abhigya love story (Episode 1)


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In clg
Abhi thinks ” He too joined in same clg , It’s my first day in clg ..But he spoiled my mood ” .pragya is searching for her classroom, she thinks to ask someone for help ..she sees Abhi coming in opposite direction ….and decides to ask him the way for class room ……Abhi thinking about purab without noticing pragya .dashes with her …..pragya is about to fall ..But Abhi hold her .Abhi is lost in pragya’s beautiful eyes ….( o Allah Wariyan plays in bg ) Both of them come to sense …. Abhi said ” sorry ”
to pragya …Pragya smiled ..pragya asked him the way for classroom . ” Are you first year student ” asked Abhi .pragya nods ..” By the way , I’m too a first year student searching for my class ” said Abhi ..”Can we be frnds ” asked pragya forwarding her hand towards him ..Abhi smiled and both of them shake their hands …”I’m Abhishek prem mehra ” said Abhi .” I’m Pragya Arora ” said pragya ( O Allah warian plays )..Both of them are searching for their class together …Atlast they find their class ..They sat in a desk ..
They were talking with each other..At that time Tanu and Nikhil entered the class …Tanu is shocked to see Abhi there ….Abhi asked ” You too joined in same clg ” ….”yes “said Tanu …Both pragya and Nikhil looked confused …
abhi introduces Tanu as his school mate to pragya ..and introduces pragya to Tanu as his friend … Both pragya and Tanu shake hands …Nikhil introduces himself as Tanu friend …All of them were chatting with each other …At that time professor entered the class …purab entered the classroom ..Professor asked him to take seat ..
Professor greeted all the students and asked them to introduce themselves …Everyone introduces themselves ..
In school
Bulbul , Aaliya and Vijay are in same class….They are best frndss too ….Bulbul asked aaliya and vijay ” whether they done their homework ” Aaliya and vijay in chorus said ” no ” Bulbul says ” That’s like my friend ” The trio hug each other …..Vijay asked ” what we will do if teacher asked to submit the homework ” Bulbul says ” I have an idea ” ..she says it to all students ..Everyone accepted …The teacher entered the class and asked them to submit the homework …Every student acts like to be confused..Aaliya says that ” you didn’t give any homework mam ” Everyone confused the teacher ….so teacher says ” okay , we can go to class ” .The bell rang ..” tomorrow we can continue the class ” said teacher and went outside ….Aaliya , bulbul , vijay starts laughing and says ” yipee , we are escaped ” …….
In clg
There is no classes today , As it is the first day ….Everyone are chatting with their new frnds ..purab sits quietly ..Nikhil sees this and went near him and talk to him …He introduces himself and purab too enjoyed his company .Both became frnds ….

PRECAP :- Tanu says to pragya ” It’s because of that day ….Abhi and purab are hating each other ” ….

The screen freezes …If there is any grammatical errors pls forgive me …one more thing guys ..pls comment ..Both positive and negative comments are accepted ..Have a good day …

Credit to: loli

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