Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 10


Hii frnds thank u all fr ur lovely comments???i knw u all r eagerly waiting fr today epi so no more talks lets go to the story☺

Abhi came aftr talking to riya.he was searching fr pragya.he remembered tat she wil be in library and headed thr but bfre tat he met his frnds on the way.he told evrythng abt riya everyone were shocked but were paughing at him.
Abhi:hey idiots stop ur laughter….frst i must go and see chashmish sge wil be hurt…
Ta:arey arey wait…u can see ur chashmish later…frst go and meet tat giraffe…she is mad at u fr not submitting the assignment..
Abhi:ohh no…i frgt tat…ok i ll go…but chashmish….
Ta:ufffo…u go we ll go and see her..
Abhi:ok u go…i ll be back soon…

He left and othrs went to library.while gng tanu said abt pragya’s love fr abhi and they all planned to tease pragya fr sometime.wen they entered library they all saw pragya sitting very upset.

Ta:hey pragya…y r u sad…is evrythng alryt..
Pra:nothng tanu iam fine…
Ta:hmmm ten ok….prags u knw one important matter…tis riya na she proposed abhi….
Pragya was shocked but she expected tis.
Pra:wat…ok…so wat…
Ta:arey the most important thing comes nw oly…u knw wat though abhi was shocked frst he ten accepted…
Pra:wat…no tats not possible…abhishek dnt like her…dnt lie…
Nik:arey pragya y shld we lie…yes u r ryt abhi did not like her but u know na love is blind….evn we dnt like her but wat to do we must accept fr our frnd…
Pragya was totally shattered.sge broke down into tears.nikhil and tanu frst lauhed ten decided to tel her the truth but wen they turned back she was missing.she left frm thr sobbing.she was walking lifelessly.Abhi saw her frm a distance and rushed towards her.

Abhi:hry chashmish…sry yaar i came to see u oly…but mam cald me…u know i came to tel one happy news to u…
(Actually he came to tel tat the strict giraffe appreciated them fr their cultural performance)
Pra:i knw abhishek…i knw wat u want to say…iam really happy…
She said so without looking at him and headed to leave but held her hand.
Abhi:chashmish…wat hpnd to u…r u alryt..

Pragya gave a stare.abhi left her hand.
Pra:iam alryt…and u no need to think abt me..u can go and see ur riya..
Abhi:ohh…nw i undrstood u r angry fr tat oly na…arey iam sry yaar…but wat can i do…tat riya oly did so..
Again she mistook tat he was referring to her proposal.
Pra:yes its ok…i dnt bother abt it…iam leaving..
Abhi:pragya..pls hear me once na….
Pragya was again shattred wen he cald her by name.
Pra:pls leave me alone abhishek…i dnt want to hear u or see u….

But tis time abhi got very angry and he held her by shoulder firmly.
Abhi:wat is ur prblm…chashmish…ok i understand u came to know tat riya proposed me na…yes she proposed me…so wat…wats bothering u in tat….
Pragya relieved frm his hand and shouted” coz i love u idiot….”
Saying so she cried vigorously and ran frm thr.Abhi was still in shock but he was really happy.
Abhi:wat my chashmish loves me….omg i cant believe it…the most lovable and caring the special girl of my life loves me….me too na hw stupid iam…i too love her but i dnt realised tat…but she….ooohhoooo….my chashmish loves me…..
He jumped like a kid.
Abhi:i knw i hurted u…but iam cmng fr u my dear…my chashmish is always mine…

He headed to search her.he met takhil.they told evrythng tat hapnd in library.

Abhi:u both r really idiots…u dnt hve sense to play in these things…abd u tanu u r telng tat u knw she loves me ten y r u playing wit her feelings…anyway today iam in good mood so i dnt want to spoil it iam gng to find her and console her…see u later…bye
Ta:sry abhi…anyway all the best bye…

He searched her madly in whole clg ten he remembered tat as it was evng she might hve gone home…so he headed outside the campus…and as usual his doubt was crct.she was thr.she was trying to cross the road.he felt happy and rushed to her but befre tat…a truck was speeding towards her…as she was totally immersed ib his thoughts and crying she did not notice it…abhi got panicked and rushed towards her.but she was far frm him but close to fate….the truck hit her with a great force and she was thrown away…..Abhi shouted “pragya…..”he ran towards her and placed her on his lap but he did not cry he was dumbstruck….
Abhi:chashmish….get up…get up na…pls dnt test my patience…i knw u r angry on me..but pls punish me dnt punish urself…pls get up chashmish….

