Abhigya- love story (OS)


Hi guys it’s Monesha. I hope you all remember my OS. Nowadays i couldn’t give more OS but now I am giving coz I got time. So no bak bak. Coming to the story,


I was standing here for one hour but he is not even coming. It’s time to go for school. Confirm today i will get punishment by teacher. I will not leave that Abhi. I am waiting for him but he is not even coming. How he knows that I am waiting for him? He is very stubborn. I don’t know what will be his reaction if I say I love you to him. I love him more than my life but what will be his thoughts towards me. Is he also loves me? Or he is ….. Her thoughts was disturbed by bell of cycle. Smile formed in her face after seeing that person. Hey chashmish still you didn’t go for school he asked. Yes guys it’s our Abhi. Pragya nodded no with smile in her face. Abhi says then come with me. Pragya smiled. Suddenly they heard horn sound. Pragya turned towards the side of horn sound to find out Nikhil. Hey it’s really late come i will drop you in car if you go with him then you will go tomorrow only. Abhi got hurt by his words. Pragya got angry and says do your own business. Nikhil says soon you will understand. Saying this he went. Abhi was surprised coz pragya didn’t leave him.

Pragya says let’s go. She went back and says hey how will I sit here if you keep your bag like this. Abhi says then come and sit in front. He took one hand from cycle. She got shy and sat in front of him in cycle. She thinks this my best day. She smiled. Abhi too enjoying her presence. Soon they reached school. Pragya got down from the cycle. Abhi too parked his cycle and entered into school. Time passed. School got over. Abhi and pragya went to cycle. She saw tanu coming to pragya. Pragya says hi tanu. Tanu says hi Pragya can i talk to you alone. Pragya nodded and says wait a minute Abhi. he says ok. They both came. Tanu says Actually i want to ask you one thing. Why you are going around Abhi. At the time abhi came as he got late. Tanu continues i accepted that abhi was handsome but he has nothing pragya. I hope you understood and…. Pragya says just stop it. He is my abhi. I know what I have to do. Can you pls move. She went to abhi and dragged him. Tanu got angry and went from that place. Here abhi and pragya were walking. Cycle is in between them. While pragya playing with stones abhi was continuously looking her and thinks about her words.

At that time one boy rushed to them. Boy says Abhi your parents…. Parents…. Abhi asked what happened to my parents (in shock) pragya was confused. Boy with tears says they died. Abhi dropped cycle and rushed to his house by shouting in tears. Pragya shouts Abhi…. Abhi…. She too rushed to Abhi’s house. He reached his house and shocked to see their parents like this. At that time pragya reached him with tears and holds his shoulder. Abhi turned and hugs pragya. She was shocked by his hug but she responds to him by hugging him. Dadi also sitting there and says first he went then she also went. Pragya consoled him. After some time all the funeral rituals are completed. Abhi was sitting placing his hand on wall. Pragya cooked food in her house and went to Abhi’s house. She sat near him and tried to make him to eat. He hesitate to eat the food. Pragya tried to console him but she couldn’t console him. Days passed. Dadi desided to take him to mumbai so that he can feel better. Dadi says abhi we are going to Mumbai. Abhi was shocked and says but dadi…. Dadi says no Abhi we are going i can’t lose you also tomorrow we both are leaving. Abhi don’t know what to say so he accepted. He went to his room and thinks about pragya. Soon he dozed off.

Next day, pragya came to Abhi’s house and was shocked to see luggage are outside their house and dadi and abhi was standing outside. Pragya stood there itself in shock. Abhi came to pragya. Abhi says Pragya i have to talk to you alone. Pragya didn’t utter a word as she was already In shock. Abhi dragged pragya backside of his house. Abhi says Pragya…. She didn’t reply. Again he says in loud pragya…. She came Back to sense and says huh.. Abhi says i am leaving pragya. I am leaving this village. Pragya was in tears. Abhi says Pragya i am going to miss you. I can’t come to you again… Pragya shuts his mouth within a second she hugged him and started to cry. Abhi was shocked. Slowly she broked the hug and looks abhi. He was looking into her eyes which is full of emotions.

