Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 17


Hii guys iam extremely sry fr the wrng epi num pls frgve me and thank u all fr ur lovely comments???nw back to the story

Bulbul takes purab to a coffee shop. Its actually a roof top restaurant and thr were not much people thr. Thr was a huge silence fr sometime. Ten purab started talkng.
Pur:bulbul u said u must talk somethng but u r silent..tell me wat u want to say….
Bul:vo..purab i dnt knw hw to start…
Pur:arey wat a miracme…the most talkative bulbul dnt knw hw to talk…hmmm strange..
Bul:purab already iam in tension u dnt increase it….
Pur:ok..ok i wnt tel anythng u speak…
Bul:vo…ok purab..i ll tel…purab i dnt knw if tis s ryt or wrng…i dnt knw if u wil accept it or not…i dnt knw if tis wil wrk or not…but..
Pur:arey y r u gvng puzzles..tel fast na…
She took a deep breath.
Bul:ok..purab…i dnt knw if u wil accept or not..but..i love u….
She gave a sigh of relief aftr completing it. Ten she noticed purab who was standing speechless. She was worried.
Bul:purab..i knw this wil be a shock fr u..but pls dnt stand silently like tis…ur silence kills me…if u want u evn slap me..but pls speak somethng na…pls….
Pur:vo…no bulbul..iam sry..i cant accept tis…
Bul:purab…it..its..ok…but can i knw tge reason…if u dnt mind.
Pur:vo..i already love anothr girl…
Bulbul was shattered.she sat down crying vigorously.purab was not able to bear tat.he sat beside her.
Pur:bulbul…pls undrstand…iam sry…i knw u wil feel bad…but it was jst few days back i fell in love wit her…pls bulbul iam sry if i hurt u…
Bulbul wiped her tears and headed to leave.purab held her.
Pur:bulbul..iam sry…
Bul:its ok…purab…thr s no prblm in it…
Pur:but u dnt want to knw whom i love…
Bul:no purab..iam getting late..iam leaving..
Purab became sad.
Bulbul felt bad.
Bul:ok..purab..tel me who is tat lucky girl…
Purab smiled.
Pur:she is the most special person of my life…my lovely cutie bubbly sweet idiot…
Bulbul was crying.she was not able to hear tat.
Pur:and she is my evercute..chatterbox…bulbul….
Bulbul was still crying.aftr sometime oly she realised wat he said.she turned towards him surprised.
Bul:haan..its bulbul..but it cant be u..coz my bulbul dnt knw to cry she oly makes othrs cry…and she knws me very well..she wnt think i ll love someone else othr than her..and evn nw fr tis prank she ll beat me…

Befre he coupd complete she ran and hugged him.he too hugged her tight.ten she broke the hug and started beating him.

Pur:arey bulbul..its paining…
Bul:let it pain..evn frm me its paining…hw can u say u love someone else…idiot…
She again beat him and hugged him tight.
Pur:iam sry dear…but i did tis to punish u oly..
Bul:punish me..fr wat..
Pur:haan..i loved u frm the day one i saw u itself..but u…nw oly u hve realised my love..
Bul:arey its ur mistake..hw wil i knw u love me till u confess u must hve confessed..
Pur:hw can i confess..u remember hw during beginninv of clg days u used to fight wkt me…u were like jhansi rani…nw we dnt fight..but still i was afraid tat u may give a nice slap if i propose..so oly i was thinking wat to do…bfre tat u proposed..thank god..
Bul:fr tat u ll play like tis…
Pur:haan..hw many days i hve been bearing tis pain..so oly i gave the taste of ur own medicine to u fr few minutes…
Bulbul stared and ten laughed and hugged him.
Pur:ok nw tis s a small gift fr u…
He gave her a rosecand a greeting card of love proposal.bulbul felt very happy.
Bul:its so nice…but hw u knw i wil propose u today….
Pur:i dnt knw…but i thought i shld confess my love today at any cost..but to my surprise u confessed…
Bul:thank u purab..love u a lot…
Both smiled and hugged.ten they had a chitchat fr a while and left home.

Aftr reachng home she told evrythng to pragya.
Pra:woww…iam so happy dear…
Bul:thank u diii….its all possible coz of u oly…
Pra:its ok dear…iam so happy tat my sis got a nice life partner like purab…
Both were shocked.
Sarla:pragya..u keep quiet..hw dare u bulbul…u wil tel tis to ur sister but not to me..huhh??
Both were confused.
Bul:maa…ten u accept tis…
Sarla:of course y not..if i accrpt ur sis love ten y not urs….but frst concentrate on ur studies…ok…
Bul:maa…u r the best mom in the wrld…
Both hugged her.
Sarla:enough of buttering me drama queen.. nw its already late go and sleep..
Ten all slept.

Nxt mrng eveyone as usual went to clg.bulbul and purab shared abt their love to aliya and vijay.all were very happy.bulbul evn told tat her mom accepted.purab was very happy.
Aliya:hmm…so if u r so much open hearted to us..ren we must also be so na…
Bul:wat do u mean…
Alita and vijay blinked at each othr.ten they said in chorus “we both love each othr”
Pur:wat…wow its superb..but wen it hapnd..
Aliya:jst few days back….
Bul:purab..i yold na thr s somethng bw them….anyway happy fr u both…
The four shared a grp hug.here pragya too said abt bulbul love mayr to all.all were very happy.
At lunch all met in canteen.takhil and abhi congratulated purbul.at tat time bulbul revealed aliya love matr.all were very happy.but suddenly abhi got up and went in anger.all were confused.aliya was worried.pragya consoled her.

Pra:aliya dnt wry iam thr na…i dnt knw y he s behaving like a typical brothr..wait i ll cme nw..
She heade to leave but she saw him cmng.he came and sat again.
Pra:abhishek..wats tis…whr u went…
Abhi:i went to washroom…
Abhi:haan..i went thr to pray fr vijay’s well being..(vijay ku mouna anjali selutha ponen)..
Abhi:haan..yes coz he has to handle my shaitan sister fr whole life na…
Evryone started laughing.aliya was relieved.
Aliya:bhai….u knw hw much i was worried..
Abhi:haan..so oly i did so…hw dare u to hide it frm ur bhai itself….
Pragya twisted his ears.
Pra:buddhu..hw much we all were panicked…hw u alone such stupid ideas always…
Abhi:arey leave me fuggy..accha sry..leave me..
She left.
Abhi:but iam really happy fr u both…
Aliya:thank u bhai…
Evryone smiled and had gud chitchat.

Screen freezed wit their happy faces.
Wil their happiness last long?or destiny has some game fr them?to knw tat stay tuned fr othr episodes..?☺

Hope u all loved it.sry fr not givng abhigya scenes today.coz i thought to show some purbul and aliya scenes today.pls comment if thr s any mistake.keep supporting.love u all bye???

Precap:pragya “abhishek..u wnt hear me na…u r becoming difficult to handle day by day..”abhi “ten..leave me na..u can be happy…”

Credit to: Saranya

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