Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 6

Hiii frnds hope u liked prev epi if its boring pls let me know coz thr are very less comments nowdays may be all r busy..also many ffs are not being updated nwdays.i jst miss the ffs of tina akshaya maya akka surbhi dii varsha hateera haritha karthika and many more….sry if i missed anyone.so i hope many r havng exams and classes.but anyway thank u fr those who comment daily.Iam really happy.Specially sandhya and varsha iam really happy wen u cal me as dii..coz i love to hve sissies be elder or younger…i got elder sissies like maya tisha sowmiya diii and nw u all are younger sissiees really happy☺love u darlings????nw enough of my bak baks lets get into the story?

Evryone as usual came to clg and classes were gng on.In the midst of class a circular came.the teacher read it and announced tat”thr wil be culturals fr 4 days and those who r interested can participate.the details of competitions and programs are displayed on the notice board”.evryone were very happy and shouted.they all frgt tat it was tat kadoos mam giraffe’s class.As she gave a death glare they stopped shouting.
Mam:look here dnt become over excited.tis class is very poor in academics tan othr classes so iam not gng to allow anyobe to get ods and participate in it understood??
All in chorus”but mam….”

Mam:no ifs and buts keep quiet.
Though they requested a lot she dnt allow.so unable to convince her they became sad and left. The classes were ovr and mam went out.
Abhi:Oooo..iam really happy we can escape frm these boring classes due to culturals fr 4 days..
Ta:hey idiot dnt hear wat she said…no ods…no culturals…no enjoyment
Abhi:arey dnt wry she ll say like tat oly i ll take care
Pra:but hw s tat possible tat giraffe wil eat us..
Abhi:arey iam saying na leave it to me i ll take care of it..
Ta:watevr do something but i need od..
Pra:yes me too..
Abhi:arey dnt wry i ll be back soon wait…

Saying so he left somewhere. Ten he came back aftr 15 mins.
Abhi:hey ladies and gentleman…look at me..
Evryone were surprised to see od form on his hand.
Ta:hey abhi hw did u do it man..
Abhi:tats abhi the rockstar…
Pra:rockstar..u r not yet a rockstar..ok nw stop ur appreciation and say hw did u get tat
Abhi:arey meri pagali chashmish…u knw na evry woman has a proudness over her beauty hw much evr strict she may be…so i jst praised her beauty and said tat we all wil praise her in competition too…tats it tat girafee accepted..
Evryone lauhed out and praised him.
Pra:hmmm..shld accept u also hve some brain..by the way u r sitting wit me na ten ur brain shld wrk atleast tis much na..
Abhi:wat…hmm ok ok nw i spare u nw lets not waste time lets get od and enjoy bfre tat giraffe changes her mind..come on

Evryone rushed and got od and started enjoying.

Abhigya and takhil decided to participate in dance. Purbul participated in debate abd aliya vijay participated in painting competition.All arrangements were gng on in full swing.But our riya was getting irritated to hear tat abhigya are gng to dance togethr.she decided to do somethng.

It was jst 5 days left fr culturals.Pragya used to go daily to abhi house to practice dance.By tat she got attached to abhi’s dadi.Dadi loved her a lot and wished to get a bahu like her.Abhi and pragya practised well.during whole practice pragya felt very happy and comfortable wit him.On the last day of dance pragya felt sad tat it ended so soon.Abhi too felt strange tat he wanted pragya to be at his house always.Wen she goes thr she not oly goes fr rehearsals she used to abhi’s dadi in household works,make coffee fr all and many more.Abhi was jst addicted to her coffee.

The day of culturals arrived.Evryone were very tensed.The programs and competitions started.Aliya and vijay made a painting based on friendship and they won the second prize.Purbul also won the debate in first place (we all know hw much talkative bulbul is hey na?)
Nw it was time oly fr the dance prgrms to be conducted.Abhigya and takhil were very tensed.Thr was oly 1/2 hour left fr the performance.
Pragya was sitting nervously in dressing room.At tat time riya came thr and said her tat abhi cald her as he has to discuss somethng important.Pragya got panicked and rushed without thinking abt anythng. Wen she was rushing she slipped on the oil spilt on the floor and fell down.Abhi was standing at some distance.wen he heard her shouting he turned and saw her and rushed towards her.
Abhi:hey chashmish wat hapnd are u ok hw did u fall down?
Pra:aaawww its paining abhishek u stop asking ques and frst help me to get up.
She was not able to get up.so abhi lifted her in arms.she was glaring at him lovingly.(indha ranagalathulayum oru kilukilupu?)
He carried her to the dressing room.Riya was fuming seeing him carrying her.meanwhile takhil and othrs came thr.
Bul:dii wat hpnd to u dii hw did u fall are u alryt?