She cupped his face and stood in his toes and placed kiss on his forehead with tears. She left him. Abhi want her closeness as it is giving him strong. She moves backwards with tears. Abhi was continuously looking her. She turned and ran from that place. Abhi was shocked. Dadi shouts Abhi… Come it is time to go. Abhi moves towards dadi and went from that place. His thoughts were full of pragya. Here pragya closed her room and started to cry. He reached the train. Both went inside. Abhi placed his head on his dad’s shoulder. Screen splits of abhi and pragya.

Then screen turns to black. After 6 years later

One girl was rushing to the college. She wears her lens (no chasma) and took her bag and shouts ma today night i will be late. Sarla says ok pragya but soon come it is mumbai city not our village. Pragya says ma… now i am not small girl that too we are here for 5 years si don’t worry about me ma. Bye i will try to come soon. Sarla smiles and blessed her. She took her Scotty and went to college. She parked Scotty and came inside her class. Purab, bulbul, Alia and All enjoyed full day as it was last day. It was evening, She saw purab rushing. Pragya shouts hey purab where are you going. Purab says i am not we all are going to see the concert. Come fast. Pragya asked concert? Purab says yes pragya come fast. Follow me. Pragya thinks what is happening here. That too all students were going. I think i also should go with purab. She followed purab. He went inside one big place. One banner was there. She couldn’t see that coz she was standing backside of banner. She came backside of the stage and searched purab then she saw all her class girls and boys even tanu too standing. She thinks Who will be in this? Is this party arrangements? She tried to go but there were no place to move.

At that time, one handsome guy came. All the one started to shout Abhi…. Abhi… Abhi… She couldn’t see his face but she remembered her Abhi. She got tears and think about his and her sweet memories. She wipes her tears and thinks stop it pragya. Now he is nothing to you. He left you then why you are thinking about him. He never thinks about me then why should i think about him. That too why I am feeling that this abhi should be my abhi . To know that this abhi is mine or not i should face him but this crowd will never let me do this. Wait a minute why I should see him. Tanu said right now he is her that he is not yours pragya. Stop about this thought. Suddenly she got phone from her mother. She again went outside to attend the call.

Here All are shouting. Our Abhi says hello everybody i am going to sing song for my friend. She is my best friend more ever she is my love. Tanu thinks Who is his best friend and love. Is he is saying about me or…. No… No… I think he is saying about me. I want to sing song for her. Crowd cheers up him. He started to sing a song. Pragya moves in a crowd to reach purab while abhi was singing. With lot of difficulty she reached purab and beats him. Abhi eyes falls on pragya. He was surprised to see her. He ended his song. He tried to go towards her but crowd blocked him. He saw his girl talking to one boy and beating him. He got little bit jealous. He shouts pragya…. Pragya…. But she couldn’t hear. He shouts chashmish…….. She turned to see but one girl hides his face by standing in front of her. She thought it is her imagination and dragged purab. Abhi trying to go but he couldn’t. He went back and went outside. He saw pragya beating one boy. He was running by saying sorry. She too chasing him. Abhi was boiling in anger. Abhi thinks is she forget me. How can she be this much happiness. Wait baby i won’t leave you for making me to jealous. Pragya shouts how dare you to leave me alone? Where is your girl friend? She also left me alone. Abhi smiles by hearing that he is having girlfriend. He was about to go but someone hugged him tightly. He was taken a back and turned to find tanu in front of him.

How dare you to hug me asked Abhi. Tanu was confused. Abhi i am your friend more ever i am your lover right said tanu. Abhi shouts shut up tanu. I talked about pragya not you got it and I know about you very well. I know what you told to my pragya when we are in school. Just stay away from me and her. Got it. He left from that place. Tanu got angry and tears too. She left that place with anger.

Abhi thinks where is that idiot. I am dying here to talk with her but she is talking with another girl’s boyfriend. Omg.. now what I will do. He saw purab alone. He went to him. Purab was surprised to the heaven. He started to shout Abhi…. Omg… Omg… I am your craziest fan. Where is that idiot ? Omg.. she went to her home. Abhi says ok ok… Wait a second. I want your help. Purab was confused. Abhi explained him everything. Purab was shocked and shouts what???? Omg…. She is very lucky. Abhi smiles and says no i am very lucky. Purab asked okay say me what I have to do. Abhi explained about his plan. Purab smiled and says done. Abhi too smiled.

