Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 15


Hii guys thank u fr ur lovely comments it gives me more strength☺and many are gud guessers here especially nirmal u always guess correctly yaar?so many guessed crctly nw back to the story

Abhi raised his hand and gave a tight slap. Pragya was shocked. Riya was shattered. Yes he slapped riya so harder.

Riya:abhi…wats..wats tis..y u slapped me…
Abhi:y u thought i ll slap her…u cheap idiot…hw much low u ll become..are u not ashamed…wat u thought if u cme and show me like tis abt her i ll believe u and get angry on her…if u think so..u r the biggest fool…it means tat u dnt knw the meaning of true love…
Riya:no..no..abhi…i love u truly….
Abhi:u bl**dy foot…dnt evr dare to say abt true love…u dnt hve the rights to talk abt it..do u knw the meaning of true love…actually its not worth to evn explain to u…u r the most disgisting girl i hve seen in my life…u knw wat i knw evrythng watevr u did to my fuggy…do u want to hear…yes i knw u oly made her fall on cultural day..u oly made accident fr her…u evn confronted hr in clg…
Pragya was standing shocked. Riya was trembling in fear.
Pra:abhishek…u knw all these…but hw…did tanu tel u…
Abhi:no fuggy…tat day wen u went to change dress during culturals someone cald u so i came behind u fr giving ur mobile…i saw u standing outside riya’s room so i too stood and watched u…ten wen u went inside and slapped her i saw and heard evrythng….i was in peak of anger..but i thought ur slap is enough fr her..but tis cheap idiot did not change..wen she came and proposed me also i dnt do anythng…later u met wit accident..frst i did not knw tat she did it but yestday i heard wen she was talkng to u in clg…but tat time also i waited patiently fr sometime tat she ll change..but nw she has crossed all limits…hw dare she s to talk bad abt u and ur love…
Riya:but abhi u saw na hw suresh proposed her…
Abhi:look i told u shld not open ur mouth…and wat u said nw…suresh proposed her na…u knw one thing i knw tis bfre u say itself…
Pra:wat r u saying abhishek…
Abhi:yes fuggy…yestrday nyt while gng home i met suresh on the way…he told me tat he loves u and wanted to propose u..he askd abt u to me as iam ur frnd…i thought to tel abt our love to him..but later i thought he s ur frnd so its not gud fr me to reveal it to him..i knw tat u ll handle…and u u want to knw wat suresh talkd wit her na…listen..he proposed her and sge made him undrstand her friendship and revealed abt our love..and he s not like u he undrstood her frndship and moved away is tat enough…
Pragya was standing dumbstruck.
Riya:but abhi u were standing wit me oly na..hw u knw tis..we heard nothng…
Abhi laughed.
Abhi:hmm…idiot..its not necessary to hear the words if u can hear the sound of heart…i knw my fuggy well..i knw wat sge ll do each and evry second..she knws me fly and i knw her completely…no one can evr break our trust…not oly u…evn if she herself cme and say tat she loves someone else i wnt believe…
Pragya was touched.she was standing in tears. Nw riya too was moved.
Abhi:hey fuggy y r u crying…
She ran and hugged him tightly wit tears.he too hugged her and patted her back.ten they slowly broke the hug.he turned and saw riya.she slowly walked towards them.both thought tat she s gng to cme and shout or beat.but to their surprise sge came and hugged pragya wit tears.both were shocked.

Riya:iam so sry pragya..i feel ashamed to look at ur face..hw much cruel i hve been..i evn tried to kill u but u always thought abt my gud..so oly u evn did not say abt me to abhi..u r really great…i agree thr can be oly one pragya…no one can replace u..abhi is really lucky to get a life partner like u..and u r also so lucky to get such an undrstanding partner like abhi…i wish tat i could also get a partner lije him..but fr tat frst i ll try to become like pragya…no one can become like u but wil try my best..iam sry once again…
She was sobbing.pragya hugged her and consoled her.
Abhi:is tis ur new drama…
Riya:no pragya…its ok..it wil be difficult oly to believe me..coz i hve did tat much prblms in ur life..but believe me abhi nw i hve really changed…it was not due to ur slap…it was due to pragya’s pure heart tat made me realise my mistake..hereaftr i ll be a saviour oly fr ur life…tis s my promise..i ll wait till u believe u…
She headed to leave but pragya held her hand.
Pra:i believe u my frnd…
Abhi:if my fuggy believes someone..ten hw can i object…
Riya smiled happily wit tears.the trio shared a frndly hug and ten riya left.

Abhi:hey fuggy…y r u looking at me like tis..
Pra:I love u abhishek…
Abhi:i kbw fuggy…i love u too…
Pra:hw could u be like tis abhishek…hw can u believe me so much..
Abhi:hey idiot..i believe u more than myself…u r my life..hw could i be without trusting u..
Pra:but hw abhishek…wat made u trust me tis much…
Abhi:ur pure heart….yes fuggy as riya said..thr can be oly one pragya..and sge s always mine…tis s not due to love alone fuggy…evn bfre tat..wen u were my frnd..i hve told u tat thr s no one more imprtant than u in my life..except my dadi…u r always special to me fuggy..i love u more than anythng in tis world..evn more tan myself…
Pragya was overwhelmed.she again cried and hugged him.
Abhi:hey fuggy..wats tis today r u gng to wet my shirt..hw many times u ll cry dear..leave it na…
Pra:no abhishek…iam really happy today..i dnt knw wat iam gng to give u fr tis unconditional love..
Abhi:u hve already given ur pure heart to me fuggy..nthng is more than tat…and u r gng to give ur precious love fr my whole life..tats more tan enough…but still if u want u can give one thng…
Abhi:no no here in cheeks oly…
Abhi:very bad fuggy nw oly u askd wat i need nw u r not gvng….
He turned his face.pragya smiled and went near him slowly and kissed him on his cheek and ran away.abhi was jumping in joy.
Abhi:hey fuggy wait dnt run..i shld give my return gift..
Pra:catch me if u can abhishek…
Abhi:fuggy u r still not fully recovered dnt run..u wil get hurt..
She slipped and fel down.
Abhi:idiot i told u not to run na..nw see…
He caressed her leg.she started laughing.
Abhi:hey y r u laughing..
Pra:buddhu i dnt fall down i was jst acting..
Abhi:wat..but y…
Pra:to get ur concern…
Pra:haan..abhishek..i wil be happy to get hurt to get to get ur concern and love..
Abhi smiled.
Abhi:fuggy..u no need to get hurt fr tat..i ll always love u…
He kissed her forehead.both smiled.
Abhi:ok its already late..ur mom wil be worried cme lets go..
Pra:hmm ok…
Abhi carried her.
Pra:arey i jst said fr fun oly leave me i can walk..
Abhi:no… i ll fulfill each and evry wish of my fuggy..
Pragya smiled.

