Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 5


Hiii guys i thought to upload nxt epi early as i made u to wait fr two days?nw lets go to the story?

All classes were gng on and pragya was enjoying abhi’s company.It was lunch time.Everyone went to canteen.Bulbul,aliya purab and vijay also came thr.Aliya and vijay were keep on talkng.Evryone noticed them.
Pra:hmmm so here someone does not care abt us..
Abhi:yes not evn talkng to brother…
Aliya:diii bhai dnt tease me we were jst talkng simply oly…
Bul:ohh simply…dii u knw today fully in class they both were like tis oly me and purab felt very bored but they dnt mind us..
Pur:yes diii and u knw today she dnt sit wit bulbul she sat wit him oly…
Aliya:hey wat u both r complaining to diii and bhai ….huh? Hey vj see na they r teasing us…
Pra:wat vj….?
Aliya:vo….diii i cal him like tat…
She blushed.
Pra:ohhh..pet name…ok ok..
Bul:see na purab she dnt evn tel us…anyway nice name vj…
Aliya:hey bulbul no oly i wil cal like tat…
Bul:ohhh…ok ok madam i wnt cal…haha
Abhi:hey choti u frgt ah ur bhai is here oly…bfre me itself u r romancing huhh?
Aliya:bhai dnt blabber somrthng he s my frnd tats it..
She said and bent down and smiled.Then evryone said in chorus”ohhh frnd…ok ok”
Evryone started laughing and were hvng chitchat.tanu and nikhil went to get their foods.At tat time pragya and abhi remembered their plan and shared wit othrs.evryone thought to execute it.Tanu came and sat.Nikhil was buying his food.
Pra:Tanu u knw one thng in nikhil house tgey r planning fr his marriage earlier.Since thr is oly 6 months left to complete our studies immediately aftr tat tgey r gng to get him married.It seems tat nikhil also has accepted.Tanu was hell shocked.She jst had tears in her eyes.At tat time nikhil came and sat near her.He was talkng somethng but realised tat she was not listening and shook her.She remained silent fr a while and ten broke down to tears.Nikhil was not able to undrstand.othrs were laughing silently.

Nik:hey tanu wat hpnd y r u crying…tel me its really giving me tension tel me na wat hpnd…pragya wat hpnd to her?
Pragya dnt kbw wat to answer.she was blinking.Abhi laughed at her.
Ta:y r u askng her u ans me….hw could u do tis to me i dnt expect tis frm u…
She was keep on crying.Nikhil looked on cluelessly.
Nik:me …marriage….wat r u saying?
Ta:dnt act i knw evrythng…
Nikhil ws not able to undrstnd wat was hapning.But he loved the way she cried fr him.
Nik:ok but y r u crying if iam gng to marry…
He askd in a teasing manner.Tanu dnt kbw wat to ans.he kept on askng.she ten shouted.
Ta:coz i love u idiot…
Saying tis again she started crying.Nikhil was very happy.He hugged her immediately and said”love u too white rat”
They were lost in each othr.Then suddenly they heard othrs clapping.they came back to senses but remained puzzled.
Nik:but tanu who told u tat iam gng to marry?
Ta:pragya oly told…
Nik:wat pragya y u said so iam not gbg to marry anyone..
Ta:wat u r not gng to marry…hey pragya idiot wats tis…
Pragya blinked and ten said”vo…abhishek oky told me..”
Abhi was shocked.
Abhi:wat me….no no no i dnt say anythng tis was all her plan…
Pragya kept her hand on head and thought”ohhh god tis buddhu blabbered evrythng nw iam gng to get nicely frm tanu”
Ta:acchha so tis was all ur plan huhh i wont leave u today…
She started beating her.
Pra:tanu tanu jst a minute yaar….see nw coz of my plan oly u both confessed na..
Tanu stared and said”tis time iam leavng u but hereaftr if u do stupid plans like tis i ll kill u”
Pra:haha…ok ok nw lets hve lunch and go to class..its late
Ta:hmmm ok
Evryone had their lunch and went to class.Wen tanu came to sit wit pragya abhi interrupted.
Abhi:hey tanu…i ll sit here
Ta:wat u here but tis pragya is a book worm u cant sleep..
Abhi:ten wat abt ur beloved nikhil…he too the same..but u knw wat my chashmish changed a lot…she made me to sleep on her shoulder during all the periods she dnt scold..
Ta:wat..hw dare u r pragya u wnt allow me to sleep u r allowing alone…
Pra:arey leave it na…
Abhi:hey white rat…leave it u go and sit wit nikhil…moreovr u two are new couples today na…he said and winked at her.
Tanu blushed and beat him and went and sat wit nikhil.As usual classes went on.

