Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 7


Hii frnds really iam very overwhelmed wit ur cute lovely comments??thank u so much my dears and i wnt ask hereaftr if its boring but it does nt mean tat u shld nt comment i can know if u like it or not so pls keep supporting love u all??nw lets go into the story?

Evryone were excited to watch abhigya performance but riya was jumping in joy tat they cant dance.Suddenly the music started playing and spotlight fell on the stage.thr pragya was standing in a gorgeous frock…but oly aftr the spotlight covered the whole stage all saw tat dhe was standing over abhi’s legs.yes he was making her stand on his feet.Sanam re….started playing.Both started dancing romantically.Evryone were making noises and cheering them.Throughout the whole dance pragya either stood on his legs or he carried her fr some steps…All the judges and audience except their frnds thouht tat it was a new style of dance and were keep on cheering them.Dadi and sarla maa were really happy and had tears in their eyes.At the end of the dance both were standing in bent position(hope u all undrstand like hw generally dance finishes)and were lost in each othr eyes…They came back to senses wit evryone’s applause.Evryone were keep on shouting their names and the whole auditorium was vibrating oly wit their names.Judges also stood up and applauded them.Abhi made pragya walk slowly and got down frm the stage.Riya was fuming in anger. Tanu saw her and smiled wickedly.

Nw it was time fr the results.The 3 rd place was won by some juniors.Abhigya and takhil were very nervous.Ten takhil were announced 2 nd place.they were very happy.Pragya was very nervous and she was holding abhi’s hand tightly.He smiled and consoled her.
Judges:actually befre announcing 1 st place we would like to say somethng.The pair which is gng to win the frst prize na they r the most cutest pair we hve seen thr was such a chemistry as if they were made fr each othr. We were really impressed and nw without any more suspenses the 1st place goes to…..none othr than…Mr.abhishek abd miss.pragya….
Abhigya were very happy and hugged each othr.Abhi jst lifted pragya.All their frnds and classmates were applauding them happily.Dadi and sarla maa were vry happy.Abhi ten realised wat he did and slowly dropped pragya.Ten they got yheir prizes.
Judges:Actually u guys are really like made fr each othr.
Pragya blushed.

Judges:u knw wat jst nw we came to knw tat u were injured but inspite of tat wat an amazing performance.The way he balanced u was awesome.Tat requires more understanding which was pakka bw u both…
Abhi:thank u so much mam
Pra:all these credits go to abhishek oly the way he encouraged me and balanced me whole the way through the dance….thank u so mych abhishek..without u its not possible.
Abhi:arey pragya its mutual undrstandng bw us ok and no thanks bw frnds..ok?
Pra:haan ok ok
Judges:wat a frndship yaar may u stay blessed lije tis always..
Abhi&pragya:thank u..
And they git down and all were celebrating their happiness.Aftr sometime pragya went to changing room to change her dress.
Abhi:hey chashmish wait i ll take u…
Pra:wat…abhishek hve u lost ur senses…
Evryone were laughing.
Abhi:arey wat hpnd y r u all laughing.

Pra:buddhu iam gng fr changing room wil u cme thr…
Abhi:yes ….vo no no no i mean hw wil u go alone i ll leave u till thr
Pra:arey its not fracture its jst small sprain..so i ll go u stay here..
Abhi:acchha…ok go safe if any prblm cal me ok…
All were laughing. Pragya felt embarassed and said”uff ok ok buddhu keep quiet..i ll cme nw”.she left.On the way wen she was nearing changing room she heard someone shouting.She stopped near a door.she heard someone speaking.it was none othr tan riya..
Riya:i dnt expect tis…hw much i planned and made her to fall but they danced and won evn 1 place i cant tolerate tis anymore.
Frnd:riya stop breaking things…its ok but u r such an idiot u thought to separate them but u made them dance still more closer…
Riya:no i wnt leave tat pragya…abhi s mine he wil always be mibe…
Pragya banged and opened the doir.Riya was shocked.
Pra:I am really shocked riya hw coukd u do tis…
Riya:hey hw dare u to enter my room without permission…and wats so shocking yes i oly did evrythng wat can u do….tel me wat can u do…

Pra:but y riya y u did tis…wats the reason..
Riya:coz i love my abhi i need him at any cost…but u…u r snatching my abhi frm me…u r jst a middle class silly girl…and u wil win me huhh? Nevr u characterless fool…
Pragya was not abke to tolerate she gave her tight slap….riya was hell shocked sge raised her hand to slap pragya but pragya caught her hand and pushed her…
Pra:u r calng me as characterless…u r the one who s characterless…i wil not blane u fr loving abhishek but do u knw the meaning of love..if u really love him u wil not hurt and u wil love him unconditionally evn he does not love u…but urs is not a true love…yes i accept u hurted me oly but tat pain is more fr him coz he s my best frnd…and evn more than tat…and its really waste to talk to u abt tis as u r not fit fr all these…i hve not seen such a cheap girl in my life and u ll surely pay fr it..
She left frm thr but riya was not able to come out of tat slap…ten she slowly got up
Riya:tis wat u did was not ryt pragya…u slapped me…u slapped tis riya…yes u r ryt i will pay fr it…yes i wil pay fr it to u wit full interest…

Here abhi was waiting impatiently as pragya has not yet arrived.Evryone were teasing his nervousness.At tat time pragya came.
Abhi:hey chashmish wsts tis hw much to change i was really worried…
Pragya was touched by his concern.

Pra:ohh so mera sweet buddhu was worried…hmm ok ok baba iam sry nw cme lets go home iam very tired…
Abhi:arey wat u r tired…is it paining a lot show me…
Pra:arey arey enough cool down…its not tat much paining yaar iam jst tired by dance..
Abhi:ohh hello ten i must oly be tired as i carried u fr full dance…u moti…
Pra:wat moti…am i fat fr u…and who told u to carry u oly gave tat idea na….
She turned her face.Abhi laughed out aloud.
Abhi:chashmish…mera kishmish…u r looking cute wen u become angry…he pulled her cheeks…i jst said fr joke yasr ok cme nw lets go iam also tired…
Pragya smiled and started to walk but abhi stopped her and lifted her.
Pra:arey leave me na i can walk its not paining tat much..
Abhi:chup…i knw u keep quiet
He said and carrjed her.she kept glncing him lovingly wit a smile..He reached the car and made her sit and drove home.Aftr reachng home too he carried her inside inspite of stopping him.He placed her on bed winked at her and left waving bye.
Abhi:hey chashmish dnt frgt to take medicines…if she dnt take bulbul u jst cal me i ll cme and show her my talent..
Pra:arey no no i ll eat medicines..u no need to cme..
She said like a kid.Abhi smiled and said “tats gud ok bye gud nyt take care wil meet tmrw”
Pra:gud nyt abhishek..bye
He left to his home.
Bul:diii hw much caring na jiju is…u r really lucky.
Pragya blushed.

Bul:arey someone s blushing here haan…
Pra:chup..go and sleep nw go its already late.
Bulbul went to sleep.pragya too laid down reminiscing abhi.she slowly closed her eyes to sleep and see her prince of dreams….

Hope u liked it..pls comment if thr r any changes love u alll so much thank u fr ur support…bye love u????☺

Credit to: Saranya

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