Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 19


Hii my dears thank u all fr lovely cmnts???sry was not able to rply fr ur cmnts yestrday coz it was nyt mom dnt allow to use mob and i had clg but nw i jve replied u all and nw back to the story☺

Abhi purab and nikhil were planning fr all arrangements.they took vijay’s help too without othrs knowledge.evruthng was gng on well but our pragya was very worried abt abhi’s behaviour.she was very sad.finally nxt day came nw evn aliya bulbul and tanu were in their plan.frst they were very angry but later they accepted fr pragya.all the arrangements were done in tanu’s home as they cant cal her to abhi’s home.it was evng.tanu cald pragya.

Ta:prags..r u free…
Pra:haan..tel me…
Ta:canu cme to my home iam feeling bored..
Pra:hmm…but tanu…
Ta:pls cme na…
Pra:ok wil cme in 15 mins
Ta:ok dear thank u..
She ended the cal.
Pra:tis tanu bhi na…evn she frgt me na…i wnt talk wit anyone hereaftr….
She murmured and left fr tanu home.she came and knocked the door but it was open.she went in.thr was full pitch of darkness inside.she was very scared.she cald out.
Pra:tanu..tanu..whr r u…iam afraid..cme here na..tanu…
She went frward wit fear.suddenly all lighrs turned on.everyone were standing thr.all shouted “happy birthday”….
She was standing dumbstruck…tanu aliya bulbul purab nikhil vijay all came and wished her.sarla maa and dadi also blessed her.her eyes were searching fr him…ten sge noticed him standing on a corner and smiling at her.though she was attracted sge turned away in anger.abhi felt bad.
Evryone blessed her and she went to cut the cake.she blowed the candles and cut the cake.she took the piece.abhi was eagerly waiting fr her to feed him frst but she took to her mom and bulbul.he then smiled and expected her to feed nxt but she fed all except him.she did not feed him evn at last.abhi felt sad but undrstood her anger.he quietly went to terrace.pragya was chatting happily but she missed him.but her ego stopped her.

Pur:diii…go and talk wit him na..he s in terrace..
Pra:wit whom..y shld i talk purab..did i do any mistake…
Pur:dii..evn he did not do any mistake…he jst planned tis surprise fr u..so oly he did so…i accept its wrng..we also beat him..but diii he did evrythng fr u oly na pls dii…
Pra:watevr it may be purab..but i wnt frgve him..u knw hw much i cried…
Pur:dii pls diii tis time alone pls…u knw na evn he felt bad fr hurting u pls fr me dii…he has made u happy on ur bday but he s sad nw..pls diii fr me…pls…
Pragya thought fr a while and went to terrace.thr he was standing in a corner.sge went slowly near him and stood behind.he felt her presence and turned immediately.he was so happy to see her.

Abhi:fuggy..u here..
Pra:vo..y r u standing here…
Pra:wat simply cme down..

She headed to leave but he held her hand.
Abhi:fuggy…iam sry..i knw u wil be hurt..but i thought to surprise u..pls frgve me fuggy…
Befre he could complete she started beating him continuously wit tears.
Abhi:fuggy…its paining…
She then hugged him tight wit tears.he too hugged her.
Pra:hw many times to tel u abhishek..dnt play such stupid pranks…u knw hw much i was worried…
She kept crying.he carressed her hair and consoled her.
Abhi:iam sry fuggy…promise i wnt play hereaftr wit u…ok..
She pushed him..
Pra:i wnt believe ur fake promises..hw many times u madd..idiot…
Abhi laughed.
Abhi:ok..ok..sry but hereaftr i wnt surely…
Pra:ten promise on me….
Pra:do wat i say…
Abhi:hmm..ok promise…
She again hugged him.
Pra:thank u abhishek..tis s my best bday evr..love u abhishek…
Abhi:love u too fuggy…but u r too bad..u dnt feed me cake na…
Pra:who told..look here…
She showed the cake.
Abhi:who needs tis left out piece..eat it urself..
Pra:arey buddhu..tis s the frst piece..
Abhi:bit u fed to ur mom na…
Pra:no buddhu..i kept separately fr u..but i was angry..hw can i frgt u dear..u r oly frst in my life fr evrythng..of course my mom is frst…i fed to her too..but tis s fr u…
Abhi:fuggy..u r impossible…
Pragya smiled and fed him.he too fed her.
Abhi:happy bday fuggy…
Both hugged in joy.
Pra:arey whr us my gift..
Abhi:iam itself a big gift fr u na..
Pra:hello..dnt cook up stories..i want my frgt..
Abhi laughed.
Abhi:still u r a kid fuggy…here it is…
Pragya got it and opened eagerly like a kid.she was so happy to see tat.thr was her favourite teddy bear holding a photo collage of her and abhi also wit some photos of thr frnds…she hugged him.
Pra:tis s my best gift evr abhishek…thank u..love u a lot…
Abhi:love u too fuggy…

Both hugged and happily spent sometime togethr.
Screen freezed on their happy faces.

Hope u all loved it guys…thank u all fr ur lovely support..pls tel if u need any changes..all ur suggestions are accepted..keep supporting..love u all..bye????

Precap:pragya “abhi..abhishek…iam sry..pls i dnt intend to do tat..pls..”abhi jst walked away in anger.

Credit to: Saranya

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  4. Suha

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    dear sry for late cmnt…….semma gift n surprise i liked it very much. love u loads dear

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