Pragya was half conscious.she slowly raisef her hand and placed on his cheek and caressed him.his full dress and cheeks were covered wit her blood.slowly pragya became unconscious.

Abhi:pragya…pragya…get up na…pragya…….he shouted.

Meanwhile purbul takhil aliya vijay came thr.
Aliya and bulbul:diii….diii wat hpnd to u diii…dii uto na..
Purab:dii…abhishek wats tis…
Abhi was sitting lifelessly…
Takhil:pragya get up na…pls frgve us we wbt play hreaftr….
Evryone were crying vigorously.
Vj:frst lift her…lets take her to hospital…else we cant save her…
Evryone realised and lifted her.purab stopped an auto.abhi sat inside it wit pragya and rushed to hospital.othrs came back.on reaching hospital abhi carried her and ran inside…

Abhi:doc…doc..pls save her its urgent…i need my pragya…doc…pls…
Doc:wait wait..mr.frst tis s an accident case so u must file a police complaint until ten i cant start treatment.
Abhi:r u mad…iam saying tat she s dying u r talking abt formalities…do u knw who iam..iam abhishek prem mehra..if anythng happens to her…i wil fire u and ur hospital…

Purab came thr and consoled him and he made tge doc to agree.she was taken to ot.
It was 30 mins since they took hrr to ot.nobody answered tem properly.aftr tat the doc came out.

Abhi:doc…hw is she she s alryt na…can i see her…i wnt leave her today..hw can she play wit me like tis…tel me na ur silence is freaking me…
Doc:iam sry mr.abhi we tried our best but…
Abhi:but..but wat doc tel me…
Doc:be calm mr.abhi we tried our best but she has suffered huge blood loss…she s not responding to our treatment…but still we r trying…lets see..if she opens her eyes within 24 hours she s safe..else…iam so sry..

Saying tis doc left.abhi was totally shattered.he sat down lifelessly.aliya vijay and takhil rushed to him and consoled him.purab was consoling bulbul.

Aliya:bhai…y r u ljke tis pls cry out bhai its not gud fr u…bhai pls…
Abhi came back to senses.
Abhi:y shld i cry alia i knw nthng wil happen to her if so i ll kill her.u see na she ll surely get up and fight wit me…..
He kept on saying tat.evryone were very afraid abt him tan pragya.suddenly abhi smiled and got up.

Abhi:chashmish..i knw u cant leave me…i told u all na see my chashmish is back…i knw chashmish…
He rushed towards her hugged her but it was his imagination.evryone was shocked wit his behaviour.purab rushed to him.

Abhi:purab…whr s tat chashmish..see jst nw i saw her..she s very bad…y is she playing like tis…
Purab:abhi..abhi..pks undrstand its not diii its jst ur imagination…pls cry ur heart out abhi…pls…
Abhi could not stand more than tat he broke down to tears.

Abhi sobbing vigorously:purab..ask her to cme back na…pls i cant bear tis…i wnt fight wit her hereaftr…pls purab tel her to get up na..

Purab patted his back and consoled him.all were crying vigorously.riya was hiding and seeing tat.

Riya:u deserve tis mr.abhi fr rejecting me…u can nevr get ur pragya back…
She smiled wickedly.

Screen freezed wit abhi’s crying face pragya’s face and riya’s face.

Hope u guys loved it.i hope today i may get today rotten eggs and tomatoes too?anyway thank u all fr ur support.coz of ur support oly i hve reachd 10 epi.i really dnt expect tis.keep supporting.love u all bye???

Precap:abhi”tis s the last warning fr u idiot..come on get up nw…”suddenly pragya’s monitor makes sound.she suffers unable to breathe…abhi gets panicked.

Credit to: Saranya

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  6. Riyashri

    Wonderful Update Saranya Di !!!Waiting for the next part !!

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