Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 2

Hiii frnds thank u fr ur such lovely comments iam jst overwhelmed??thr was less comments ystrday may be some are busy its ok but if thr r any negative comments pls tel me i ll crct it?nw back
to the story

Abhi&pragya went to class and sat in their places.pragya and tanu were sitting in
second last bench and tanu and nikhil were sitting behind them.Both were reminscing their eyelock and feeling strange.Pragya dnt knw hw to face abhi so she did not turn
back.But abhi was continuously staring at
Riya was sitting in opp bench of abhi.she noticed abhi staring pragya and fumed in
anger.she decided to do something to
divert him.As nikhil has not yet arrived to cls abhi was sitting alone.so riya went to him and sat near him holding his hands
sideways.He was feeling irritated but did
not show it.Pragya saw it without knwng to abhi and she was feeling angry and jealous.she was keep on talkng somethng
but abhi did not listen to her he was keep
on staring pragya.Riya saw tat and got angry.She acted like taking book frm othr side of abhi and while taking tat she
purposely hit pragya in head wit the book.

Pragya shouted”ouchh”.Abhi got panicked and he pushed away riya’s hand and went to her.

Abhi:chashmish are u ok? U r not hurt na? Dnt u hve sense riya wat is tis cant u be
careful while taking the book see u hve hurt
her…he was keep on shouting.
Pra:arey abhishek nthng hpnd to me it was jst a small pain y r u shouting like tis leave
it na.
Abhi:u keep quiet u dnt knw anythng if anythng hapnd to u wat i wil do….
He then realised wat he said and told”vo…i mean wat wil hapen to us”
Pragya was really touched by his concern and was staring at him lovingly
Aftr sometime both came back to senses and abhi realised tat tis much time he was
holding her hand he left it and made an
excuse and went to his place.Riya who got nice scoldings frm him went back to her place sobbing and cursing pragya.Both
were thinking abt it and sitting wen tanu
and nikil came thr.
Tanu:arey wat hpnd y u both r very silent
Pra:vo..nthng tanu
Meanwhile lecturer came to cls and all sat back silently.

Nw lets take a look at our juniors.

Bulbul aliya and purab entrd the cls and went to their places.bulbul and aliya sat togethr while purab sat at the last bench
wit anothr boy vijay.vijay is a nice person
he used to be frndly wit evryone .purab bulbul and vijay were best frnds but aliya does not like him frm the beginning.she
knw tat he s a gud person but without any
reason she does not like him.Its not tat she hate him but she wnt talk much.But vijay like her a lot he wanted to be her best
frnd he does not knw whethr his feelngs
towards her was love but he liked her a lot.
They were all playing and chatting meanwhile the lecturer came and the
classes started.

Here classes were gng on in full swing our pragya was as usual sincerely taking
notes.tanu felt bored but sitting near
pragya she could not evn sleep coz if she sleeps and falls on pragya she ll kill her as she dnt like disturbing during classes.

Nikhil was like lady pragya he was sincerely listening cls.Abhi was so bored and sleepy he saw nikhil listening and
cursed him.

Abhi:hey buffalo hw r u listening to tis boring class man iam feeling tat much
sleepy as if she s not taking cls and she s
singing lullaby.seriously yaar i dnt feel tis much sleepy evn at nit…uff

Nikhil laughed at him and again started
listening to cls.Abhi got irkd and turned towards tanu.
Abhi:hey tanu r u listening to cls?
Tanu:no yaar i ll start crying within
sometime tis pragya also not talkng anythng she s keep on listening…?
Abhi:yes tis nikhil too…

Abhi got irkd and cald pragya.
Abhi:hey chashmish…
She did not respond.he cald again.
Abhi:shhh shhh…hey chashmish..hey idiot
bookworm….turn yaar
Pragya got irkd she turned and said “shhh”
and again started listening.
Abhi got angry and took a book and beat in
her head.pragya got angry and turned back and gave a knock on his head.abhi shouted “awwww”.He ten noticed tat the whole
class including mam was looking at him.

