Abhigya love story ( episode 5)


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The episode starts with

In Arora house
In midnight , pragya thinks about Abhi …. Why I can’t see him in pain …when he hugged me , why I didn’t stop him ??? Pragya thinks when he is happy , I’m feeling happy …..What’s happening to me ??? Pragya thinks ” Is this love ” pragya’ s inner voice says ” yes pragya you are in love ” pragya says ” No he is just my friend ….As a friend I can’t see him in pain ” pragya’s inner voice ” you are fooling yourself ..You are in love …” pragya shouts in higher tone …” No he’ s just my friend …I don’t love him …..” Bulbul wakes up and ask ” why she is shouting in midnight ….pragya says ” Just a bad dream “Bulbul ask her to drink some water and sleep …..After Bulbul sleeps ..pragya thinks how to patch up the broken relationship between them ….Pragya sleeps ..

In schl….
Its Friday …All the students are assembled in the ground for morning prayer …..They start to say pledge …All students says ” INDIA IS MY COUNTRY ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS …” Bulbul without saying the word brother , says sister …Aaliya smiles at his childish manners ….and thinks always be like this bulbul …..After the prayer. They go to their class …..

In clg ..
Pragya says everything happened yesterday to takhil ….she ask them to say some plan to unite two best friends…After sometimes Tanu says ” Idea ” .she says it with pragya n Nikhil ….The trio in chorus says ” our plan starts ….”pragya ask purab to go terrace as someone is waiting for him …purab agrees and goes ….
Tanu says the same to Abhi he too goes there …
They go to terrace and see each other ..and gets shocked …..Purab tries to go from there …..Abhi thinks please don’t leave me purab …purab turns and sees Abhi ….Abhi says ” I’m sorry purab …I didn’t talk with you for this many days ….I made a mistake by promising my dad ,I should have convinced him that it’s my brothers fault but I didn’t …I’m sorry purab …Abhi is very emotional and continues saying I should have made them understand it’s useless to break the relationship with ram uncle ….It’s all my fault purab pls forgive me ……purab says ” pls don’t say sorry Abhi ….In friendship there should be no sorry , no thanks …I’m happy to talk to you after this many days …….purab and Abhi hug each other ….( en friend ah pola yaru machaa…plays in bg …..sorry friends I don’t know any friendship song in hindi ) pragya and takhil sees this and smiles …They come to them and says ” we too are here “purab and Abhi sees them and smiles …. All hug in group ..They takes some funny selfies as their friends difference is cleared ..Abhi sees pragya trying to start the scooty ,, but its not starting …Abhi goes to pragya and starts the scooty ..Abhi says ” pragya I’m really lucky to have a friend who care for me , teases me , loves me , scolds me ……I know you are the one behind this plan. …pragya smiles ….

Pragya says ” Abhi pls don’t be too sentimental ..It doesn’t suit you…” pragya laughs …Abhi says ” Hey chashmish , I’m sharing my feelings but you are making fun of it …” and turns to other side ….pragya says sorry by holding her ears in cute way ….Abhi melts down seeing her ….They share an eye lock ( O Allah warian plays in bg ) pragya says ” Abhi pls try to unite two families as they too feel the same pain you gone through …” Abhi says ” okay chashmish , as per your order …” pragya iriked and says don’t call me chahsmish ….pragya leaves from there saying bye to Abhi …..Abhi sees her leaving ….Abhi thinks you are really a diamond pragya ..I didn’t see anyone similar to you in my life …you are really different from all …..

In schl
Teacher scolds Bulbul for always talking with Aaliya and Vijay ……Bulbul gets sad …Teacher continues if you didn’t score good marks in this test , I’ll change your place ….Teacher leaves from there ….Bulbul thinks this teacher over reacting for taking with my friends …Aaliya and vijay ask her not to be sad ….The bell rang ..All say ” bye to each other and leaves …..pragya picks Bulbul from school and reaches the house…

In mehra mansion
Abhi and purab are chatting in whatsapp ….
Abhi: I’m really happy today as all difference between us are over ..
Purab : yes .It’s all because of pragya ..
Abhi : We want to find a way to unite our families☺
Purab: ??I really don’t have any idea , about what to do..
Abhi: ???me too
Purab : we can ask pragya about it …
AbhI agrees
The screen freezes….

I think you guys will like my episode ….If its boring pls say me guys ..I’ll finish it …pls keep supportingme guys by your comments ..Both positive and negative comments welcomed…Thank you …

Credit to: loli

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    Waiting for next episode 🙂

  3. can any one tell who os vijay
    i started reading only from tjs previous

    Hi loli this episode is very nice

    1. Vijay , Aaliya and Bulbul are best friends in my ff

  4. can any one tell who is vijay
    i started reading only from the previous

    Hi loli this episode is very nice

  5. Such a cute episode loli I really loved it don’t stop it continue

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb……. Loved it………..

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  12. Actually I have read all the episodes just now… As I was attracted by the title pic,it was lovely. I tried to save it but can’t.can you tell me from where did you got that pic,plz…

    And don’t you dare talk about stopping this ff,its amazing… Comments won’t be negative as I am not feeling it as your first ff, its something different from others,I feeling as if you are an experienced writer…

    GOOD LUCK,waiting for next one…

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