Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 6)


The episode starts with abhi in storeroom. looking at the photos of him and pragya.(all the photos of him and pragya that were there in the bedroom)chashmish!!!
And looks at their marriage pic.
Abhi;chashmish??what is chashmish.AM I MArried??Is chashmish my wife??
Abhi was behaving very weirdly with everyone.When anyone tried to ask any question he used to answer hmmm absent mindedly or shout at them.
Pragya;abhishek.Everyhing is ready for the concert.Do you want to reharse one time or directly perform.

Abhi was silent.
Pragya;abhishek…abhishek..and hits on his shoulder
ABHI;(come back to his senses);ha chashmish.
Pragya;what ha.i am talking to you for the past 10 mns and you are silent.
Abhi;oh nothing.No need of any reharsel.We will perform dirctly(walks towards changing room)
Pragya;what happened to him?why is he behaving weird.
Screen shifts;
Tanu(talking on phone);nikhil our plan is working na.
Nikhil;hmm ya i have made all the arrangements.
TANU(herself);Mr abhishek prem mehra.If you are not mine.I will make sure no one gets you.If i can’t get your money and can’t live a lavish life.I will make sure no one gets it.This is your last day.(smiles wickedly)


The whole day was spent in managing concert work,having but abhi the rockstar was silent and was behaving very weird.
Purab;abhi are you ok.I mean your are very silent and behaving very weird.
Abhi;ya purab.Just worried about the concert as pragya and me are singing together first time((lied)
Purab;(LAUghs)common abhi you are silent.We are worrying for you.Don’t worry man pragya di and you are going to rock it.

Abhi(smiles hesitantly);Hope so.
Purab;chalo bhai lets leave or else we will be late
Abhi;hmm chalo
In aaliya’s room
Pragya;aaliya i am very scared.Abhi is behaving very weird and not at all talking with me jovially.And this concert.
Aaliya;bhabhi don’t worry.bHAi is little bit worried about concert so he is behaving like that purab informed me just now.He talked with bhai.

Pragya;can i ask you one thing??
Aaliya;ya bhabhi
Pragya;do you still love purab?
Aaliya smile vanished from her face and was looking down
Pragya;if you want i can talk with him and make him agree to your marriage
Aaliya;no bhabhi i don’t deserve him.I love purab and will always love him but he is not my obsession anymore bhabhi.You and bhai may make him agree but we both cant be happy as his happiness is with bulbul and i dont want to lose my best friend bhabi.
Pragya;then what about you?
Aaliya(smiles);me i am very happy bhabhi;i GOT my best friend,bhai,bhabhi,dadi evryonr happy and i wont marry anyone bhabhi.As this is the punishment i am giving to myself for my past doings.yoU may forgive me but i can never forgive myself for what i ahve done to purab i just snatched his happiness and the same thing should happen with me
purab is not getting wife love so i should never get husband love.
Pragya;no aaliya
Aaliya(interrupts her);bhabhi pls dont pacify me and i am not going to change my decision.
Tanu comes and aaliya sees her.
Aaliya;what the hell are you doing here??get out before i kick you you may be in this house but not for more days.
Pragya was confused and about to say something but aaliya gestures towards tanu and walks out of the room.
Tanu;What happened aliya?
Aaliya;nothing tanu.By the way why did you come here?
Tanu;aaliya me and nikhil made a fantastic plan.

TANU;sorry aaliya for not informing you.You will get to know once it is sucessful.Ok bye
Aaliya;what is she doing??Should i inform anyone no no all are happy.I should keep an eye on that tanu.God pls save bhai and bhabi you can do whatever you want to do with me.
Abhi was dazzling in his usual rockstar style and pragya was wearing jeans.shirt and was looking cool and happening.
Abhi;all the best chashmish.WE are going to rock it.
Pragya;hope so i am very nervous

Abhi;don’t worry i am always with you(places his arm on her shoulder)
Pragya;wait abhishek(hugs hm)thanks for always supporting me.
Abhi(hugs her back)come let’s leave
Abhi and pragya come on the stage.
Abhi;Hello everyone.Abhi the rockstar is back(crowd shouts)So today for the first time i am going to sing a duet let’s rock it(crowd shouts)
Abhi and pragya sing soch na sake together.

Abhi;You like it(crowd shouts once more)
Screen shifts;
Tanu;Everything set right?
Person;yes mam.The pillar will fall down on time.
Tanu:good now get lost from here.You will get your money in your account.
TAnu;now who will save you rockstar abhi
screen freezes.
I know very boring????What to do my useless brain gets useless ideas.
Ok guys i have a news.Don’t know whether it is good or not but i am saying this.
I am going to end this ff on 30 august as a gift to moni di.Thank you so much for supporting me.Actually i thought of writing one shot but it became 10 shot???.
I am going to read all the stories but i won’t be able to comment.Please forgive me for this.
I am going to miss all of you._?????
Take care

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  1. Monesha

    Hey idiot darlu if you end this ff my birthday will be ruined don’t do this. you are giving punishment to me. who said to end this. I don’t want your gift take it yourself. I will kill you choti. Don’t end this this is very very bad news. Go don’t talk with me. I am really angry on you. This is not my gift this is punishment for me. I am not accepting your gift. I just want this ff to continue. See i will cry. I am really very very very angry on you. Don’t to this to me plz……

    1. Monesha

      I am ending my ff bcoz i can’t upload that but for you what you can take long time to upload but don’t do this. I will kill you.

  2. Nice episode yaar…

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  6. Saranya24

    Hw dare u say tis as boring seriously wen i was readng i was thinkng hw tis grl thinks so aliya character was superb darlu loved it dnt evr say so???????and ending tis hw can u think so no no u shld not do tat pls its a request no no order frm ur diii ok???????love u loads????


    Hey suha… what’s this yaar … it’s really too bad… you must give an another gift to monesha..if you really wish to give her a special gift.. then just start a new ff… if you end this one.. I will kill u… you don’t knew how bad I am.. so keep in mind.. don’t ever tried to tell like this..

  8. Reshma Pradeep


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  12. Suhani dear…episode is Superb…but plz don’t end this ff..plz it’s so interesting and nice..plx dear…I’m not forcing u..just think about this..dear…

  13. Ho suhani plz don’t end this it’s not boring I love the way you describe things like as you doing it to s person

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