Abhigya- love is magic (OS)

Hi dears it’s me Monesha came back with another story. I hope you all will like this too. Let’s we can see. Now coming to our story,

One boy says no means no i won’t see that girl. Dadi says Abhi don’t behave like kid. You are now studying college not in school. Abhi says i am also saying that only i came to college. I am not owner of our company or rock star. Dadi says arey see i am showing this photo bcoz you both are same college. Abhi says so what is i am going to marry now itself. Dadi says Abhi this marriage fixed when you both are small. Abhi says i too know but i don’t want to see her. No more arguments bye.

Saying this he rushed to college. Dadi says i know Abhi after you reach there you automatically search Pragya. She smiled and went inside. Abhi reached their with his bike. Abhi thinks omg why i am feeling that i should see her. Abhi came to one girl and ask excuse me here who is Pragya. She turned. It is non other than our Pragya. Pragya ask why you are asking her. Abhi says she is my future wife so only i asked Pragya open her mouth with full of shock and ask excuse me Mr. First you say what is your name. Abhi says sorry my name is Abhishek prem mehra. Pragya thinks oh so this is khadus let’s play with him for saying me as future wife.

Pragya says she is Pragya pointing towards tanu who is talking towards group of boys. Abhi turns and thinks she is Pragya? Dadi gave certificate that she is discipline. Pragya ask what happened? She is so beautiful girl in the world. Abhi ask then what you will say about beautiful girls like you. Pragya was surprised and looks him. Abhi understood what he said and says i mean beautiful girls. Pragya says shut up let me introduce you to her. She went to tanu and touched her.

Tanu looks her and says hey chudi don’t touch me like this. Abhi looks them. Pragya says plz don’t behave like this he is watching us. Tanu ask who? Pragya says Abhi. Tanu look at him and attracted by him. Pragya says can you act as me. Tanu ask what you mean. Pragya explained everything to her. Tanu think for this girl this much handsome boy never. Tan says ok. They both came to abhi. Tanu says hi Abhi my name is ta.. Pragya. Abhi thinks this make up ghost only pragya i can’t believe this. Pragya says ok i am leaving bye. Abhi says wait i will also come. He goes behind Pragya.

Tanu thinks now what happened here. They both went to class. Pragya sat in first bench. Abhi ask why you sat in first bench. Pragya says i like this only. Abhi says today you are my friend so come with me. He dragged her and sat in last bench. Pragya says what are you doing? Abhi says chup. Tanu came to sit with Abhi. Abhi says actually i like to sit with one person only. Pragya says it’s ok I will go to first bench. Abhi pinched Pragya. Pragya shouts ouch!!! Tanu says ok no problem. Saying this She went. Abhi ask can’t you be quite idiot. Pragya smiles and thinks really he became so cute. Then teacher came to class and says good morning students today is first day of your second degree right so enjoy the day.

All the one become happy. Abhi and pragya started to chat. They both started to like each other thought. Class got over. Abhi and pragya says bye and went. Pragya reached home. She falls in bed and started to think about him. Pragya thinks in first meeting itself i attracted by him. He done something like magic. Abhi too came and thinks same as Pragya. He smiles. Dadi saw that and ask what happened beta did you saw Pragya.

Abhi says arey Dadi i floating on air but you pulled to hell. What type of girl is she. She looks like make up ghost. Dadi says shut up Abhi i think you saw someone. See here Pragya photo is here i am going to see whether your bhai and bhabhi want anything. Abhi says who will see that face again. He passed that table and mistakenly he hit the glass and poured the water on the photo. Abhi says omg today I am that’s all. He took the photo and was shocked to see Pragya. He rushed to Dadi and ask she is Pragya? Dadi says yes why you saw someone. Abhi says i didn’t saw she makes me to see that ghost make up ghost and said that that ghost is Pragya. Dadi smiles and says that is your both problem. You are ok with this marriage or not. Abhi says that is your wish.

