Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 7)

Hi guys….sorry for the late episode….There are 2 reasons for not uploading…first is i was in a shock when i got to know about suha di and second reason is i am not feeling well.Even now i am not feeling well,high fever,vomiting,weakness etc.So sorry.
Note;this episode is purely illogical.I have taken inspiration from cvc as they have crossed the limit of illogical stuff.

Episode 7;
The episode starts with fans surrounding pragya and abhi gets jealous seeing them as everyone are shouting i love you,will you marry me and all those stuff.
Purab;yaar abhi why are you staring there??
Abhi;see i am rockstar but all the people are surrounding pragya they are so many boys there(dekh yaar main rockstar lekin saare log uske peeche pade hain waha pein kitne sare ladke hei)
Purab(smiles seeing his jealous);hmm i have an idea.

Purab shares his idea with abhi and gives hifi.
Abhi goes on the stage and takes a mike.
Abhi;hello ladies and ladies(all turn towards him).nOw i am going to say something all the girls who are dying to have selfie can come on the stage and can do that but only girls.
Pragya stares at him and abhi enjoys seeing her jealous.
Screen shifts;
Tanu;nikhil why it is not falling??
Nikhil;patience .Let fans enjoy the last moment with abhi.
Tanu; AND nikhil smiles.
Screen shift.
pragya can’t bear this and pulls away from fans.
Pragya;what the hell was that??
Abhi;what??(asks innocently)

Pragya;Why are you getting cozy with them
Abhi;what are you doing there with those boys i was doing the same thing
The pillar(it was not made up completely of hard thing)was getting loose
aBhigya nok jhok starts.
Purab and dadi who was seeing them were laughing and aaliya was worried about tanu plan.tHe pillar was falling but abhigya did not notice.Purab did and shouted bhai.
When abhi opened his eyes he was on the floor.The pillar fell on ppprraaggyya.
He recalls the whole thing that has happened few minute back.
When the pillar was about to fall abhi and pragya did not pay notice but when purab shouted pragya saw that pillar was falling on abhi she pushed him.The pillar fell on pragya and hit her head.Everyone rushed towards her.

Purab;dhi dhi..
Dadi;pragya beta…
Aaliya;bhabhi bhabi
Pragya was in a state of unconscious and was smiling seeing abhi safe.Abhi was standing there with shock without knowing what happened few minutes back.
Purab;dhi dhi..(crying)abhi abhi
Abhi comes back to sense and shouts fuggi
Everyone were shocked and pragya smiled with tears hearing that name.Thinking in her funeral it will be written loving memory of fuggi made her chuckle lightly.
Abhi comes to her and pats her cheek;fuggi look at me don’t close your eyes
Pragya was smiling .
Abhi(shouts)purab get the car.
Purab rushed.
Pragya condition was getting worse and she starts to speak
Pragya(breathing heavily)aRe you safe?/
Abhi was shocked and nodded with tears.
Purab gets the car and abhi lifts pragya in his arms and sits at the back with pragya’s head in his lap.Purab and aaliya were sitting in the front seat while purab was driving.
Pragya(breathing heavily,talking with difficulty);When you call me fuggi i feel so good.dO you remember you said before accident that we are not destined to love oh how can you remember i forgot(breathes heavily)

Abhi;just shut up.Dont speak
Pragya;Let me speak.I have very less time
Abhi;shut up nothing will happen to you

Pragya;Do you think if i wont speak i will be alive.My time is over.You were right we were destined to love but not destined to live together.But i am happy that i am dying while saving you.Promise me you will stay happily,take care of dadi(she was speaking with difficulty)
Abhi;shut up fuggi nothing will happen to you(crying)
Pragya;I am very happy today to see your care and concern towards me.As the time we got married you were only hating me,but i developed feeling towards you and we became friends.But you were trying to send me out of your life and now i am going permenently.But when i got kidnapped you took a bullett for me and we both loved each other.i Never saw your concern but now i am seeing.Promise me you will get married to someone and live happily.
Abhi;shut up please stay quite.

Purab and aliya were crying listening to their conversation.
Pragya;I know no one will love you like me but stay happily(breathes heavily)I love you abhi(closes her eyes)
Abhi gets panic seeing her closing her eyes and calls her fuggi fuggi.
By that time they reached hospital.
ABhi lifts pragya in his arms and rushes inside calling doctor doctor.

Doctor comes and rushes her inside icu.
Abhi was sitting there with blood on his shirt and crying.Everyone were crying
Abhi gets up and goes towards temple.
Abhi;why do you do this to me??Why you cant see me happy.You already killed my parents now you want to kill fuggi.You want to take revenge take rvenge from me pls pls send her back to me.She believes you so much pls dont do this to her(cries hardly)
Purab aaliya comes there and gets sad seeing abhi.

Purab comes and keeps his hand on abhi shoulder.
Abhi;see purab that is why i don’t believe him.
Purab;doctor is calling
They rushed towards doctor room.
Abhi;How is she?
Doctor;sorry to say abhi.But she is in a critical condition.They are very less chances of her being alive.
Abhi got angry and grabbed his collar;what do you mean by that.You are a doctor go and save her.blo*dy helll
Doctor;we tried our level best but she is not responding towards treatment.Now only god can save her.

saying this doctor left
All started crying.Abhi got up and wiped his tears
Abhi;nothing will happen to her.She can’t leave me and started walking towards her room.
Screen freezes
Let’s see what happens to pragya.
Note;i know injured person can’t talk like that but just to show some emotions i wrote it.
Take care

Moni di belated happy wala birthday.Extremely sorry wishing you late.

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