At evng wen evrybody were leavng home pragya was abt to get into abhi car but someone cald her at back.she turned and saw suresh her old friend.they met aftr a long time.so pragya went and hugged him.Abhi saw tis and fumed in anger.bulbul jst greeted suresh and came back and stood wit abhi.
Abhi:hey bulbul who is tis chimpanzee..
Bul:chimpanzeee…haha bhai he s diii’s old friend..but i dnt like him…
Abhi smiled and askd”wat u dnt like him anyway tats gud coz i too dnt like him..see hw he s holding her hand while talknig”
Bul:wat bhai…jealous…?
Abhi:me y shld i be jealous idiot..
But he thought inside”but she s ryt y iam feelng angry and jealous she s jst my frnd na”.ten he cald her.
Abhi:hey chashmish we r gng u r cmng or not?
Pra:two minutes abhishek…
Suresh:hey u go i ll drop her.
Abhi got very angry.
Abhi:no need i ll drop her.i ll wait.
Pragya understood tat he is jealous.
Pra:abhishek u better go it wil take time i ll cme wit him.
Abhi:i knw wat i shld do nw u r cmng or not chashmish…
Suresg:chashmish..? Hey wats tis man dnt cal like tat in public places its wrng…
Nw abhi’s anger raised to peak he was abt to shout but..
Pra:suresh tats none of ur business he s my frnd i like wen he cals me lyk tat so u dnt interfere in tis ok..?
Suresh was shocked but abhi felt very happy as she supported him.
Pra:ok suresh i ll meet u later bye

She left wit abhi.On thr way abhi was keep on glaring at her.
Abhi:u r amazing pragya i dnt expect u ll support me..tat too in frnt of ur frnd
Pra:idiot if he s my frnd ten who r u…u r oly important fr me tan him..
Abhi was touched and said”thank u so much pragya”
Pra:no thank u in frndship…and dnt cal me pragya ok…cal me chashmish oly ok??
Abhi laughed and said “ok mera pyaari chashmish”
Both ten happily rode to home.(actually in tis bulbul went wit purab and aliya went wit vijay)
Pragya reached home and she was reminscing her moments wit abhi and smiling.bulbul noticed it.
Bul:diii aapko kya hua…?y r u laughing alone tel me i ll also laugh…
Pra:vo…nothng bulbul…u sleep na
Bul:diii u were thinking abt abhi bhai oly na…?
Pra:wat….bu…bul…bulbul hw u knw?
Bul:diii yestrdqy nyt oly u shoute na tat not oly me whole flat would hve heard.i thouht not to ask u as u wil say by urself… but u dnt say…she made a pout..
Pra:oops!accha accha sry pls frgve me na
Bul:hmm ok i frgve u but diii wen r u gng to propose him..
Pra:arey i wnt propose frst let him propose
Bul:ufffo diii anyway iam happy fr u diii nw my abhi bhai gng to be my jiju…hey na
Both smiled and slept happily.

Here abhi too remembered pragya supporting him in frnt of suresh and smiled happily.

In riya house..

Riya was crying “i wnt leave u abhi i need u at cost…yes i decided i ll propose u soon
befre tat pragya snatches u away frm me and i wnt leave tat pragya too i ll make her life miserable…”saying so she smiled wickedly..

Screen freezed wit their faces.

Hope u all loved it pls support me.give ur comments so tat i could find if its interesting or boring.if its boring i ll stop it so pls comment guys anyway love u all??bye..

Precap:pragya”but hw could we do tat its not possible tat giraffe wil eat us…”abhi”arey iam thr na wait and watch..”

Credit to: Saranya

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