Next day, purab called pragya and asked her to come to this place . He gave address. Pragya was confused. She wears pink saree to go temple after she came from temple she went to that place. It was very big house. She never expect that she will enter this house. Purab called her. Pragya says hello purab. Whose this house.? Why you told me to come here? Purab says chup first follow my instructions. Pragya confused and says ok. He gave instructions. Pragya followed and opened one room and entered. It was fully dark. She switch on the light. She was shocked to see full of her Abhi’s photo. Abhi came from back and whispered in her ear do you remember me? Pragya was shocked but smiles formed in her face. She just hugged him with full of happiness and tears. Abhi hugs her very tightly. Pragya sobbing in his chest and says why you left me? You know how much I missed you but you went to that tanu. Abhi was confused. He broked the hug and asked what you are saying pragya? What’s wrong with you? Pragya says don’t act more. Tanu said everything to me that you both are in deep love. Abhi says shut up Pragya. She is not my love. How can you think that she is my love. Pragya says tanu only told me. Abhi says i will teach her lesson soon now you come with me. Pragya asked where? Abhi says i will say you.

He pulled pragya towards him. Pragya was hell shocked. Abhi says you are not same pragya who looks silly. You are looking gorgeous. Pragya got shyness and says you are also looking so handsome. Abhi smiles. He inserted his had through her waist. She got nervous when his hand touched her waist. He took one cloth from table which is backside of her and tied around her eyes and he cares her hands. Pragya holds her fist tightly. he tied her hands also. He lifts her which makes pragya to shock. Pragya says abhi what you are doing let me down and why you tied me?.

Abhi says No way wait for a minutes i will untie you. He came to her and makes her to sit on his car. He too sits and started to drive. He stopped his car and went. Pragya thinks what he is doing? That too he will never behaves like this. His touch is affecting me a lot. Now what I have to do shall I say my love to him. Minutes passed. Abhi came back. Pragya asked now tell me where we both going. Abhi says chup i think if i closed your mouth also it will be nice. Pragya opened her mouth in shock and says ok i won’t talk to you now. Abhi smiles. He stopped one place. He opened her eyes and hands. She rubbed and saw the place. Her smile vanished. Pragya asked Abhi are you trying to kill me? Why you bring me to this forest. Abhi opened his car back and took his cycle.

Pragya wondered what he is doing? He sat in his cycle and says come on Pragya. Her lips curved in happiness. She looks his eyes while walking towards him. She was about to sit in back but he pulls her front. Pragya looks him confusingly. Abhi says sit in front with smile. Pragya couldn’t control her happiness coz her olden days comes again. She sat in front. Abhi gets into forest. Pragya was scared but she was happy. Pragya was in her world. She came back to sense when abhi stopped his cycle.

Pragya saw beautiful place. Fully decorated with flowers. Abhi came to pragya. He knelt before her and stretched his hand towards her and ask will you marry your boy? I want always to be with you. Pls pragya say me. Pragya was very happy when she heard. She too knelt and hugged him tightly. She got tears and says for this word you made me to wait for 6 years idiot. Abhi smiles and kissed her head without breaking his hug. He hugs her tightly. Her thought went to her mother. She broked her hug and stood up. Abhi too stood up and asked what happen? Pragya says my mother….. Before she could complete Abhi says i talked to your mother.

Pragya was shocked and asked when? Abhi says now only. I went to your home only when you are in car. Now dadi and aunty will start to talk about our marriage. Pragya hugs him tightly and says thank you so much. I love you love you love you so much. Abhi smiles and says love you so much baby. He broke the hug. Pragya was in full of happiness. He pulls her closer. Pragya smiles with shy. He cupped her face and crushed his lips on her. She too responds by moving her hands through his hair. Slowly they broke their kiss. Still pragya closing her eyes. Abhi lifts pragya. Abhi says it’s already late we can go to our house and then we can get marry then we can start our life. Pragya smiled.
He started to walk by looking her with smiles.
Screen freezes.