Pra:iam alryt bulbul…dnt wry
Abhi:wat alryt..see u cld not evn stand..idiot u r wearing chashma na..cant u see while walking..
Pragya was afraid by his shouting.She said like a kid”y r u shouting abhishek…iam suffering in pain and u instead of caring scolding me ma..”abhi was moved.
Abhi:arey pagal…iam sry but u kbw hw much i was tensed…frst y u came thr i told u be in room oly na..
Pra:arey u oly cald me na so oly i came
Abhi:wen did i cal u..
Pra:tis riya oly told tat u cald me urgently so oly i rushed…
Abhi:riya wats tis wen i cald her..

Riya:abhi i dnt tel her..pragya are u mad wen i came here.?
Pra:wat riya dnt play u oly cane and told tat he cald me na..
Riya:pragya surely u hve become mad due to competition tension.
Tanu undrstood tat it was riya’s plan.
Ta:accha leave it nw thr s oly 15 mins fr competition think abt it..
Abhi:wat s thr to think in it…cant u see she cant walk tats it we ll not dance..
Ta:wat but u practised very hard na..

Abhi:so wat tanu dance is not important fr me tan her..ok?
Pragya was touched by his concern but felt sad tat coz of her they cant dance.Abhi noticed it and made an idea.he shared wit evryone.evryone loved it.(actually here riya was not thr.she became happy tat they cant dance and went away so she does not know tge plan)
So they all decided to rock the stage and started.Takhil frst danced on tum hi ho…romantically and got many applause.Nw it was abhigya’s turn.Their name was announced.Evryone were eagerly watchng the stage.It was fully dark.The judges also very curious……

I think u all also can wait curiously till tmrw??but i ll update tmrw soon.and pls comment on today’s epi if u like it or not.love u all bye??

Precap:”i hve not seen such a cheap girl like u..u wil surely pay fr it”

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  1. super, nice n lovely epi yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Thank u di and mukund bro☺

  2. This is very bad u made me wait for ur ff tomorrow u should upload fast otherwise I itself eat my brain by thinking and it was awesome I loved it

    1. Thank u dear wil update soon??

  3. Nice ?????

  4. Nice. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  5. super….

    1. Thank u sandy bhoomi and sugan???

  6. So so sooo lovely di n its awesome di but u made us wait to know wht is abhi’s plan,this is not fair.pls update nxt epi soon di.i too love to have di,i am happy to have u di.

    1. Thank u so much darlu love u tooo loads take care ma stay blessed???

  7. superbb yar …………………plz don’t think that we r boring ……….it’s very intersting…………..

  8. Very nice and super episode..keep going dear..

    1. Thank u nannu arshi shriti shreera???

  9. hey do you like to spend some days on a bed in hosptl… if you say this ff is booring again i wont spare you… and i swear i ll drag you to mental hospital
    . hahaha
    . superb epi yaar.. really interesting

    1. Omg sry tina dear sure hereaftr i wnt ask if its boring dnt send me to mental hospital??thank u dear love u???

  10. Really superb yaar I loved today’s episode thn I’m eagerly waiting for next part…. If possible update today itself plzzzzz yaar….

    1. Thank u yagya and durga???

  11. srrrryyyyy dr i was not able to comment on last two epiiiii but i read it………todays epiii s awesomeeee dr……nd im frm tamilnadu……….wating fr te nxt epiiiiiiii update soooooon dr…………….

    1. Thank u krishna darling wil update soon love u???

  12. Nee eppa parthalum ippadi solura…hmm i think u are influenced by me ah…haha naan thaan athikathi pls tell me if it boringnu solluven ??? its such an lovely story that u are writing pls continue!!?? and ya sorry for not replying frequently!?? but i really do read urs when i am free…???????

    1. Haha akka yes i think i hve been influencd by u by tge way u r my sissy na so same to same??thank u akka and dnt feel sry its ok happy tat u read love u akka???

  13. Guess tanu says dat to riya in precap…..it was an splendid episode

    1. Thank u dear???

  14. Superb

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