Abhigya- love is painful or happiness (OS)


Hi guys this is Monesha with another story now only i got time. ok now coming to the story,

One boy and one girl was sitting in the court to see judge. Finally judge came to that boy and girl. Boy and girl wishes judge. Judge ask Mr. Abhi and Mrs. Abhi why you want divorce. Abhi says mam we can’t live with each other so we want divorce. Girl looks him with teary eyes. Judge saw that and ask Mrs. Pragya whether you want divorce or not. Abhi says she only first want divorce. Pragya’s eyes were filled with tears.

Judge understood that. Judge ask Mr. Abhi can you say how much days went after marriage. Abhi says 10 days. Judge says 10 days? see in husband and wife it is common in this fight then you both can understand about each other. So now i can’t give divorce we can see for some days. Abhi stood up and went with anger. Pragya stood up. She thanks her with tears. Judge ask Pragya do you love him? Pragya sees her. Pragya says yes mam. Judge says don’t worry it will be alright. Pragya smiles with tears and went

In guest house, Abhi was roaming around the room. He took the bear and started to drink heavily. Pragya came to the guest house by auto. She opened the door. Abhi gave a stern look to Pragya. She closed the door. She walked towards the bed to take her blanket.

Abhi sees her with full of anger. Before she could take. He pulled her towards him and holds her hand tightly. Pragya’s eyes filled with tears due to pain. Abhi says what you want from me why you are torturing me. Pragya still looking him with tears. Abhi says don’t act more. I know what type of girl you are. Shame on you. Just go away from me

Pragya couldn’t tolerate anymore. She pushed him. His grip was weak bcoz of his heavy drink. Pragya says enough is enough. What i want? What you… want? Why you are torturing me. She started to cry. She sat down and says with crying what you want? Abhi turns and went to balcony. Pragya rubbed her tears. She stood up and took her dairy.

She started to write why it is happening to me alone. I love him truly but why he is behaving with me like this. Yes i accepted that this is arranged marriage but all the arrange marriage are not like this. Whether he is loving me or not. If something happens to me means he is caring otherwise he is very rude. What this means? Love will give pain or happiness?

She stopped writing and touched the word love and started to cry. She slowly slept by her head on diary. It was morning she got up from the desk. She saw abhi went out by closing the door forcibly. Again her eyes got tears. Pragya thinks no Pragya you can’t live with him just give divorce to him. She wipes her tears and got up from the chair.

Abhi came to see his friend purab and his wife bulbul who can share his problem. While coming he saw tanu. Abhi thinks what she is doing here. He goes towards her. Before he could reach alia reached. Abhi stopped and hide behind the pillar. Tanu says how many minutes i should wait. Alia says idiot you know bhai went to guest house dadi send him to be alone for sometimes . He loves her so they both can start their life.

Abhi looks them with great confuse. Tanu laugh. Alia looked confuse. Tanu says don’t worry alia Abhi can’t go near to pragya even he loves her bcoz in abhi’s mind Pragya is loving Suresh. Abhi was shocked by hearing that. Alia ask when it happened Tanu says after marriage of abhigya. Alia says great job Tanu.Tanu smiles and says now Abhi and pragya will be fighting. He went to pragya. I begged him to accept me but he told that he loves Pragya when he saw Pragya in her house by Dadi’s force.

Tanu says you know how i felt that time. That day was my worst day. Alia says leave now bhai will be alone if you went that time. Then sure he will accept you. Tanu and alia smiles. Abhi was shattered. He went front of them. Alia with smiles turned and was shocked to see abhi. Her laugh went off. Tanu too turned and was hell shocked. Tanu says a..Abhi. He gave a tight slap to her. Alia says bhai. He gave slap to her also. Abhi says don’t ever come in front of me. He turns to leave but he stop. He went again to tanu and gave a tight slap again. Tanu was hell shocked. Abhi says what you say that day is the worst day i wish this day should be your worst day. He went from that place. Alia and tanu looks each other by holding their cheek

He came to guest house. He searched Pragya but she was not in room. He saw her diary. He took that and started to read. He felt happy by seeing she too loves him. He flies in the sky. He started to continue. He saw the word. Love is pain or happiness. He says to himself don’t worry Pragya i will answer this question. Pragya came to the room. He stopped and kept on the table by seeing her. Pragya says i am ready for divorce. Abhi was shattered. His happiness went off by her one sentence.

