Abhigya love story ( episode 6)

Hiii guys ..sorry for my late updates ….I had my exams , so I was preparing for it ….pls forgive me …..Thanks for your lovable comments guys …..
The episode starts with
Purab: we can ask pragyato give some ideas ….
Abhi: purab , I must say you too have some brain ????
Purab : very funny abhi …pls say after sometime I’ll laugh ….?
Abhi: okay cool down purab …I’ll ask her …
Purab: okay ☺☺
Abhi: Hi pragya ☺?

Pragya: Hi Abhi …wassup ?
Abhi: Actually chashmish …..
Pragya : please say it Abhi ..I’m your frnd ..
Abhi: I want your help in uniting our families ..pls??
Pragya: ??? okay Abhi ….But in one condition …
Abhi : wat condition chashmish ???
Pragya : You want to buy me a pani poori
Abhi : okay ?? now say me the plan
pragya: Kk Abhi ….Make your parents to think about past memories …Make them think about it ….
Abhi : Do you think this idea will work??
Pragya:??? we can try na …okay Abhi feeling sleepy …Gud night sweet drms ..
Abhi: okay chashmish ..Gud ni8 .meet you tomorrow ….
Abhi said the plan to purab …purab agrees… Both of them went to sleep …

In clg ..

Abhi came but pragya didn’t come to clg …The classes started ….Abhi was waiting for pragya …But she didn’t come …Abhi sees her place empty ,and thinks how dare this chashmish leave me alone ?? After classes Abhi calls pragya but her phone is not reachable ….
In evening …..
pragya calls to Abhi …Abhi ” why you didn’t come to clg chashmish” pragya in low tone ” I had fever Abhi , so only I didn’t come ” Abhi panics ” Are you alright now , pragya ?? ” pragya says” Now feeling better ” Abhi says ” I’ll come to your home and give you the notes …pls take rest for two days ” pragya says ” Thanks fot your concern , love Abhi” ( O Allah wariyan plays in bg ….)Abhi says” okay I’ll come within 15 mins” pragya agrees ….
Abhi calls purab and ask him to accompany him to pragya’s house …purab agrees ..
Abhi and purab comes to Arora house ..

In Arora house
sarla asks ” who are you ?? ” pragya says” Maa I told you na , they are my frnds purab and Abhi.sarla says ” sorry beta , she’ll say about you both , but didn’t showed me a single photo of yours….” Both Abhi and purab in chorus says ” it’s okay maa..”sarla ask them to go in …Abhi and purab sees pragya lying in bed …Abhi ” How are you feeling now chashmish ?? “Pragya says “much better … my ma and bulbul took care of me very well ..”sarla brings them coffee and some snacks ….she ask them to have it and leaves the room …Abhi and purab are saying about the happening in clg…. pragya sees them ….Purab phone rings ..He leaves the place …
Abhi sees the room , He sees a veena in room ….Abhi says ” so you know to play veena ” pragya says ” yes , I know to play it” Abhi says ” chashmish , you are very boring ….I like to play guitar , which is very rocking …..” Abhi says chahsmish , some day I’ll surely become a rockstar …”pragya smiles seeing him ….and says ” you can abhi , But don’t say my veena is boring otherwise I’ll kill you ….Abhi shocks and says sorry sweet heart and continues….pragya we are going to go tour after three days , its a special day for purab …we have to make it special for him ….pragya agrees

Purab is busy talking with nikhil in phone …Bulbul enters the house and sees purab Bulbul shocks seeing him…..and says ” di di …she runs to pragya room and says, di I said you na one man saved me from a accident …He is here …pragya ask ” where is he ?? ” Bulbul says in our home , talking in phone …pragya understands and says he is purab my best friend in clg ….Bulbul says oh his name is purab …amd thinks it’s nice name …..purab sees Bulbul and says you here …Bulbul says it’s my house …I’m your friends’ s sister …Purab says ” By the way I’m purab and forwards his hand ….” Bulbul shakes hands and says I’m Bulbul ……Both of them in chorus says ” sweet name ….” ( Tum hi ho plays in bg )

Abhi searches pragya in jungle …Abhi worries where she had gone ?

Mr.s sorry for the late reply ….I didn’t come to telly updates page for two days ….Now only I saw your comment …Mr .s I got the image through my friend …I don’t know where she took it ….Pls comment guys if you like the ff ….Both positive and negative comments welcomed…..

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  1. Very nice episode,all the scenes were natural.


  2. Forgot to say something…

    Don’t worry about the image,I don’t mind. Actually I am glad that you mentioned my name in your ff. I didn’t expect this,I am very happy cause its my first experience…

    THANK YOU for giving such moment…

  3. Episode was nice 🙂 …

  4. Nice episode yaar really abhi’s care 4 pragya s superb sooooooooo sweet of abhi…

  5. Nice episode yaar really abhi s chanceless abhi’s care 4 pragya s toooooo sweet..
    I love it a lotttt

  6. super…

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Superbbbbbbbb……..

  8. Nice episode..

  9. Nice epic yaar

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