Mam:abhishek get up..y u shouted?
Abhi:vo…mam tis pragya beat me..
Mam:pragya get up wat is tis is tis a place to fight and play?
Abhi was mocking at her and laughing at the back.mam saw tat and said”idiot iam
scolding u and u r laughing”.whole cls
laughed at him.
Pra:mam actually he oly beat me frst..
Abhi: no mam she oly…
Pra:no mam he oly…
They continued like tis and mam shouted ” stop it both of u”
Both stopped and put their heads down.
Mam:both of u get out nw..
Pragya started to say something but befre tat abhi said “ok mam”and started leaving frm his place.Whole cls started laughing harder.Abhi ten realised wat he did and
made an oops expression running his fingers over his head.
Mam:so u r tat much eager to leave the cls
is it tat much boring?
Abhi immediately replied ” yes mam” and ten stammered “vo i mean no mam…” whole class was laughing at him.
Abhi:arey y u all are laughing often see coz
of u mam is gng to scold me…he said andmade a pout.
Mam herself laughed at his antics and
told”so if u r tatmuch eager to escape frm cls u shld not go anywhr sit down and listen”.
Pragya got happy and sat down.Abhi
murmured “ohh no”and sat sadly.ten he
thought “its ok i ll continue my sleep”and got happy tat time a voice came.
Mam:abhi dnt think u can sleep i ll ask
ques u must ans so listen carefully
Abhi:wat….but mam
Mam:no ifs and buts listen
Abhi made a pout and became sad.
Pragya turned back and made tongue out
and laughed at him.He stared at her and sat sadly.
Somehw the cls got ovr and mam left while leavng she stopped and said”abhishek today iam leavng u but tmrw i ll ask ques u must ans ok?”
Abhi:ok mam thank u.
He laughed like a kid.mam jst smiled and went away.

Abhi:hey chashmish idiot its all cozof u
Pra:wat i did u oly beat me frst
Abhi:yes but if u had accepted to go out wen she said i would hve escaped frm her boring classes na nw see as she said she wil ask ques frst time in my history i listened to cls nw i got headache uff…
Pragya laughed hard and said”its not coz of me its coz of ur funny antics mam left u and told to listen the cls”
Abhi got irkd…
Pra:ok ok nw dnt fight iam really tired cme lets go to canteen bulbul and othrs wil be waiting.
Abhi:hmmm ok cme

Both went to canteen holding their hands.Riya saw tis and fumed and said”tis s not gud pragya i wnt leave u i ll surely separate my abhi frm u”and laughed evily….

Tats it fr today guys i hope tis s a big one.sry fr wrng precap yestrday guys hope u all wil enjoy todays epi.pls comment.love u all bye..?☺

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  1. Awesome episode dear no words to say it was unbelievable I do the same at class like abhi but I am also partially like pragya book worm but I won’t listen to class I was constantly laughing while reading urs my mom asked have u gone mad y r u laughing sewing the phone but she didn’t know I am reading a wonderful story get gng waiting fr ur next update and montage is nice dear

  2. Wow pragya’s jealous over abhi n riya n abhi’s antics nice epi yaar

  3. Oooooh v.funny yes nam no mam plsss dont separate abhigya

  4. Wow super fantastic awesome I can’t control my laughing

  5. Ha ha funny ??

    1. Thank u all fr ur lovely cmnts???dnt wry i wnt separate them but thr wil be some twists

  6. Sooooooo funny………ooooo I love abhis all antics yaar…..sooooooo cute and luvly ……

  7. Really sooooooooo cute episode yaar n really abhi chanceless n sooooooooo cute he s too cute…

  8. Superb go on

    1. Thank u durga rose and tisha dii

  9. Awesome. Abhi’s antics superb. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. Thank u ☺

  10. Hilarious….hahhah….still laughing man…..

  11. saro really very sry da. ippo dan ennala cmnt panna mudinjadu…..really ur epi is super duper epi. fab n fantastic epi. ennala siripa control panna mudila teriuma? keep it up n made more smile. keep smiling

    1. vaishu maa mattum kedaiyadu en amma um edhuku losu mari sirichitu iruka nu ketanga. story la iruka emotion en kaanla teriuma adha nala en amma 2 masama enna mental nu nanaichitu irukanga. y means nan 2 months ah dan tu ku varen. one week ah kkb page ku varen.

      1. Thank u so much darlu???

  12. hahaha raelly awesomeee suprrrrbb ya saranya really i lauged a lot ya seriously very funny keep gng………… ya egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii…………….

    1. Thank u bro☺

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