Abhigya love story (Episode 2)


Hiii guys ..I’m happy to see ur comments …I wished to thank silent readers too for reading my ff …Thank you guys ..
The episode starts with
Nikhil ask purab to come with him to introduce him to his gang ..purab first denies …But for Nikhil he agrees to come …Abhi , pragya , Tanu are sitting and chatting about their likes , dislikes …when Nikhil introduces purab to his friends .Abhi without saying a word left the place ….Pragya and Nikhil are confused and shocked by his weird behaviour …pragya introduces herself to purab .They hand shake with each other ….pragya is about to introduce Tanu …But to her surprise Tanu asked purab “You are hear ,I thought you would go to abroad for higher studies …” ” Due to my mother’s wish , I did not went to abroad .” Replied purab …. Tanu says to nikhil and pragya that purab , Abhi and me are classmates …Okay guys meet u later , said purab …He asked Nikhil “can you accompany me ” Nikhil nods …Pragya and Tanu say” Bye ” to them….

It’s lunch period …
Pragya is continuously thinking about the incident and Abhi’s behaviour …Then pragya decides to ask Tanu ..As she is their classmate in school …. But stops herself .In classroom Tanu , Abhi and Pragya are having their lunch .Purab and Nikhil went to canteen to have their lunch …Pragya is still thinking about the incident and stares Abhi …..Abhi sees this and ask Why she is staring him while eating ….and continues saying he would get stomach ache ..Abhi turned towards opposite direction and starts eating …Both Pragya and Tanu laughs seeing his childish behaviour ….and in chorus says ” stop your drama ” while eating Abhi gets hiccups .Tanu gives him water ..pragya says some loved one is thinking about you …. Abhi asks ” Do you believe in this silly facts ” pragya replied ” of course Mr .Mehra …Abhi gets irked come closer to her and says Abhi …( o Allah warian plays ) pragya is stunned by his sudden move …pragya compose herself ..Tanu gets little bit jealousy..

Atlast pragya decides to ask Tanu …Pragya calls ” Tanu ” . Tanu is lying down in desk closing her eyes ..”mmm” said Tanu …..Pragya again called Tanu ….” Tell pragya ” said Tanu , without opening her eyes….Pragya asked Tanu about the Abhi and purab …Tanu opened her eyes …and starts to narrate the story ..” It because of that day …Both Abhi and Purab hate each other ….While saying this Abhi comes near them …Pragya sighs Tanu ” not to say anything ” Abhi says ” wassup ladies ” ..” Just talking about our class and first day in college ” said Tanu ..” okay lets continue ” said Abhi with a smile ……

In schl
Bulbul , Aaliya , Vijay are opening their lunch boxes …Bulbul said ” its my favorite maggi ” Aaliya and vijay smiled seeing bulbul …They kept their lunch boxes in desk and started to share food ….All the spoons are in one lunch box …They were happily eating with each other … Vijay asked about next period time table …Aaliya said ” the next two period maths and last period is English ” ” Atlast English period , we can enjoy that period and gives hifi to them …” said Bulbul ….

The period started ..” Aaliya and Bulbul felt sleepy , where as Vijay slept in sitting position …Aaliya and Bulbul are laughing at him ..Vijay is about to fall ..But Aaliya catches him …Vijay wakes up from his sleep … and ask ” what happened ?? ” Teacher caught them talking with each other and ask them to stand out …The trio without speaking a word went outside and started talking ….The period is over …In english period they were talking with each other and doing their activity …

In clg
Pragya is trying to ask Tanu ..But Abhi is not going any where …The clg is over …All says ” Bye , meet you tomorrow ” pragya went to pick Bulbul in scooty and both reached home …

In Arora house
Pragya and Bulbul are sharing their today’ s experience in clg and schl ..They ate their snacks and went to their room…Bulbul calls ” di” pragya is lost in thoughts of Abhi and purab …Bulbul in louder tone called ” di ” pragya came to her senses and ask ” what happened ?” Bulbul starts to tease her ..”whom you are thinking about ” pragya says “you have gone mad and went outside the room ”

In mehra mansion
Abhi , aaliya are sharing their today’s experience to Ragini ..Ragini smiles seeing them both happy …Abhi says about his new gang in clg ..while saying this he thinks about pragya ( O Allah wariyan plays in bg )

In Khanna mansion
Purab is seen holding a childhood pic of one boy and him …Purab missed his old friend …priya came to his room and sees him holding a picture …Priya says ” Leave it beta , you should forget the past happening and concentrate in present to shine in future ” purab agrees …..

The screen freezes

Purab and pragya are talking with each other …

Hope you all like my ff … If you like please comment ..Both positive and negative comments welcomed …have a good day guys …Bye

Credit to: loli

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