Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 3

Hii frnds thank u fr ur comments but thr are oly less comments if u feel tis as boring pls tel me i ll stop tis ff?and i also miss othr ffs tina dear y u dnt update love frm sky and akshaya u too dnt update love of two poles i really miss these ffs?i love othr ffs too but tis two has not been updated since long time so oly i said pls update soon yaar☺and i hve replied fr u all in comments nw back to the story….

Abhi & pragya left to canteen.thr othrs were waiting fr them.As they entrd they noticed aliya and purab arguing.
Aliya:purab iam saying na its not like tat
Purab:no alu u r doing like tat oly
Tanu bulbul and nikhil were irkd on their fight.abhi & pragya came and sat thr.
Pra:arey arey both of u stop it y r u fighting like tis?wats the prblm?
Abhi:yes purab wats tis y r u fighting wit my choti?
Purab:oye abhi u dnt support ur choti she oly not obeying my words
Aliya:i dnt do anything u oly..
Pra:chup…both of u shut up frst tel wats the prblm
Purab:diii u na thr is a boy vijay in our cls he likes to be frnd of her but she s not at all talking properly to him he feels very bad dii
Aliya:diii i knw he s a nice person but dnt knw y i dnt like to become his frnd or best frnd…
Pra:arey fr tis u both were fighting look purab its her wish to talk or not but aliya its not gud to hurt someone so u think of it decide ok?
Aliya:ok diii thank u
Pragya smiled and turned towards abhi.he was listening music in headphones.she got irkd and pulled it.
Pra:hey buddhu they r fighting here u r enjoying y cant u say something?
Abhi:arey wen i heard abt their silly reason itself i plugged on to my headphones abd moreover wen u r thr to give long boring lectures y shld i talk…
Pragya stared and turned away.
Tanu:ohh no nw u dnt start ur fight we r really hungry come lets go and order some food pls
Eveybody went and came back wit their plates.evryday thr wil be some sweet served in their canteen tat day it was gulab jamun.pragya was keeping an eye on abhi as he wil steal her gulab jamun always.abhi noticed it smiled wickedly.wen pragya was abt to eat hers abhi quickly let his face inside and grabbed inside his mouth.pragya was shocked by his behaviour and started beating him.evryone were laughing at them.aftr sometime sge stopped beating and started to eat.tat time abhi came and held his gulab jamun near her mouth like feeding.she smiled and had it.ten she was keep on staring abhi lovingly wen eating.abhi noticed it.
Abhi:hey chashmish i gave ur sweet na ten y r u staring like tis turn idiot othrwise my stomach wil pain..
Pragya laughed at him and said “ok ok i ll turn but y r u eating so hurriedly so hw much u hve spilt”saying so she searched tissue to wipe but she did not find tissue.abhi immediately took her duppatta end and wiped his mouth.she jst smiled and left him.here othrs were surprised bu their behaviour.

Tanu:arey nw oly they were fighting nw see hw close they r i told u na thr is some strange connection bw them
Purab:u r right tanu we must find it soon and if our doubt is crct na it wil be so nice to see them togethr.
Nikhil:ryt purab
Evryone ten finished their lunch and went back to classes.aftrnoon classes got ovr and they all started to their home.Always abhi pragya alia bulbul wil go togethr in abhis car.purab and vijay wil go togethr as their house was nearby.tanu and nikhil go togethr.They hve parked their cars at some distance frm clg so they were chatting and walking thr.abhi pragya tanu nikhil were chatting and gng frnt.purab bulbul aliya vijay were cmng back.as thr was no traffic alia was walking in yhe middle of the road happily chatting.suddenly a lorry was cmng frm back alia did not notice tat she was talking wit bulbul.vijay who noticed it got panicked and rushed towards her and pushed her.they both fell aside but were not hurt.
They got up immediately evryone rushed towards them.
Abhi:aliya r u ok nthng hapnd to u na?
Aliya:nthng bhai iam alright.
Pra:ok u cme and sit here drink some water.
Aliya:dii dnt wry iam alright.