Dadi smiles and says if you don’t want means no problem. Abhi says did i say like that first go and see bhai. Dadi smiles and went. Abhi says Pragya see now you will see who am i. Next day all the one came. Again Pragya sat in first row Abhi drags her back row. Abhi says i am sleepy don’t disturb me. Pragya nodded. He placed his head on her shoulder. Pragya shocked by his activity. Pragya says Abhi what are you doing. Abhi says chup i told don’t disturb me. Pragya thinks omg why i am like this. I couldn’t scold him. If anyone done like this confirm i will slap but why i couldn’t do that to him. Confirm he is doing magic. Abhi moved his head up. Pragya’s hand went and cares his head automatically. Abhi feels like he was in magic world. Abhi thinks is she made for me. Pragya thinks whether i falls for him.

Days passed. Both felt their love but their ego didn’t allow to say that. Here Tanu keep on trying to get close with Abhi. Soon all completed their college. While going Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and hugs her. Tanu came at that time and was shocked to see them. They broke the hug and says bye. Tanu thinks what is happening here. I have to stop this.

All went to their respective house. Pragya reached home. Sarla says Pragya tomorrow get ready for party in abhi’s house. Pragya became happy then she think omg i how can i go in abhi’s thoughts Tanu is Pragya ( poor Pragya don’t know that Abhi comes to know about her) she went to tanu and explain everything. Tanu thinks it is good thing. She says ok. Pragya returned to home. Next day all the one went to Mehra mansion. Tanu too came with her. Pragya searched Abhi. She confirmed that Abhi didn’t come. She says to everyone that should not call her as Pragya. Everyone looks her confusingly. Abhi saw that and smiles and thinks ok today we can stop this hide and seek.

Pragya searched Abhi. Finally she saw abhi and went to him. Abhi says hi. Pragya too says hi. Abhi ask what’s the matter? Pragya says Pragya too came to the party. Abhi says wow that is great. Pragya smiles and thinks great whether he started to have feelings for her. Abhi says what happened? Pragya says nothing. Abhi smiles. Pragya says i am having some work let me see that (upset). Abhi holds her duppata which makes Pragya shock. Pragya says what are you doing? Abhi says why? i am holding my future wife duppata is any problem for you. At that time Tanu came and shocked to see them. Pragya was hell shocked by his word. Pragya says Abhi but Pragya. Abhi says Pragya stop your hide and seek i know everything first day night itself. Again Pragya was hell shocked. Here Tanu thinking what is going on here. Abhi says leave that do you love me. Pragya was got shy. She tried to move but Abhi came and pinned her towards wall. Pragya started to shiver. Abhi says so you won’t say it’s ok I will find out. He took her duppata from her neck.

Pragya looks him with shock. He nuzzled her neck and kissed all over her neck. Pragya nailed in his shoulder. Tanu couldn’t see that. Abhi ask tell me Pragya you are feeling the magic of love or not. He ask while nuzzling her neck. Pragya couldn’t answer. Abhi holds her waist which makes Pragya to stand in her toes. He holds her cheeks with another hand. He brushed her lips with his thumb and gave a lip kiss to her. Pragya hugs his neck. Abhi hugs her by her waist. Here Tanu started to cry and went from that place. Abhi broke that kiss. Pragya took her hand from his neck and stood correctly. She smiles with shy. Abhi says so you too love me right i knew it this is the magic of love. Pragya smiles and try to go but he holds her hand but Pragya pushed him and ran away. Abhi smiles.

Suddenly someone holds her and gave a tight slap it is none other than Tanu. Pragya was shocked. Tanu says are you thinking i am joker. Abhi came that side. Pragya ask why you slapped me. Abhi was shocked to hear that and came to them. Tanu went to abhi and says i love you Abhi plz accept me. Abhigya was shocked. Abhi ask what you are blabbering. Tanu says Abhi plz i will take care you well. Sarla came to that place. Tanu says you cheated me Abhi. Sarla was shocked to hear the word cheat. Sarla ask what you all are doing here. Tanu says aunty he cheated me by acting as loving me. sarla was shocked. Abhi says aunty she is saying lies. Sarla says shut up no girl will say lies in this. Pragya says no ma listen to us. Sarla says shut up Pragya come we can go. Abhi nodded no with teary eyes. Pragya says ma plz ma i love him. Sarla didn’t listen. She dragged her. Abhi got angry on Tanu. He gave a tight slap to her. Abhi says you know how much I love her now only we both accepted our love but you simply broke that love.

