Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 3)


Hello guys…..here is another episode…..
The episode starts with abhi in his room;
Abhi(thinking);Now how will i face her..what is she thinking about me..but i don’t understand one thing she could have pushed me,slapped me but she did not do anything.Instead she was blushing..Whatever i enjoyed that moment….Just shut up abhi
Abhi comes outside the room and goes to talk with dadi for sometime as he is bored.
Pragya;Dadi drink this soup??
Dadi;chii mujhe nahi pina(i dont want to drink)
Pragya;par kyu?(why)

Dadi;i want to eat something sweet.
Pragya;bilkul nahi.Now drink this.Pragya was feeding dadi her soup and dadi was having it like a stubborn child.
Pragya;Now have these medicines
Dadi;dekho pragya now you wont force me to have these.
Pragya;i will.If u wont have i wont come from tomorrow.
Dadi;now you are blackmailing me.AND EATS THE MEDICINES.

Pragya smiles.
Dadi;What kind of a bahu are you?All bahu’s try to impress their saas but you.
Pragya was about to say but some voice interrupts
Bahu??What bahu;abhi(confusion)
Pragya and dadi was shocked they did not know that abhi was witnessing them.
Abhi;dadi what are you saying??wHAT bahu?/
Pragya;She was saying that all bahu’s try to impress their saas.Even her bahu will try to do.
Abhi was not satisfied with her answer.
Pragya;Abhishek i have cooked dinner.Come i will serve it to u.
Abhi;ok.Chashmish what about the concert
Pragya;Purab said the arrangement are done.Sponsors want you to perform day after tomorrow.Is it fine or do you want me to postpone it??
Abhi;no it is fine.
Pragya;ok then come i will serve you dinner.

Abhi;chashmish wait.
Pragya stopped.
ABhi;why were you taking care of dadi??where is that girl?……..what is her name..hmm tanu.Where is she??
Pragya;i like to take care of dadi.That’s why i take care.Tanu i dont know where is she.
Abhi;ok bring food to my room.
Pragya nodded and went to bring food.
In abhi’s room;
Abhi(thinking);Why dadi was chashmish as her bahu??i heard it clearly??He closes his eyes and gets images of abhigya’s mariage.(some glimpses.hE DOES’nt see it clearly)
my head is paining.What the hell is happening?

By that time pragya comes inside.
Pragya;eat it.
Abhi sees the plate and starts eating.
Abhi;all are my favourites?who told you i like them??
Pragya;vo dadi told me.
Abhi;it is tasty chshmish.By the way did you eat?
Pragya;no i will have it afterwards.
Abhi;why afterwards?come we will have it?By saying this he starts feeding pragya.Pragya staring at him lovingly(allah waariyan plays in bg).Suddenly pragya starts coughing and abhi makes her drink water.
Abhi;See we both completed dinner.

ABHi;pragya i am sorry.
Pragya;sorry for what(confused)
Abhi;That kitchen.(looks down due to guilt)
Pragya;oh common.Sorry for that.I forgot that just forget it.
ABhi;but still.
Pragya;i know that i am not supermodel.I know you would not enjoy hugging a chashmish so leave it.
Abhi;no i enjoyed a lot.Actually i loved it i would like to do it everyday
Abhi realised what he said while pragya blushes.
Pragya;i will keep these plates and clean the dining hall.
Abhi;wait chashmish…….tanu tanu tanu
Tanu was sitting down after doing all the work.

Tanu;(thinking)What the hell is this??i am doing all kinds of work.aND that pragya she is enjoying with abhi.I should do something before abhi gains his memory and transfer the property.Or else i wont have any work as i am not a supermodel now.(At that time abhi calls her)Now what he wont.I swear when i get the property first i will make him work under me.She started going towards abhi’s room.

In abhi’s room;
aBHI was sitting on the couch.Pragya was sitting beside him.
Tanu;yes abhi.
Abhi;abhi what abhi?Am i your boyfriend call me sir.
Pragya smirks while tanu stares.
Tanu;yes sir.
abhi;so take these plates from pragya.Wash them properly.Set the kitchen properly.After finishing all the work eat the leftover food and sleep in the servant quarters.And ya tomorrow you should wake up by 4 as dadi,purab and aaliya are going to temple as i have recovered.As i am going to stay here as i don’t believe in god.So you should prepare everything and leave with them.
Tanu;but abhi(abhi glares)sir pragya is there na.
ABhi;pragya mam(in a stern voice)
Pragya passes a victorious smirk.

Abhi;Ya she is there.She is going to stay with me n the house.You should go and take care of dadi.Don’t think i won’t be there so i would not know i am going to send someone with you.IS that clear??
Tanu nodes and goes cursing her fate.
Abhi goes to his music room.
Pragya goes to dadi’s room.Aaliya and purab were there.
Pragya;dadi u did not say you are going to mandhir
dadi;we decided some time back
Pragya;ok i have to say something.And says about abhi and tanu conversation
All laughs.
Aaliya;she deserves it.Vaise bhabi tomorrow in that case no one is going to stay only you and bhai you can do whatever you want(teasing tone)(shares hifi with purab)
Pragya blushes.

Aaliya;where is bhai??
Pragya;He is in music room.
pURAB;ok i will go home.
Pragya;Wait purab drop me in the home.I will inform him and come.
In music room;
aBHI;WHAT is this i am not able to compose any song.In that case what will i sing??and holds his head in her hands.
pragya comes and sees him.
Pragya;Abhishek what happened??
Abhi;nothing chashmish i am not able to compose any song.
pRAGYa;ok i will help you and sends message to purab.
They both start composing song(bolna plays in bg).Finally they did it
ABHI;Thanks chashmish.
Pragya;it’s ok abhishek.i will leave now.
Abhi;chashmish wait are u mad??now the time is 12.
Pragya;it’s ok.
Abhi;shut up and come.

They both went into abhi’s room.
Abhi;you sleep on the couch.
Pragya nodes and was drinking water but that water glass fell on that couch.
Pragya;oh shit what should i do??
Abhi;it’s ok chashmish.sleep on the bed.
And pragya was walking but slips due to water and was about to fall but abhi catches her and both fall on bed(allah waariyan plays in bg).Both hug each other.
Screen freezes.
Thank you everyone for your comments.

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  1. Tisha

    Hey hey…super…suhani…’ loved ….a lot..especially abhi tanu’ s convo ..if it happens in real kkb then trp goes beyond the words…

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    Nice episode

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    Wish if d same track goes in real kkb….still v all ek….she wont do dat….anyways….it was good. ….I read all d parts of this story n it was really cool……seriously man….it was soo awesome

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    Suhani…U just Rocked yaar..Wow.. superb episode…I just loved it..waiting for next episode

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