I luv that film n d way they cared for their frnds

    1. Abhigyalover

      S dear, that’s one of my favorite film. Thank you dear, I love the way they care n also i love songs n bgm tooo

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  5. Superb and I really love your update and sad that you are going to end this update and sad for purab and alia.

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      Thank you dear, I like short n Sweet stories n moreover I donno how to prolong a story as I’m not a writer.??

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