Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 5)


The episode starts with
Pragya;Who is the female singer?
Abhi;you know her very well
Pragya;who is she(in excited voice)

pRagya;what rubbish is this??
Abhi;arey chashmish i think you should keep chashma even for your ears(teasing tone)
Pragya;stop joking abhishek.This is not joke are you out of your mind
Abhi;common chashmish.Stop overreacting.Your voice is really good i have heard it today.
Pragya is puzzled.
Pragya was in kitchen making juice for dadi.Abhi came there to talk to pragya regarding concert.When he hears her singing.(imagine the scene during aaliya mehendi where pragya sings a song).She was singing very melodiously.aBHi was so lost in her music that he did not go and talk to her.
Fb ends.
Abhi;you were mind blowing.You have such good voice.
Pragya;abhishek this is not joke.You are such a big rockstar.Me oppsite you
Abhi;common chashmish.You will be fine..
Pragya;no i am not going to do this(in stern voice)
Abhi thought there is only one way.
ABhi;ok fine chashmish.So i have to cancel the concert ans the sponsers will sue me .My fans wll be upset and rockstar image hmmph(in fake sad voice) and started leaving.
Pragya thought for a while and shouted sto!1
Abhi smirked and turned around.

Pragya;no i am going to do this only for you.
Abhi;thank you so much chashmish.(hugged her)
Pragya was shocked and did not hug him.
pragya;it’s ok.
ABHI;CHalo lets go to music room.
In music room;
Abhi;let’s start chashmish.
Abhi and pragya started singing and practicing together and had lots of fun.
Abhi;you were too good chashmish.
Pragya;thanks abhishek.Shall we have lunch ?i will go and cook.
Abhi;can i ask you something??(in nervous voice)
Pragya nodded.
ABhi;shall we go have lunch together outside.
Pragya thought for a while and nodded.
Abhi;get ready let’s leave.

(pRAGYa’s clothes were in guest room as she has changed her room)
Abhi wore a white shirt and jeans and was looking very handsome.pRagya wore a white saree,earrings and light makeup and put on her contact lenses.
Pragya came ot of her room and abhi was mesmerized to see her.
Abhi;you look beautiful pragya.
Pragya;pragya(puzzled)you never call me pragya
Abhi; i call you chashmish.But today you dont have your specks so how can call you/
pragya;abhishek…(laugh)lets leave

In restaurent;
Abhi was like a perfect gentlemen. and pulled out a chair and then he sat down.
Then they ordered their food.
ABhi;don’t make it too spicy.She doesn’t eat it.
Pragya was shocked as how did abhi still remember that.
Pragya;how do u know?
Abhi;I know that’s all
By the time pragya could answer the food arrived and they started having.
mAnager;Hello ladies and gentlemen.Today is a very special day for our restaurent as thr hotel completed 5 glorious years.On this special day we even have rockstar abhi with us.So we have some couples who are dancing and can we have rockstar abhi with us.
Abhi came.
Manager;so now on which girl the spotlight stops.They will get a chance of dancing with rockstar abhi

ALL GIRLS ARE VERY EXCITED AND the spotlight stops on pragya.
Abhi and pragya dance very closely with each other(sun saathiya plays in bg)(imagine the dance on bulbul-purab reception party).
Abhi paid the bill and they started going towards home.
Pragya;thanks abhishek.I enjoyed a lot.
Abhi;thanks chashmish.Even i had lots of fun.
They had lunch,roamed many places and had lots of fun.By the time they returned dadi people arrived.

Abhi and pragya came by holding each other’s hands,
aAliya;you people arrived i thought you would come tomorrow morning.(teasing tone)
Abhi and pragya blushed and left each other hands.
Abhi;bhudiya when did u come?did u torture god?
Purab;we came just now..But where did u go?
Abhi;we went to have lunch.
PUriya;oh romantic lunch(in chorus)

ABhi;just shut up!!by the way where is that witch?
Tanu came walking in holding her back.Abhigya laughed by seeing her.Her hair was messed up.
Abhi;shaitan ka namm liya aur shaitan hazir.by the way tanu i want to say one thing.There was no person assigned by me.I was just joking.
Tanu stares at him.
Purab;by the way abhi tomorrow is your concert.Everything prepared?
Abhi;hmm ya.
Purab;What about the female singer?
ABhi;chashmish will sing.
Aaliya;bhai i think you want pragya di with you all the time(teasing tone)
aBHI;OK guys enough of your talks.i should practice.Chashmish even you practice in your room.We will rock the concert.

Abhi gave a side hug to pragya and started walking towards his room.
In abhi’s room;
ABhi;what happened to this guitar.How did it break?now what should i do?I had one extra one in guitar.I will check it out.
He started walking towards storeroom.
Abhi;i found it.
He sees a photo.
ABhi(shocked);me and chashmish.
Photo;Abhigya marriage pic.
I know i am late.Sorry about that.
Take care

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