abhigya love and fight (OS)

hy guys this is akshaya sorry couldn’t update anything because i was hospitalized I am really very sorry my brother is only typing the story i and in this story abhi will be a ACP and pragya will be a criminal lawyer and a new character is included.

Karan Mehta was newly transferred to Mumbai Police . He was so excited to work under the well famous and efficient officer Abhishek Mehra.Abhi was his inspiration.He walked through the long corridor and suddenly bumped onto Inspector Purab Khanna .Purab greeted him, “Welcome to Mumbai Police Inspector Karan Mehta”, “Thank you Purab sir”. “Wow I’m impressed…you’re so punctual…”Poorab said.Karan smiled, “What can I do sir I’m damn so excited to work with Abhi sir…PLs tell me where is his cabin I’m dieing to meet him”.. “First floor second room!!!”… “Thank you so much Poorab sir it was nice meeting you” and Karan ran towards the lift.Purab looked at him and said, “Seriously??he’s so excited to work with Abhi?? He’s mad…”.
Meanwhile Karan reached at the door.He read the name plate , ” Abhishek Mehra Assistant Commissioner Of Police… Wow…I wish I was just like him…he’s such a great man” and Karan opened the door. He was sitting on the chair and reading some files. Karan walked inside fastly and stood before him. Abhi looked at him weirdly and asked
“Good morning sir.I can’t believe that I’m infront of you..I mean I’ve waited for this moment for a long time and finally I’m here..”

” Ok fine…but who are you???”
“Oh..Sorry I’m transferred Inspector of new…”
“oh..sry sir I meant I’m newly transferred Inspector..”
“Oh…so you’re Karan Mehta???take your seat”.And he sits. “Look Karan I’ve my own policies,principles and beliefs..and I hope that you won’t mess with them..”
“Dnt worry sir I won’t disappoint you”

“I also hope so..ok then we have a case at the court today so we should be leaving…”
Abhi,Poorab and Karan reaches the court.They were standing outside.Abhi was busy with the case file.Karan asked poorab, “Poorab sir..Are you married??”.Poorab smiled, “Yes..I’m..you also married?? “No sir…Idon’t know when I’ll get married..my mom always says that you need a partner for everything..but I never got a partner..”Suddenly Karan saw a car coming.The door was opened and he saw a beautiful leg outside.He looked curiously and he saw her.She looked like a fairy in a lawyer’s dress.She looked at him.And walked towards him.Karan couldn’t believe that she was coming towards him.As soon as she reached near them sha said, “Hey Poorab..long time..no see..everythng fine??Poorab smiles, “Hmm…everything’s too good..you know Bulbul right she always complains about my job so I thought that I would take her for a trip so I was out of town.She then looked at Karan who was not taking eyes from her.She asked, “Who’s this new guy” “Ah…that’s Inspector Karan Mehta newly transferred..said Poorab.She again smiled and now she looked at Abhi who was not paying attention to her from the beginning.

“So busy…ACP sir???but no use you guys can’t win over me…”
Abhi looked at her, “Ah…Pls…don’t predict impossible things. Let’s see…lawyer Saahiba..who wins and who loose”
“Challenge accepted sir…waiting for you in the court..” and she leaves. Poorab smiles and says , “What is this Abhi???it’s such a petty case nthng’s gonna happen either we win or loose”
” Poorab sir ,Abhi sir who is she??”
“That’s the defence lawyer..Pragya..”

“Wow…she’s just amazing sir.What an attitude??Is she married??or else I will surely try her.Poorab and Abhi looked at him.Poorab smiles and looks at Abhi.Abhi was staring him and he says , “Come Poorab court is about to begin”.
Later in the court.All was present.And the hearing started.The prosecuter began
“My lord, I really don’t know why this hearing is kept because the culprits have been caught red handed and they have also admitted their fault so this hearing is just a waste of time.
Pragya said, “I object my lord,my clients was forced to admit their faults”
My lord may I pls call up on Assistant Commissioner Of Police and the main witness Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra.” And Abhi comes.
“Mr.Abhishek..how long have you been in service??
“5 years…he said
“My lord in this 5 years of his career he’s really famous for his arrogant and rough approach to culprits.”
Abhi stared at her , “They’re culprits not kids they deserve such treatment”
“Ohoo ACP sir that’s purely unfair..they’re also humans and by the way anyone is innoscent until the crime is established legally”
“Who said not?? They’re culprits… I saw them doing”.Pragya asked , “What did you saw? Were they attacking or running?”
“They ran when they saw me… but I caught them”

