Abhigya-love and destiny (Episode 2)

hello guys…..back with another boring episode….here is the episode…
The episode starts with pragya going towards abhi’s room with juice.While walking she bumps into tanu and smirks.Tanu was wearing typical maid uniform ,apron hair tied up in a bun(just imagine the so called super model tannu in maid uniform???? ……lol)

Pragya;you look beautiful tanu(sarcastic tone)(controls her laugh)
Tanu;Mind your business..just see in a few days….she was about to speak something when pragya spoke
Pragya;you will become professional maid.Super model tanu to professional maid.I was thinking now you are not being chosen as a model why don’t you continue in this profession.
Tanu;oh just shut up.I will make abhi fall in love with me and become queen of this house.
Pragya was about to speak but abhi starts screaming.
Abhi;chashmish…tanu tanu
Both of them go to abhi.Abhi slaps …………….ttanu???
Tanu was shocked and started screaming.
Tanu;what the hell??Abhi again slaps her
Abhi;Talk properly or else i will fire you from this job
Tanu was about to speak when aaliya asks what happened bhai??
Abhi;Aaliya she is here to take care of dadi.But when i saw………

Abhi was going downstairs to drink juice as pragya did not bring still now.While going he peeped into dadi’s room and was shocked to see dadi lying on the floor holding her back.
Abhi;dadi what happened??(in panic tone)
dadi;Nothing i was about to take that krishna book.But the stool moved and i fell down.
Abhi;but dadi why were you taking it.Where is that maid??
Dadi;i called her but she did not come so i thought to take it on my own.But all this happened?
Abhi;where is she?what is her name?

Abhi;she is not taking care of dadi and speaking to me in that way.
Aaliya;bhai i will personally see that she takes care of everything.
ABHI nodded and walked towards tanu and warned her if this happens again i will make sure you wont get job anywhere.By saying this he walked out calling ptagya to his oom.
Pragya went to abhi’s room while tanu walked into aaliya’s room.
In aaliya’s room;
Tanu;what the hell was that aaliya??
Aaliya;calm down tanu
Tanu;what calm down??you expect me to do all that work??
Aaliya;It is a part of my plan tanu
Aaliya;ha plan.see tanu bhai forget so you should make yourself good in front of bhai and impress him.So you should all kinds of work.
Tanu:(dumb tanu nodded and walked towards kitchen.)
aaliya(THINKING);now see tanu what will i do to u?

In abhi’s room;
Pragya was standing near the door.
Abhi;come chashmish
Pragya;abhi sir why did u call me?
Abhi;sir,common chashmish don’t be formal call me as abhi.
Pragya(shocked as she always addresses abhi as suniye but never call him by name)no sir i will address you as sir.
Pragya;you’re older than me sir.
Abhi;ok call me as bhai.
PRAgya;(started choking)no(shouts)
ABHI;what happened?i was just joking(gives her water)
Pragya;drinks water)i will call you abhishek
Abhi;ok fine.
Pragya;sir(abhi ignores)abhishek(abhi listens)why did u call me??
Abhil;oh i want to do concert as i have recovered so pls do the arrangements.
Pragya nodded and was about to leave when abhi called her.
ABhi;chashmish can i ask you something
Pragya nodded.
Abhi;are u married??

Pragya was shocked and looked herself in the mirror to make sure that the sindoor and mangalsutra are not seen.They were not seen.
Abhi was waiting for her to reply and asked again.
Pragya;(thinking)how can i say that i am married to u
Pragya was about to say but some voice interrupts.
No she is not says aaliiya.
Aaliya;why bhai you want to flirt with her(teasing tone)
Purab just walks and sees abhigya sharing an eyelock.(allah waariyan plays)
They both come back to senses and walks out of the room to arrange concert.
While going she peeps into the kitchen and bursts into laughing.Seeing her laughing everyone came downstairs and started laughing.(let’s see why are they laughing)
Tanu is trying to cook something but she had all the tomato puree on the face and masala’s on her apron.They all walked inside the kitchen.
PRAGYA;tanu let me cook.We still want to stay alive.(sarcastic tone)
Tanu;just mind your business ok.
Aaliya;oh common tanu let her do it.U still have to do another work like washing utensils,washing clothes and then taking care of dadi,cleaning everyone’s room and all the works that maid’’s do.
Tanu was shocked while aaliya smirked.
Tanu;But aaliya why should i do??where are the other servants?
Aaliya;Sorry tanu as bhai is well.All servants took leave for about 10 days.SO You are alone in the house.EVEN Robin is not going to come from tomorrow.
Tanu stomps and went to wash utensils.

Fb;Aaliya calling all the servants and giving them money and saying them to not come for work for 10 days.She will tell bhai.
Servants nodes and walks out of the house.
AALIYA comes and shares hifi with purab.
fb ends.

Pragya;why did u do this??she has to do all the work?
AALIya;No bhabi she has to know what will happen if someone messes with aaliya mehra.
Aaliya;leave about that witch.Tell what are you cooking?
Pragya;vo….i am cooking aloo paratha,paneer butter masala,kaju katli.
Aaliya;bhai favourite..
Dadi;ok come on let’s leave.
Everyone leaves and pragya starts cooking.
ABHI COmes down and sees pragya cooking.He keeps on staring at her.He starts walking towards and almost out of instinct wraps his arms around her waist.Pragya almost squeals but notices it as abhi and calms down.(bolna plays in bg).HE starts nuzzling her neck while pragya was breathing heavily.Purab comes inside to speak to pragya about the concert and notices abhigya.
Abhigya come back to their senses.Abhi walks out of the kitchen while pragya starts blushing.
Abhi in his room;
Abhi;(thinking)What the hell was that abhi………you just hugged chashmish………But why i feel that i am very close to her…
sorry guys i know i am late.But what to do i have typed the entire episode but it got deleted so i had to do it again…
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  1. Really superb

    1. And I am a silent reader of your ff… I really love your ff…. please don’t stop it…. usually I won’t comment on any ff but today I felt that you deserve a comment…?????

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  2. Superb…update lengthy ff…

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  3. super super super epi dear

    i just feel relax……….

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  4. i love it

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  5. super i cant express my happiness in word ofter seeing tanu condition keep it up.

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  9. Tisha

    Yup….super…i liked it

    1. Tisha I am waiting for ur update….
      Journey Of Love. ….

  10. I always feel aliyah have good capacity than pragya.. I always wish her to be good. U made it. Thanks a lot de

  11. Super dr… Little lengthly update….

  12. Really super epic Suhani…..

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    Nice episode

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    Omg awesome loved it to the core love u loads dear????

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        Yes darlu iam 19 yrs if u r younger u can surely call me as dii no prob and sry da little bit held up in wrk wil update today i think????

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Loved it!!!!!

  18. Superb episode really superhit than real one ohhhh god tat tanu she deserves it no more than thz tat too tat slap 4m abhi…

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