Screen freezed wit their happy faces.

Hope u all loved it.and specially tis epi is fr riya dear..i hve made riya as gud character hope u loved it darlu…thank u all fr ur support keep supporting love u all bye???

Precap:tanu “pragya come quickly..abhi has met wit accident..”pragya “wat..wat r u saying tanu..”

Credit to: Saranya

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  1. Riyashri

    Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..Awesomeness Overloaded………….I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much !!! I love u more than this Saranya akka !!!! U r toooooooooooooooooooo Good !!! Very Happy reading today’s update!!
    Akka convey my wishes to uncle…….
    A Very Happy Father’s Day To All The Wonderful Fathers………………
    Love u saranya ka………..

    1. Love u too darlu muuaahhh????thank u soooo much????wil convey ur wishes u too convey my wishes to ur superhero☺

  2. Nooo now abhi met with accident oh god …….it’s really niceee

    1. Thank u☺☺

  3. 2day ff is too gud…excellent…it happened in imaginary forum ly…in real KKB abi never trust our pragya…anyway i feel very happy atleast it happened in imaginary forum…2day is excellent ff…precap is making fear…waiting for tomorrow ff…

    1. Thank u so much rajesh☺☺i hve always thought y u did not cmnt in my ff coz i hve seen ur cmnt in many ffs i like the way u cmnt u r too straight frward tats gud and today u hve cmnted in mine thank u my frnd☺and evn i too wrote tis as i was fed up of real kkb

  4. Krish

    diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii its just superrrr supeerrrr superrrrrrr…………awesomeeeeeeeee u r just amazng diiiiiiiluv u a looooooooooootttttttttttttttttt diiiiiiiiiiiiii muuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…………….im vry vry egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiiiiiiii……………..

    1. Ohh dear hw much love thank u soooo muchh dear love u loads muuaahhh????????

  5. i like the way u gave importance pragya in abhi life.

    1. Thank u surya☺☺

  6. really super yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i never expect abhi trust pragya u made me crazy yaaaaaaaa

    just love it……..

    i think abhi got get accid any kind of surprise ???????????????

    1. Thank u di to knw tat u shld wait fr nxt part?☺

  7. Omg I didn’t expect this from you what a twist really awesome episode after reading I jumped like monkey really it was awesome

    1. Haha thank u moni dear love u???

  8. Nice episode really sema love abhi chanceless u rocked in today’s episode yeah I knowknow riya only rocked bt actually I felt abhi shd react to tat tanu during tat champak matter bt wat to do always kkb writer gives some twist which hurts us a lotttttttttttt thn make other to love it to forgot tat one… Bt really today’s episode in tz ff u really loved abhi’s love n trust a lotttttttttttt…

    1. Thank u durga dear ????yes iam also fed up of kkb track so oly wrote so☺

  9. Astha

    dear sry previous epi la cmnt panna mudila. superb epi da keep it up. riya nejamave thirunditala? precap??? again accident ah?

    1. Its ok dear and thank u so much dear???and yes dear riya thirundhita☺

  10. Awesome…. I never expected that abhi will trust pragya…I loved it….

    1. Thank u abhigya dear???

  11. wow wow super.. nowords… this is pure love…. super…

    1. Thank u sugan???

  12. This was so unexpected for me! I loved it to the core! I can’t even explain because The trust! I loved it so so so so much and and and and and i have no words! ?????????

    1. Thank u so much diii☺☺☺love u dii????

  13. Amazing episode.. No words to say… Lot of problems would be solved if every couples trust each other like this. Really I loved it… ☺

    1. Thank u so much nirmal☺

      1. No need of thank you yaar… Please keep rocking like this… ☺???

      2. Ok my dear frnd thank u tajen back☺??

      3. That’s my friend… ☺?

  14. Maya

    very unexpected but it was so lovely??????????????????? too good Saranya!????? keep rocking like this???????

    1. Thank u akka???

  15. Divchan

    Mind blowing , superb yaar, keep rocking

    1. Thank u divchan☺

  16. Wow akka! i am also from chennai.actually i tried to post comt yesterday but unfortunately there is an error as u said i won’t ask u sry but forgive me akka.i loved today’s twist akka, today epi eppavum pola awesome! abhi’s trust on pragya is sooooo heart touching akka i loved it akka ungala paaraturadhuku vaarthai illa akka.

    1. Ohh its ok dear thank u so muchhh???and nw frm diii tis much akka ah love u da chlm stay blessed muuaahh??????

  17. Awesome dear i didnot expect it da super twist sooo happyyyyyy abhigaya is the best u hav rockd da love ur ff ver y much love uuuuuu hav a nice day God bless u dear

    1. Thank u dear love u loads???

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