Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY intro

Hii friends tis is saranya hope u all knw me i hve commented many times in other ffs nw i hve planned to start an ff i dnt knw if i wil keep upto ur expectations but wil try my best pls support me with ur comments and suggest if there r any mistakes☺
And specially tis intro and epi 1 dedicated to maya akka and sri akka coz they are my gurujis in writing tis ff ☺but all are my frnds hope u all like it nw lets go to the story

Abhi-our hero wanted to become a rockstar studying college final year best frnd of pragya frm childhood loves her but not yet realised

Pragya-our heroine wanted to become a lecturer studying in abhi’s clg final year both are of same dept loves abhi but not realised

Purab-best frnd of abhi &pragya frm childhood wants to run his own company loves bulbul but not confessed

Bulbul-pragya sister studying 3 year in same clg very naughty loves purab but not confessed

Aliya-abhi sister a sweet girl studying with bulbul loves abhi pragya purab and bulbul a lot

Tanu-best frnd of abhi&pragya studying in their class has a crush on nikhil

Nikhil-best frnd of purab studying wit bulbul purab and aliya has a crush on tanu

Riya-classmate of abhi&pragya has a crush on abhi hates pragya as she is close wit abhi

Other characters like sarla maa dadi raj mitali akash rachna are also thr wil be introduced later

Abhi lives wit his dadi,bhai,bhabi,akash and rachna he list his mom and dad in childhood

Pragya lives wit hr mom sis janaki and dadi she lost her dad in childhood

Tats all intro guys i hope u all like it pls give ur comments so tat i could continue?i thought of writing epi 1 together but wil upload it once u all give ur comments i wil upload regulsrly but oly aftr u all comment?negative cmnts are also welcome if u suggest oly i can crct it so hope u all wil support till then bye my dear frnds☺

Credit to: Saranya


  1. Aastha

    hello saro…u r going to start a ff. thats nice. all the best. sure u will rock bcos u r writing abt rockstar naa… nichayam ur ff will be a superb. en aashirvadam undu magale (lol)

    • Saranya

      Unga aaservathathuku nandri aastha swamiji?anyway thanks fr commenting dear keep supporting dear love u?☺

  2. krish

    nice intro yaar saranya keep gng nd All the best fr ur new ff……. lookng forward fr te 1st epiiiiiii……………..

  3. The intro is interesting!..keep going yaar n u also can write it like others,don’t fell bad. eagerly waiting for epi update soon

  4. All the best for ur new ff.nice intro,keep going yaar u can also write nice,i have confident.can i know ur age coz i can call u di na,if u feel insecure i won’t insist u.

    • Saranya

      There s no insecure in tat dear iam 19 u can cal me as u wish not necessary as diii but if u wish so u can cal?anyway thanks fr ur comment dear love u??

  5. Saranya

    Thank u so much frnds i really dnt expect tis much comments and support love u all wil update nxt epi soon fr u guys???

  6. Vaishali

    Awesome saranya sure ur ff will rock my blessings r always with u ( just kidding) naane ezhuthumpothu neeyellam semaya ezhuthuva pa ennodatha padikarathuku pathu pavapatta Peru irukkanga unakku paru fans allum

  7. somiya

    hey is it you saranya! Okay then I will always try to comment on yours too! Nice intro!!!

  8. Tisha

    Hey saranya superb start go ahead dalu..U know one thing I wanna reveal today In my ff I said abt Priya na Prags told abt Priya’s love to her mom and her mom sent her to abroad ..that part was real… Actually I did such a thing to my frnd..I only informed abt her love to her parents as the boy was bad… and she was my bestie..her name is saranya whenever I read ur name I ll get her in my thoughts….
    Sorry I’m telling my own sad story here…
    Coming to ur ff it was amazing start go ahead loads of love God bless baby ???????

    • Saranya

      Its ok dii thanks fr sharing ur story happy to knw tat u hve a frnd in my name☺and thanks fr ur support love u dii??

  9. Wow awesome plz continue i loved it are u from Tamilnadu Bcoz I am also from Tamilnadu anyway best of luck I am waiting for ur episode

  10. Saranya

    Thank u all my dear really i dnt not expect tis much comments iam overwhelmed love u all???keep supporting and sure i ll upload epi 1 soon tmrw mrng itself☺

  11. Maya

    So sorry for the late reply just got the time to comment! Superb intro pa! Very nice and it was awesome! ??? and btw some of the characters look very interseting esp Riya…?? i don know y i feel her characterization will be different…and ya time irunta naan unnoda epi 1 padikeren as frm now onwards all my class will end very late….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.