Tanu says Abhi believe me i will take care you. Abhi says just shut up. You can’t come to pragya’s foot idiot. just go away from my sight. Abhi went to Dadi and explained everything. Dadi says go and see in her home. Abhi rushed to see her but there is no one in her home. Days passed he concentrated on both Career and his life Pragya but still he couldn’t find her. One year passed he became rockstar. In side he looks his business too. One fine day came. He went for his company and was surprised to see Pragya in his company. He asked receptionist about her. She says Pragya works here yesterday only she joined here. Abhi says call her to my cabin. Receptionist says ok.

Abhi turns his chair towards wall. Pragya came to his cabin. Pragya ask may i come in sir. Abhi says yes. Pragya came inside and ask sir you called me. Abhi turns his chair towards her. Pragya was hell shocked. She stood their with shock. Abhi stood up and stands. He was mesmerized by her look in green saree. Both shares eyelock. both got tears. He opened his arms signaling her to hug him. She run to his arms and hugs him by standing in her toes and putting her hand around his neck. Both feels each other warm body after a long time. They both came to sense and broken their hug. Abhi says why you left me? Pragya says see i didn’t left you. My mother only done like this. She is the reason for uniting us and also separating us. If she saw me in your office then I am that’s all. She tried to go but Abhi pinned her towards glass wall. Pragya was shocked. Abhi says you don’t know your boss name itself. Pragya says i asked them they said his name is khadus. Abhi ask khadus? Pragya says yes. Abhi says how dare who said that. Pragya says why you are scolding them you are looking like khadus only.
Abhi says oh I see you know what khadus will do. He comes near her. Pragya says keep distance otherwise. Abhi says otherwise? Pragya couldn’t move. There is no gap between them.

Pragya says Abhi what are you doing leave me. Abhi says why you are wasting your energy by keep on saying leave me….. leave me….. Pragya looks him with shock. Her body started to sweat and shiver. He touched her waist and wipes that sweat. Pragya holds his shoulder. He says in a.c. your body is sweating? See this is magic of love. Pragya looks him with shy. There is no gap but also Abhi trying to move front. Pragya says no. Saying this she pushed him but Abhi didn’t move. Abhi says you are pushing me with this body Idiot. Pragya says Abhi first move. Abhi says then you take me to your mom.

Pragya was shocked and ask are you mad. Abhi says plz Pragya believe me i will do it. Pragya thinks for sometimes and says ok. Abhi felt very happy. He jumped and kissed in her cheeks. Pragya was shocked. Abhi drags Pragya and went to pragya’s home. They both knocked the door. Sarla opened and was shocked to see Abhi. Sarla says why you came? Abhi says aunty i want to talk with you. Sarla says no need. Abhi says plz aunty plz just give me 5 minutes. Sarla went inside and sat in sofa. Abhi came to Sarla and explained everything.

Sarla was shocked. Her eyes filled with tears. Sarla says Abhi beta plz forgive me. She holds her hand. Abhi says ma what are you doing you are elder to us plz don’t do like this. This much problem is because of Pragya only. Pragya was shocked and ask me? What i done. Abhi says you only introduced her to me right. Pragya says vo..vo… Abhi says what vo… vo…. Sarla says ok stop your fight. We will fix the marriage and you both can fight. All reached mehra mansion. Finally all the problems came to end. All fixed the marriage date and says to abhigya. They both felt very happy. Abhi lifts Pragya by holding her leg and twirled her. All the one was surprised and laughed. Screen freezes on abhi and pragya’s face still she is in his arm.

❤❤❤❤❤❤THE END ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you guys for reading this with patient. I am sorry for my late reply but confirm i will reply to everyone. Thank you so much for all ur biggest support for my every OS. All the writers you all are awesome and commenter thank you so much. Without you all we all will not there. Love you all.

