abhigya love story (Intro)


Hii frnds ..I’m silent reader . I’m a big fan of all ff …I like to present my story …..pls leave ur comment .if u like my story line…
Abhi prem mehra – handsome , caring , loves his family…
purab khanna – smart , jovial , loves his family .
Pragya arora – beautiful , cute , very supportive ….
Bulbul arora – charming , bubbly , loves her sis
Neil mehra. , ragini mehra – parents of abhi
sarla Arora – mother of pragya , bulbul ….
ram khanna , priya khanna – parents of purab ….
Tanu shree – cute girl , has a crush on abhi
aaliya mehra – beautiful girl , has crush of purab.
nikhil – frnd of purbhi , has a crush on tanu
vijay – classmate of aaliya
All other characters are same …

Its a pleasant morning …..A lady opens the screen .yes it’s ragini . Gud morng abhi ..wake up beta …its getting late for ur clg…abhi in a sleepy tone .. maa pls 5 more mins ..abhi its ur first day in clg .don’t be late wake up soon beta said ragini ……abhi went to wardrobe to get ready

In sarla house .
A girl is doing aarthi for god …..she finished aarthi and went to wake up her little sissy ..wake up bulbul ..now you know that girl is pragya ..Bulbul wake up soon ..Its my first day in clg ..I want to drop you in schl .then only I can go to clg ..

Abhi comes down ..In dinning table .he greets neil “Gud morng ” He had his break fast and went to clg .
Pragya and bulbul to left for clg . Pragya dropped bulbul in schl and went for clg

In clg ….
A boy is shown searching for his class …It’s purab ..Abhi is passing by that way ..purab without without seeing his face asked where is Nb 11 ..When abhi turned to say the way ..purab and abhi saw each other and went in opposite direction …. The screen freezes

Precap:- Abhi and pragya meeting

If u guys like my storyline ..pls comment .both negative and positive comments are accepted …If there is any grammatical error ..pls forgive me …Have a good day frnds ……

Credit to: loli

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  1. It’s nice…

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  2. loli it really nice dr…plz update regular and big….

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  3. Its Good yaar……..Plzzzz continue……

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  4. It’s nice yaar go on with ur story…

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  5. Very nice… Opposite direction ? it means purab abhi r not frnds????

    1. Wait Zari …there is a twist which will be revealed later

  6. one request ma….plz make purab-pragya becomes best friends forever…i love their bonding dr…..

    1. Okay tharu ..I’ll make them bff in upcoming episode

    2. Ya tharu I too agree with u… Pls loli make them best friends

  7. Super

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  8. Ya I too understand that loli. I think they were frnds b4….

  9. Pls continue the ff loli really really nice.

    1. Thanks for ur encouragement lakshmi

  10. Very nice and interesting….

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