She started to move but Abhi holds her hand. Abhi says sorry I can’t give you divorce. Pragya says why? Abhi says i can’t give you. Pragya holds his collar and says what you want you want to give me a pain. Abhi says no. Pragya says then why? Say me why?. Abhi holds her arms and shouts bcoz i love you i love you so much. Pragya stood like statue. Abhi says i started to love when i came to see you but Tanu said you had relationship with Suresh so…. Pragya says so you doubted me. She holds her collar what you are thinking rock star. Is i am looking like a characterless girl. Abhi about to say something.

But Pragya interrupted and says no i don’t want your explanation. You know i myself asked one question. Love is painful or happiness. Now i got answer. Love is full of painful. There will be no happiness in love. I itself don’t know why i loved you. I just hate you go to hell.

She was about to leave but Abhi holds her hand. Abhi says i don’t like people who is choosing wrong answer. I will say you the correct explanation. He pushed her to the glass wall. She hits on the glass. Her hand lies on the glass wall. He came and holds her both hands along glass wall. Her back is facing Abhi.

Pragya says leave me in husky voice. Abhi says first i will give answer to your question. He kissed her back. She was shocked by his activity. She turned and face him with shock. He smiled and kissed her neck. Pragya breaths heavily. She started to shiver more. He started to kiss her inch by inch in her face. She never thought this will happen in her life. He came to lips. She pushed him.

Abhi pulls her and kisses her forcibly in her lips. She hesitate first. Then slowly she melted by his kiss.she too responded him by moving her hand through his hair. Abhi lifts her and placed her on the bed. He started to kiss her neck, cheeks. She clutched the bed. His hands traveling all over her body. He removed her dori and kissed her and started to remove her saree and covered them with a blanket. Finally he landed beside Pragya.

Pragya looks him with shy. Abhi smiles by seeing her. Pragya says answer for my question. Abhi turns towards her. He puts his hand on her waist and pulled her. Abhi says answer is first love will give more pain but when we get even single happiness by love it will rub the painful moment. Pragya smiles. Abhi says ok come. Pragya ask what come i am sleepy. Abhi holds her and closed them with blanket again. Finally they consummate their marriage.

Happy Ending

Thank you guys for reading this with patient.. i hope you all won’t scold me. I am having one more idea. Soon i will give that too. Sorry for not commenting in all your ff. After school i am going to hospital to see my di. So plz forgive me. Love you all

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      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment. I am really happy to see your comment

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear.

  2. PrincessesMadhu

    Amazing di! It sure was a happy ending! ???? I was scared that it was going to be a sad one but no it was great! 🙂 Waiting for your next one ? and I don’t know who your sis is and why she is in hospital but I really hope and wish that she is safe and healthy… 🙂 TC ??

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear choti for your lovely and sweet comment. One more thing i will never separate Abhi and pragya dear. My sister deliver a baby and thanks for your concern. Take care too dear. Happy to see your comment. Keep smiling…. you all so rocking dear after getting time i will comment you.

  3. VarshaVenkat

    It totally amazing….really it was dat good….keep updating more n more OS…..

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  7. Sandy

    Suppperrrbbb mone ??? #absolutelyONESHOT I loved it ??? Waiting fa ur next idea ?.
    Montage is so apt

  8. Sandy

    Suppperrrbbb mone ??? #absolutely I loved it ??? Waiting fa ur next idea ?.
    Montage is so apt

    1. Monesha

      Thank so much for ur lovely comment. Happy to see you again. I will update next whenever i am free dear. Love you

    1. Monesha

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  9. Superb Mone Dear! It was too Nice! One more idea uh? Waiting for it eagerly! Keep Writing Mone!
    And Hope your sis is Fine now!

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    Superb chotu.. you always rock dear… I knew when you get short time you always got some different idea.. sometimes in dream.. may be god give you more ideas.. so I can read more ff from you my Chotu….

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