Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 4


Hiii frnds really vry sry fr the late update i was very stressed due to my exam so oly i was not able update hope u all wil frgve me herraftr i ll update regularly☺ok nw back to the story?

Evryone go to their homes frm clg.pragya and bulbul were very tired so they went to sleep.abhi and aliya were watching tv.abhi felt bored as the movie was boring.so he cald pragya.she saw his call and cut it.he ws not able to undrstand y she cut the cal.so he txtd her.
Abhi:hey chashmish☺
Abhi:hey wat hpnd r u angry but y?
Pra:u told u wil push me in lorry na ten y ru txtng nw u dnt need me na ten go dnt txt me??
Abhi:arey pagal u r still angry fr tat?
Pra:pagal..me?nw really dnt talk to me?
Abhi:arey sry na frgive me baby?
Pra:no means no u dnt need me na go dnt talk wit me?
Abhi:hey sweety do u really think i dnt need u?
Pragya was moved by his wrds especially wen he cald sweety she felt happy.
Pra:dnt butter me nw ok?
Abhi:arey pls ma my sweety na my pyaari chashmish na pls pls pls..did u frgt hw i was panicked wen riya beat u?
Pragya laughed.she was really touched
Pra:hey dramebaaz enough enough i knw hw much u lyk me i was jst playing ?
Abhi:wat…anyway happy tat u r not angry my pyaari chashmish love u..??
Pragya was shocked wen he said love u but dnt knw y she felt happy.abhi too then realised wat he said and thought”oops wat hve i said actually tgr s nthng wrng in it but dnt knw wat she ll think”
Pra:hmmm ok☺

Ten he cald her.they both were talkng fr a long time.pragya was continuously getng cal frm tanu.
Pra:hey tis tanu s keep on calng me i ll talk to u tmrw bye
Abhi:yes tis nikhil also calng frm a long time.dnt y these shaitans r disturbng.bye
Pra:arey enough cut the call
Abhi laughed and cut tge call.
Tanu:hw much times iam clng u whom were u talkng wit?
Pra:arey allow me to speak…i was speakng wit abhishek..nw tel me y u cald
Pra:wat nthng…fr tis u shouted tis much idiot..
Ta:no no vo….i want to tel u one thng ..abt nikhil
Pra:nikhil…?ok tel me wat
Ta:vo…i dnt knw y but nwdays iam felng gud wit him…i love his company…i feel comfrtable wit him…
Wen tanu was telng tis pragya was reminscing her moments wit abhi and laughing.
Ta:hello are u thr?
Pra:yes yes….so my sweetu is in love….huh??
Tanu blushed and said”idnt knw but i think so”
Pra:hmmm iam so happy fr u dear.
Ta:but prags i dnt knw if he likes me or not
Pra:dnt wry dead we ll find tat..
Ta:thank u so much….
Pra:no thanks bw frnds.
Ta:ok ok
Pra:ok tanu i feel sleepy i ll talk to u tmrw bye
Ta:ohh i see u dnt feel sleept u were talkng tat mych time wit abhi but nw u r feelng sleepy huh??
Pragya laughed and acted like thr was no signal.
Pra:hello …hello tanu i cant hear u
Ta:hey drama quuen dnt overact i ll cut the call ok…gud nyt bye.
Pra:haha ok gud nyt bye.
Here nikhil also was talkng the same wit abhi.they both decided to find if tanu loves him or not.

Aftr keepng the phone pragya remembrd tanu’s feelngs abt nikhil and thought abt abhi.
Pra:wats tis y am i thinking abt him…am i in love….
She thouht fr a while and then said”yes iam in love…iam in love wit tat buddhu…..”she shouted.Bulbuk who was sleeping got up and shouted”diii r u mad till nw u were disturbng my sleep by talkng in phone nw u r shouting like mad at 12 o clk wat hpnd to u dii”
Pra:oops!sry dear u sleep sleep…she patted her head
Pra:hmmm so iam in love but i wnt cobfess frst let him tel frst if he loves me
Ten she too slept wit the thoughts of abhi.

Nxt mrng as usual evryone got ready fr clg.abhi picked up bulbul and pragya.In car pragya was continuously looking at him wit a smile.abhi noticed it and askd as wat.she nodded as nthng and turned away blushing.abhi smiled and left.

In clg as tanu and nikhil hve not yet arrived abhi came and sat near pragya.she felt shy and happy.
Abhi:hey chashmish u knw one thng..
He noticed tat she was not listening abd waved his hands befre her.she came back to senses.
Pra:haan tel me..
Abhi:wat tel me where r u lost?
Pra:nthng u tel.
Abhi:u knw nikhik loves tanu
Pra:wat….hey tanu too loves him…yestrday oly she said to me
Abhi:ohh..tats gud ten let me tell him.
Pra:arey no no lets make them confess..
Abhi:nice but hw.
Pragya shares a plan but its muted.
Abhi:hey chashmish u r really a great love guru…awesome idea yaar
Saying tis he hugged her.she was shocked by his sudden hug but felt happy.Abhi too felt strange but happy.Riya noticed it and fumed in angr.Abhi saw her reaction and purposely hugged her tight.They were enjoying tis lovable moment until it was disturbed by the lecturer who came to cls.pragya broke the hug and cursed the lecturer inside.As the classes began nikhil and tanu came late and went to last bench and sat.both felt happy to sit togethr.As the classes were gng abhi as usual felt sleepy and rested his head on pragya shoulder.pragya smiled and caressed his hair.
Abhi:arey chashmish wat a miracle u dnt scold me fr sleepng..
Pra:no i wnt scold u lie down..
Abhi:wow wat a miracle…anyway i like tis change..else i hve to bear tis boring cls.
Pragya smiled.

Screen freezes on both their smiling faces and riya’s angry face.

Hope u all love tis epi guys.keep supporting.love u all.bye??☺

Precap:tanu shouts”hw could u do like tis to me?”.Nikhil looks on cluelessly.

Credit to: Saranya

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