Abhigya love story (Episode 3)

Hii guys ….Thank you shriti , lakshmi durga ,maya , Reshma , vaishali , darshmi for your valuable comments …keep supporting me guys ….This is the first time I’m trying to write ff …If iit’s not nice …pls say me guys .I’ll stop it ….okay guys .let’s get into story

The episode starts with
In Arora house
Bulbul and pragya asks sarla maa” can we go out to eat ice cream ” ….sarla ma agrees and ask them to return home soon ….Bulbul and pragya smiles and say ” Bye maa ” …

In khanna mansion
Priya ask purab to go out to get fresh air …purab agrees and goes out ….
Meanwhile pragya ask Bulbul to wait here ..and she will buy ice cream and come …Bulbul agrees …pragya went to buy ice cream ..Bulbul phone rang .It’s Aaliya ..Bulbul says Hii Aaliya , wassup call …” Just wanted to speak with you ” said Aaliya …Bulbul is talking interestingly in phone with Aaliya …Purab is walking in road ….He sees a car lost its control and coming in full speed towards a girl … He tried to call that girl but she is busy in talking in her phone ….(Now you guys come to know that girl is Bulbul )He runned to save her …Bulbul turned , she is shocked to see a car coming in full speed and is about to hit her …she is standing there in shock …Purab pulled her away from the road .He lost his balance and both of them fall in the road …Bulbul opened her eyes after a few seconds ..They share an eye lock …( Tum hi ho plays in bg ) purab is lost in her beauty… Bulbul too …. …..Both of them come to their senses ….Bulbul thanks him …purab ask her to be careful while in road and leaves from there …….
After the incident pragya comes with ice cream …she saw Bulbul hand bleeding and is shocked …she is worried and ask Bulbul what happened ?? …..Bulbul narrates the whole incident ..pragya says ” Thank god , you sent a man to save my sister “….Pragya says ” I missed to see him “pragya asks bulbul ” If she asked his name … Bulbul replied sry di , I forgot to ask him ..pragya says if you see him next time ask him .pragya and Bulbul left to home ….sarla is panicked to see Bulbul …Pragya treated her injury …Both of them went to sleep

In mehra mansion
Its night 12:30 am Abhi still can’t able to sleep …
A flash back is shown ….
Two small boys are playing with gang ..They are playing cricket ….The gang member says ” only one can be selected in a team for next match …you can decide who will come to play ” ….The boys stood silent ….when gang members asked to them who will come to play in next match …Both of them pointed each other …The gang member seeing their friendship said ” Be like this always …your friendship is strength ” After few seconds , the members say both of them to play …Both of them holded their hands and went to play ….
Flash back ends ……
Abhi eyes filled with tears …He wiped his eyes. …drinks some water and went to sleep ……

Next day in clg ….
Bulbul having special class….so pragya dropped her and came to clg earlier ….pragya entered her class ,she thought i came so early ,none of my gang members are here ….just then purab entered the class …pragya sees him and said ” Hi ” purab too replied ” Hi” pragya ask him why he is so silent ? .purab just smiled to her question ……pragya tries to break the silence …she ask him ” when is your bday ?” Purab repiled next month …and continued when is your bday ??? .Pragya says ” My bday is in one of the most important day of India , and asked him to guess it ” …purab starts to think and says ” Independence day , republic day ,wait I think it’s on Gandhi jayanthi ” pragya says ” your are right , my bday is also on that day ” Purab says ” My sister is also having bday in same date , but she is 5 years elder to me ” ..Tanu and Nikhil sees purab and pragya are chatting with each other….and says ” what topic is going on ” They joined their talking…..
The screen freezes ….

Abhi calls pragya ” Hey chashmish listen to me …..I want to say something important” pragya gets irked by the word chashmish

Sorry guys today there is no abhigya moments ….so I think it’ll be little bit boring …Both positive and negative comments welcomed …If you don’t like my ff …pls say me ya …Thank you guys …

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