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      Thank you so so sooooooo…. much dear for your lovely lovely and sweet comment. Happy to see your comment

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    Di i am going to say you one thing even if i dont comment i will be always supporting you and your wondeful stories.I am going to miss you a lot.I will comment sometimes .Dont forget me your worst choti of all the choti’s.This is my last comment.
    Love u loads.

    1. And ya convey my regards to your di and my beautiful princess.Congratulation maasi???

      1. HARITHA

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      1. Thanks for the concern pyaari pyaari di❤️Ya I applied ointment though I don’t want to apply my parents forced me so had to.Di u break stuff when you are angry,i don’t want to misuse them so I just hurt my lifeless body.You know di I feel that no parents should get a daughter like me,I am just a burden on them.I cannot even fulfill my parents wish whenever I think about this I feel like dying but as I can’t do that I hurt myself.It would be better if I was not born in this world ??
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      1. Thanks for the concern my favorite di.Even I love all my pyaari di and friends,choti.Love you di

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      1. Thanks for the concern di.If in next birth I would be a human confirm I will be your small sister.I love you to death and will always keep loving you.Lol di I will kidnap you and make my sister but I am not that bad to separate you from your family.So live this life peacefully and happily.In next birth you will have to bear me.Love you❤️

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      Hey darlu who said that i am angry on you. Don’t talk like this. Plz say me the reason

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      1. I just felt because you didn’t reply to the comment I wrote yesterday or before this and didn’t comment on my os.That doesn’t mean I am demanding for a comment. you are my one of the inspiration di so I thought I made you angry so you stopped talking with me.If u get angry on me scold me with all the bad words you know but don’t stop talking with me.I have only few members who like me I don’t want to lose them??

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  5. sheerapthinisd

    What!!! A story sweet and impressive tq so much for a wonderful one like this really felt funny and happy tq so much

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  6. Kakali

    Wooowwww!!! simple sweet cuteee n febuloes OS Monesha… feeling sooo good after reading it… cute shy Pragya n naughty naughty Abhi… but both makes Abhigya… thnk u dear for ur beautiful OS…

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      No..no..no dear as haritha di said that comment was not for you. It is for the person who hurts my May di with her words easily. Actually I went to school so only i couldn’t reply you early plz forgive me. Thank you so so sooooooo…… much for ur lovely lovely lovely….. and sweet comment. I am flying in sky by your comment. You made my day by your comment. Really feeling. Happy thank you. Plz forgive me for that.

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        U r a school student hense ur writing skill is too good… keep it up dear…

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  8. Trisha

    Well, my sweet angel, you have done it again. You have managed to create another mindblowing OS….it was absolutely awesome????…loved it soooo much…Take care choti…love you??????

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so so sooooooo….. much my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari……. princess di. And thanks for encouraging me. I am really happy bcoz my di loved it. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……….


    Chotu… I have read your os in morning itself.. but as I am going for class I couldn’t get time for comments… so I return back to comment on this rocking os… I told you na.. you can come up with more os as your brain is full of different ideas… I knew you have more ideas and you will come with more os… I don’t thank you… for this.. because there is no such words between us… chotu… I like this a lot dear… you are an amazing os writer… I knew you did this for us.. in between your busy works…. love you dear.. lots of hugs and kissess❤❤❤❤❤?????.. I read your comments… k let’s do I competition… I too challenge you that I will love you more than anyone in this world… ???

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      Ddi you know really you made me to fly on the sky. Thank you so much ddi. You know you are always giving me very happiness. I am really happy bcoz i got di who always encouraging me and giving your hands to climb. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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      1. Saranya24

        Jst 1 week ten i ll upload daily darlu love u????

  14. Prathi

    Choti only you can get these types of ideas!! Pragya pranked Abhi I loved it!! Keep giving us more cute OS like these

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      Thank you so much my dear darlu pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari….. princess di. Thanks for encouraging me. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……….

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