Wen evryone were tensed like tis they noticed purbul missing.then they saw them lying on the road and havng eyelock.(actually wen vijay went to save aliya he pushed bulbul by mistake she fell on purab and they both fell down havng an eyelock)
Evryone laughed at them.abhi went near them.
Abhi:purab…my dear purab
Purab without taking his eyes frm bulbul said”hmmm”
Abhi:wat r u doing my darlng
Purab:hmmm nthng
Abhi:nthng ah hey buddhu uto if u keep lying like tis nxt lorry wil run over u both oly..
Purbul ten realised and came back to senses.they got up and went to aliya.
Bulbul:aliya r u alright?
Aliya:wow u remember me ? Ur romance over ah?
Bulbul:arey sry yaar and thr s no romance and all like u we too fell down
Aliya:ohh wat fr half an hour..u dnt hve any concern fr ur frnd if vijay was not thr wat would hve hapnd..
She ten realised wat she said and bent down.vijay was staring her lovingly abd smiling.Evryone noticed it and teased tem.
Purab:hmm ok nw lets all go alia wil come wit vijay….
Evryone chorusly said yes and started walking.Alia headed to get up but she was not able to stand.she lost balancrle.wen she was abt to fall vijay held her.they had an eyelock.then they started walking wit vijay holding her hands.
Alia:vo…thank u so much
Vj:no sry and tganks in frndship.
Alia smiled and said”sry fr not talking properly tis much days”.
Vj:jst nw i said no sry
Alia smiled and said”ok ok i wnt friends….”she forwarded her hand.vijay too forward his hand and smiled.both started walking to reach othrs.
Here abhi and pragya were talking.
Pra:buddhu hw nice na vijay is…
Pra:hey buddhu if i were at alia place wil u save me like tis?
Abhi was shocked and said”hey chashmish dnt talk like tis yaar”
Pra:u tel na buddhu
Abhi:accha listen if anytime u r in prblm like tis and if iam wit u….
Saying so held her closer.pragya was staring him lovingly and expecting his ans.
Abhi:if i was wit u….he then came closer to her ears.pragya closed her eyes.he ten shouted..
Abhi:i ll frst check if u r standing crctly if not i ll make u stand straight to tat lorry and i ll run away…
He laughed harder and ran frm thr.pragya got irkd and starting chasing him.
Pra:hey idiot wait i wnt leave u today.
Abhi:u cant catch me chashmish…
Both started running.Othrs were laughing at them….

Tats it guys.hope u all enjoyed tis epi.keep supporting.if its boring pls tel me.love u all bye??☺

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  1. Wow awesome! epi di!.i just laughed while reading it,i enjoyed a lot n its not at all boring n don’t ever think like that.

    1. Thank u dear☺

  2. just laughed a lot while reading. ………superb episode….
    love it

    1. Thank u emmy☺

  3. saro epi epdi irukunu solla varthaye illa. abhigya bonding is really superb. funny epi.
    no 1 funny of the epi – gulab jaamun.
    no 2 funny of the epi – bul alia kita r u ok vanu kekura scene.
    no 3 funny of the epi – abhi prag ah lorry munnadi nika vepenu sonnadu.
    hey just for fun only i ranked it. if u felt hurt then i’ll stop this ranking.

    1. Its ok darlu thank u fr loving it love u??

  4. Superbbbbbb and sooooooo funny yaar……….I love it ………

    1. Thank u dear☺?

  5. Ha ha ha ??

  6. superrrrrrrrrr yar I love it

  7. nice yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Superb

  9. Thank u sandy krithika di abhigya love u all?☺

  10. It super fantastic awesome no words coming from me

  11. super…

  12. Splendid is all wat I could say……somehw Alun Vijay started their bonding….ahh…tom n jerry fight in kkb ff…..hihi…abhigya really can bcme tom n jerry di………hahha…vry funny fight …also d part where abhi puts his ear phones on..was hilarious…prags scolding him…..also d lunch part was cool

    1. Thank u monisha sugan and varsha fr ur lovely comments??

  13. superb yaar.. keep rocking.. very interesting.. and this is not booring yaar..i love this.. itz just cute and simple.. wooow…

    1. Thank u dear and i missed ur ff too a lot nw aftr readng it was awesome??

  14. Its awesomeee dr ur every epii s making me smile its not at ll boring yaar its just superrrrrb watng fr te nxt epiiiii dr I just luv it……

    1. Thank u bro wil update nxt one soon☺

      1. hey yaar i’m not a boy my full name is krishna priya sry if u missunderstood.. will u accept me as ur sissy

      2. Ohh sry dear sure u r my sissy??☺

      3. Krish can i know wher r u frm coz i hve a best friend named krishnapriya my bestieee so oly i askd☺

  15. Awwww sooooooooo cute abhigya really perfect cute Jodi ty r

    1. Thank u durga☺

  16. How can u say its boring when its so lovely and interesting!!! Keep gg and its so cute! ????and sorry? for not commenting on ur prev epis once i am free i will comment regularly????

    1. Thank u so much diii??and dnt feel sry iam happy tat u read it☺and all the best fr ur exams?

      1. Sry akka i dnt knw if u hve exams but jst said?

  17. Superb

  18. Very funny ? abhigya r so nice Nice epi

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