Abhigya – It’s our love story shot 1 (Kumkum Bhagya)

Hi everyone. I’m a silent reader mostly n I’m not a writer. This is the first time I’m writing. I love only abhigya so whenever I watch a film or reading a story I imagine them as lead, so all my writings r not my own ideas either they r taken from movies or some shows. I just want to imagine abhigya in that story. I will write more if u like this concept of taking scenes or story from another book or movie.

Now let’s coming to story

Pragya’s pov..
Hi everyone I’m Pragya Arora. I am doing my final year Degree in a reputed clg which is going to get completed in 3 months. I love to help others. I am friendly to all except the monkey of my life. U know who he is? He is Abhishek prem mehra. My clg mate n my neighbor. My father is a government employee so we often move from one place to another one. We moved to Mumbai 5 years back. So from the day we reached here, he is my enemy. He always gets happiness by teasing me n making fun of me. So even I’m not less than him I also tease him when I get chance. So v r like Tom n Jerry.
One day he steal my record book n make ships with papers n leave those in a lake when the very next day is lab exam so I have to write all experiments in a night only.

Once our entire class have decided to go to a trip to Kanyakumari. So we enjoyed there by playing games. Then a girl named Tanu had come from nowwhere with a revealing dress n all boys r drooling over her n all boys have performed a song with her also. Then some people came in a car, after seeing them that Tanu was hiding behind boys by saying that save me pls. Thenthis Abhi became a hero n have started fighting with those single handedly without knowing what is the reason they r chasing her n after that Tanu punched Abhi n was singing song, all were confused n we got to know that Tanu is a mental patient who has run away from hospital. At that time u have to see his face , u will laugh continuously until u get stomach ache.

Then I have shown the pics of tanu n abhi to Abhi’s dad n uncle has cut down one month pocket money to Abhi. I am so happy.So today we r leaving to Ooty as my dad got transferred there n I hope this Abhi will become some matured mind rather than childish in all the things.

Abhi’s pov…
Hi , hello . I’m Abhishek prem mehra. I’m a fun loving guy who finds happiness in smallest things. I don’t have any interest in studies as I want to become a Rockstar. I recently completed my Degree under my parent’s pressure n in next 2-4 months i am going to US to do a music course there. I love to make others happy except that devil Pragya. U know I hate her. At the first day itself she complained my dad about the high voice of my music system. My father always gives lectures to study like pragya . U know I hate when u have to be compared with others n saddest thing is it’s about studies. So I always tease her n She always finds reasons to get me scolded by my parents. U know the happiest day in my life is the day I cleaned my bike with her dupatta. O god I even didn’t eat anything on that day with my happiness. Today she is leaving, I am the most happiest man right now, from now no scoldings, no lectures, no cut of pocket money yayyyy.

Pragya’s family have reached Ooty n they r arranging all the things in their new home (employee quarters). When arranging things pragya eyes fell on a letter in a flower vase. On that the name shows AALIYA. So she asked nearby neighbours about her. The neighbors either close their doors or say don’t know. So finally she opened the letter. In the letter
Dear Aalu,
How r u? I know I told u to inform u after reaching Mumbai but when I reached Mumbai I get to know that my father knows our love matter n he is so angry on me. I tried many ways to convince my father n finally I convinced him. Guess what I even decided our marriage card. I am coming there in 2-3 days. Until be strong n take care .
Urs loving
Pragya has enquired about Aaliya in that place n after one week she get to know about the friend of Aaliya through her maid. So she reached her home.
Tring tring..

Door opened n a girl named Bulbul opened the door n welcomed her.
Hi I’m Pragya. We recently shifted to …. this house n there I have seen this letter. Can u say the address of Aaliya , I will give her this letter???
I want to know how Aaliya potraits a positive character , sry to rabul fans if I hurt u
I will complete this story in next shot . See u soon . Bye

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  1. Sowji

    Good start…keep writing…

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank you sowji. I will try my level best dear

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u reshma

  2. wow world best word as tanu is mental as so happy to hear it

    s can not stop my laugh n love u dear…………

    awesome dear as abhigya fighting is superrrrrrrrrrrrr

    pls conti……….

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u so much di. Glad u like it. Love u too di.

    2. Abhigyalover

      Thank u di, love u too di

  3. Good start and keep writing.

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u abhigya.

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    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u B_Ani

  5. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr… Keep going… especially tanu’s scene… I am so happy because in this story she got a good place… Yes I really laughed until my stomach get pain due to this scene… I loved ur thoughts… Keep going dr…

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u B.k.maha, as I said I’m not a writer so I don’t think the actual credit goes to me . Glad u like it. ??

  6. Amazing episode. Keep it up. I am happy to know that tanu was a mental patient. Omg I can’t stop laughing. Waiting for the next.

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u shanaya dear, ?

  7. Nice…..

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      Thank u sugan?

  8. nice one dr
    waiting for your next update

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank you abhigya , just now I submitted shot 2 n by evening I will post final shot

  9. SamyuSam

    Nice one dear… Suprrrr

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u dear, sry for replying late .

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