“The case is finished my lord I mean…it’s just a pure case of misunderstanding..he didn’t see them attacking he only saw them running..typical police policy..if the real culprit is no t caught then they make the caught person culprit…”
“That’s not true…I know they did that…said Abhi…Ok tell me one thing lawyer maam if they were innoscent then why did they admit??”
“Mr ACP have you seen your hands??? So rough and tough.If you will hit someone with that bold hand then he will die for sure my clients just got scared of you because you tortured them physically and mentally so they had to admit.”
“You’re going out of your limit now…What do you think I’m an animal or what??He shouted.
“Mr Abhishek you are not supposed to behave like that in the court.The judge warned.
“Sry my lord..”
“That’s all my lord.. He’s so violent and impossible that anyone would admit anything.People just can’t bear such a man”

The hearing finished and the culprits was declared innoscent.Abhi couldn’t bear it and he walked out of the room.
Later outside Poorab and Karan was standing.and pragya came
“wow..pragya that was amazing really you zipped Abhi’s mouth..Pragya smiled “I told you Poorab I’m not gonna loose..”
Abhi came there.They both looked each other.
“Come Poorab let’s go..”
“Hey ACP sir my tyres are punctured will you give me a lift?
“Are you mad Pragya ji???Can’t you see my hands So rough and tough .people just can’t bear a person like me..What if I rape you on the way?? I’m so violent na?
“Fine…I’ll go myself…” and Pragya leaves.
Karan says ,” poorab sir I just liked Pragya a lot..she’s so cool I just wanted a wife like her.Pls can you give me her number??
Abhi stares at him and says, do you know her name?

“Yes sir Pragya…wow what a nice name…”
“Yeah..Pragya…Pragya Abhishek Mehra..”
“wow that’s so amazing…wait a minute Pragya Abhishek Mehra??that means she..Before he completed Abhi walks away angrily and Poorab smiles at karan.

In the evening their House.
Pragya was making coffee and she heard the calling bell.She said , ” I think Acp sir’s here..” She takes a flower bunch and walks towards the door and opens it . “Welcome back sir…”Abhi pushed her away and walked insideHo…that was rude Abhi…”
He turned back , ” And what you did in the court was so pleasing and honourable””Oh…so you’re angry with that…”
Abhi removed his shirt and grabbd his towel She hugged him .. “Sry ACP sir that’s a part of my proffession..I didn’t mean to hurt you..You know that I can’t hurt you.. I was joking man…”She said
Abhi removed her hands , ” That’s OK Sweety…but I wanted a divorce from you..
“What???you want divorce??how could you do this to me after exploiting me so much??
“Oh…I’m so sorry ..I was joking man…he said and went inside washroom.
Later Pragya was in the balcony.He looked at her and went there.. “Pragya…leave it..I’m sorry I was just too mad…She turned her face away… “Now don’t show me attitude ok…sry yaar…now what should I do to pacify you??He held her face should I hug you??Pragya blushed he continued.. “or …should I Kiss you??? And he brought his lips closer to her.She closed her eyes as they came closer she suddenly pushed him away

“Wooho…What???Why did you pushed me??You ruined my mood”

“You also ruined my mood..I was so happy today and I had to say something to you but you were showing attitude…”
“hmm…ok…what do you wanna say??you’re family is going to visit this weekend?or Bulbul and Poorab are going for a trip? orI don’t love you anymore orbefore he completed she placed her fingers on his lips and said , “that…you’re going to be a father and I’m gonna be a mother”
Abhi was surprised and shocked too he slowly whispered pragya…and slowly touched her tummy and she pressed her hand over him

“Why…you’re not happy??”
“No..pragya..I’m not…I’m super duper happy..I mean we’re gonna be parents.. I just can’t believe it.. Said and and twirled Pragya
Pragya smiled and said, Now I won’t go to court until my junior Abhi comes out safely..I’ll live here peacefully as your wife and as his mother ..and now please leave me
Abhi let her in the floor, “What do you want from me??you can ask anything even the stars and moon…
Pragya holds his face, “Nothing just be there with me in every moment of my life , I wanna fight with you everyday ,and after sometime hug you ,I wanna love you like no one ever can ,and spend my whole life in your love and one fine day when I will take my last breathe I wanna close my eyes forever in your arms…

Abhi’s eyes was filled.He hugged her tightly… ” I love you Pragya… I love you..” she smiles , “I love you too…Abhi…and she kissed his lips.Abhi caressed her face and kissed her cheeks with love

And the night became darker and they became closer.The world disappered it was just him and his love…

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    Coming to this episode its good that you wrote your name in starting that’s y I read else I would have missed it. This track is cool as always ??. When it comes to romance ur the BEST.
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  21. hey awesome superbbbbb
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