I don’t know what topic to keep so only i gave this topic and i wrote in sleep. If any mistakes i am really sorry.
Thank you so much for each and every one who supports me all my OS.

Next OS i will give nice. Sorry if I bored you all. Love you all. Take care. Bye.

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  1. Sowji

    Excellent ff..keep writing..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for your comment. Happy to see your comment. Keep rocking with your ff.

  2. Come on its not boring it’s mind blowing…. Seriously I missed ur this type of OS’s….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much sweet heart for your lovely comment. I am really happy by seeing your comment. I will try to upload my os too. Love you

  3. Haripriya

    It is mind blowing… And cute..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am really happy. Keep rocking with your ff.

  4. Suprb….u wrte nxt os has part 2 of ths

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for your comment. Ok i will write part two of this os. Happy to see your comment.

  5. PrincessesMadhu

    Awsome! 🙂 Loved it! 🙂

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for your comment. Happy to see you again. Missed you so much. Whether you stopped your ff?

      1. PrincessesMadhu

        Me too di! and ya kinda stopped because I had exams and I was planning on continuing them and did write 2 episodes…on my computer but haven’t uploaded…I wanted to finish the story first but now I don’t know how to take it further on! so I am planning on just going on to climax directly but I am planning on writing one-shots! I don’t think I can manage FF’s so maybe ill stick to simple OS! hopefully, I can an at least do that! Anyway, take care di! Stay smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀

    2. Monesha

      Oh ok sweety. I will be waiting for your Awesome…. OS. Really i love your writings sweet heart. Love you. Take care. Stay blessed

  6. so sweettttttttt…….. and lovely……….. os keep writing

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for your comment. Happy to see your comment. Love you.

  7. Solace

    Monesha di..it’s really awesome..loved it…actually my exams postponed…so I came into this page..loved ur is..want it more and more…don’t u dare say that it ‘s boring…it’s super cool..actually I have this right to scold u ryt as I’m ur choti…

    1. Monesha

      Omg… Thank you so much sweet heart for you sweet and lovely comment. You have all the rights to scold me even you have rights to kill me ??? coz you are my choti right. Happy that your exam postponed. For me too postponed. I am really very happy by that. I am really very very happy to see your comment. Here after i will not say the word boring ??? love you a lottttttt…. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa…… ???

  8. sheerapthinisd

    Very nice really mind relaxing and diverting us from daily routines and problems it brings happiness and enjoyment si beautiful os

    1. Monesha

      Thank you sooooooooo… Much for you sweet comment. Happy to see that my OS diverting you from your problems.

  9. Asmithaa

    awesomee!!!akka loved it to the core!!

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sweet choti for your support. Love you take care

  10. B.k.maha


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      Thank you so much dear for your support. Love you. Take care.

  11. Omg!!omg!!it’s mind blowing OS mone dhiii.???how dare you dhi to tell my pyaari dhi’s OS is boring???ha?????if you tell this another time. Then you see the real me…..OK. . ..it’s Awesome awesome awesome to the core. Love you so much dhiiiii???????????????

    1. Monesha

      Hey darling are you trying to kill me by your comment. Really thank you so much darling. I am sorry sweety for telling like this. Forgive your di. Love you a lottttttt…. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa….. ?

  12. Poo

    Nyc os monesha…i loved it…

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      Thank you so much dear for your support. I wrote this os for you only sweety. Love you take care.

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    love u lot with so many kiss 4 u dear moni chellam

    miss u ff dear…….. as u get time pls update it

  15. Saranya24

    Nice darlu i loved it so sweet like u love u loads muuaaahhh?????


    Oh… my pyaari… pyaari… choti…I really like this os… your os are really too good.. it’s really wonderful.. with cute story with cute emotions… simple and lovely like my chotu…. chotu… whenever I read your os.. it always make me fill with emotions… love you chotu… love you lot… lot of hugs and kisses to you… to my pyaaari… pyaaari chotu???????????

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  18. Prathi

    So you were writing this one huh?? Awesome Moni Loved it!! I really suck at romance take some class for me 😉

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    hey…its awesome baby. ok i must call u akka by the way!!!
    its top takkar. their romance…aw…it just killed me. its so lovely. i missed ur OS…come up with another soon. love u?????

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