Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 11


Hii guys hope u all r desperate to the epi so lets directly get into the story☺

Time was running fast but thr was no improvement in pragya’s condition.evrryobe were very worried.meanwhile dadi and sarla maa also came thr.it was very difficult to console them. 18 hours passed evn the doc lost hope.Finally abhi gathered some courage wiped his tears and went inside.He was shattered to see pragya on tat condition.The one who used to run here and there and make othrs happy wit her silly talks was lying lifelessly.He could not bear tat sight but he controlled his tears and went and sat beside her. He slowly held her hand.
Abhi:wats tis chashmish…y r u testing my patience like tis…tis s not fair..get up na..u knw na iam incomplete without u..hw coukd u leave me like tis…if u leave me ten who wil cal me buddhu…who wil scold me wen i do mistakes…who wil taje care of me wen iam unwell…who wil love me…unconditionally…cme on get up na…i cant bear to see u like tis..get up dear…u knw as u r not thr tis purab bulbul aliya r not obeying my words..cme on u cme and scold them…u get up soon na we ll go and eat ur fav panipoori..i wnt take ur share..i ll give u my share too..uto na…uto na chashmish…uto na..uto….

He sobbed vigorously.Ten he realised a drop of tear frm pragya’s eyes fell on his hand.he felt happy and continued saying.

Abhi:chashmish…chashmish u can hear me na…ok ok i wnt cry chashmish cme on get up…listen…chashmish u confessed ur feelings to me but mei meri dil ki bath kab kahungi aur kisise kahungi..uto na…to whom wil i tel my feelings…get up na…i wnt scold u or fight wit u get up ma pls…

He again cried and said “look here chashmish…tis s ur final warning..get up idiot…or else take me also wit u…”

As soon as he said tat thr was a beep sound in pragya’s monitor.she was suffering unable to breathe.Abhi got panicked and rushed out to cal doc.

Abhi:doc..doc..pls come fast na somethng hapnd to her…pls save her doc..
Doc:wait wait mr.abhi let me see…

Doctor rushed inside.he was doing treatment.abhi was looking frm outside.he was not able to see her pain.he was crying vigorously.it was almost 15 mins the doc came out.

Abhi:doc..hw s she is she alryt…pls tel me na…
Doc:cool down mr.abhi…she s fine…she s completely alright…she has gained consciousness…evn i lost hope..but ur love and faith bought her back to life…congratz..and since she opened her eyesshe s moaning abhishek oly..so u go and see her but she s a littke weak dnt strain her..ok..i wil be back…

The doc left all were very happy.they hugged each othr in joy.abhi immediately rushed inside.as soon as he went in he saw her looking at him.she signed him by eyes to cme near her.he went and sat near her.


Tats it abhi broke down to tears in her hands.

Abhi:hw long…hw long i hve been waiting fr tis wrd chashmish..y u did tis to me..i knw chashmish iam responsible fr ur state…iam sry dear…but i dnt mean to…pls frgve me…
Pra:yes u r ryt u r oly responsible fr my state..but not my prev state..tis state…coz of u oly i hve got a new birth abhishek…ur love has bought me back….vo..iam sry..i knw tat u love riya but….
Abhi:hey idiot…do u still think so…it was takhil’s prank on u idiot…but i swear iam not in tis…u knw wen u confessed ur love i was in heaven…evn i loved u but i dnt realise it…as soon as i realised my loce and came to u…it was late…i was shattered to find u in tat state…but iam really sry chashmish…i wnt repeat it again…these 20 hours were jst like hell to me…dnt do tis to me again chashmish..

Pragya was shocked and happy.
Pra:abhishek…are u telng truth…u really….
Abhi:yes chashmish…i really love u…and i realised it evn more in these 20 hrs…
Pra:abhishek…u knw hw iam feelng nw iam really happy abjishek…evn if i die tis moment i ll be happy…
Abhi:chup..idiot…dnt evr dare to talk like tis again..tis punishment is enough fr me fr whole life…so pls…promise me tat u ll
never leave me chaahmish…
Pra:pakka promise…and i think tgr s no need of promise…do u think u can escape so easily frm me..never u hve to bear my torture fr whole life mr.abhishek…
Abhi:wit pleasure…

Pra:but abhishek u remember once u said u ll push me in frnt of lorry na…i think nw ur wish is fulfilled…
Abhi:chashmish…i told sry na…ya i knw its all cozof me oly….iam a big buddhu…iam realky sry chashmish..
Pra:arey i jst said fr fun…ok ok leave it iam sry…but i dnt expect tis day would cme in my life…I LOVE YOU ABHISHEK…
Abhi:LOVE U TOO CHASHMISH…love u a lot…i promise i wnt leave ur hand til my last breath…
Pra:i believe u abhishek…
Abhi kissed her forehead.she had happy tears in hr eyes.
Sarla ma dadi and othrs looked at them frm outside and felt happy.ten they came in.

Sarla:huhumm…does my beti hve time fr me..
Bul:maa i think dii dbt need us jiju is enough fr her..cme lets go..
Pra:bulbul…u too..y r u doing like tis..
Bul:dii i dnt want to talk wit u…
Pra:bulbul…frgve me na…
Bul:no diii….
Abhi:hey bulbul…meri biwi ko pareshan math karna(dnt strain my wife)….
Bul:biwi…ohh jiju…bfre ur wife she s my diii and diii i wnt talk wit u hw can u think of leaving us alone…
Pra:ohhh..tho meri behan ro rahi hai…(looks like my sister is crying).uffo accha sry baba…pls frgve me…look if u dnt frgt me..i wil leave u forevr…
Bul:diii…pls dnt talk like tis diii…iam sry..
She kissed her and cried.
Sarla:bulbul u r such an idiot…dnt give stress to her…beta u take rest…

Dadi aliya vijay purab and takhil also saw her and cried and hugged her.takhil apologised fr their mistake.meanwhile nurse came thr.

Nurse:wats gng on here y u all r surrounding the patient and troubling her allow her to take some rest..u all go out..
Abhi:yes evryone go out…
Nurse:mr. u too go out…
Abhi:wat me…hello miss i wnt go anywhr…i ll be wit her oly…if u want u go out…
Nurse:but sir she must take rest u go i ll take care of her.
Abhi:ohh u wil take care of her tan me…u do ur wrk i ll do my wrk…i wnt go anywhr…got tat…

Nurse left as sge was not able to argue wit him.Evryone laughed at his antics.

Screen freezes with all their happy faces…

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Precap:abhi “chashmish dnt raise my bp…have tis” pragya”iam not afraid of u…u do watevr u want..”

Credit to: Saranya

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  1. Wow it was awesome I loved it

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  4. Vaishali

    awesome episode yaar so emotional and lovely loved it to the core no words to say darling lovely episode waiting fr ur next with loads of eager

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    Cute ya …..yesterday i was feeling very sad , but today I’m very happy….

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    Saranya Di !! What will I tell for this update !! This was Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Amazing !!! Love U Di !! I want the next update soon !!

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    Its AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE……… Loved it………

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    Wow so lovely! Superliciously superb Saranya! its so nice to read and u rocked it dr! truly awesome! 🙂 haha i am typing thr my laptop so unable to give emojis if not there will be a lot of that!

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