Abhigya You are my LOVE and DESTINY episode 1

Hii frnds thank u so much fr ur lovely comments i really dnt expect tis much support love u all thank u??

And one thing in intro thr is a mistake nikhil does not study in purab class.abhi,pragya,tanu and nikhil in one class and purab,bulbul and aliya in one class.ok nw lets go into the story?

It was a fine mrng.In MEHRA mansion dadi came shouting..
Dadi:beta get up its time fr clg get up..
Boy:uff dadi pls let me sleep fr 5 mins pls
Saying so he again covered his face wit pillow
Dadi:u wil not wake up like tis know daily i hve to use my treatment hmm wait i ll cme
She came wit a bucket of water and said”nw if u dnt get up i ll pour tis water”
He panicked and got up and said”ohh dadi not today also pls see i got up”
Dadi:tats gud nw go and get ready abhi i ll go and wake up nxt kumbhakarni ur sis

The boy is our cute rockstar abhi.He got up freshed up and came down meanwhile aliya too came down fr breakfast.After eating they got blessings frm dadi and started to clg in car.

Nw lets move to our heroine.A house is shown.A girl is getting ready fr clg and shouting”bulbul uto its already late fr clg”
Bul:uffo diii y are u always so punctual one day we can go late na
The girl is our pragya.
Pra:achcha!u wnt get up like tis cmn get up idiot
She twisted her ears and made her to get up
Bulbul got up and shouted her and went to get ready.
Aftr getting ready they both ate breakfast got blessings frm their maa and went to clg.
Sarla:Go safely baccho no need to hurry up pragya
Pra abd bul:ok maa bye love u?
Sar:love u too??
Soon they reached clg.
(I think nw we shld look at our hero0

Abhi,purab and nikkil were standing under a tree wit their gang and they were ragging some juniors
(Actually clg has opened aftr vacations)
They were teasing the juniors to sing and dance and enjoying.At that time someobe cane frm behind and twisted abhi’s ears.Its none othr than our pragya.

Pra:hey buddhu hw many times i hve said u not to rag but u wnt listen to me na
Abhi:arey chashmish leave my ears its paining yaar
Pra:frst u stop ur ragging idiot
Abhi:arey idiots stop ur dancing and go to classes
Juniors:thank u diii and they went
Abhi:atleast nw leave me na
She left him.
Pra:wat is tis silly habit buddhu ragging othrs and hurting them u r too bad
Abhi:arey meri maa dnt start ur lecture nw iam sry it was jst fr fun leave it na
Pra:ok frst tel me y u dnt cme to home to pick up me and bulbul?
Abhi:vo…actually i had some wrk so i went soon
Pra:wat tis ragging was ur imp wrk?
Abhi:no no vo…..ok leave it i cant lie to u more tan tis actually i frgt abt u both and drove the car to clg aftr reachng oly i remembered ten i thought i can console u aftr u came
Pragya gave a stare and said”who said tat i ll frgive u?”
Abhi:arey pls ma tis s a simple matr leave it know no fight fr tis
Pra:ohh so tis s simpke matr fr u accha ten sure i ll not frgive u
Abhi (in mind) ohh god abhi y r u blabbering like tis cool her mood else she ll eat ur brain
Abhi:arey meri pyaari chashmish hey na
Pra:No..and frst stop calng me chashmish
Abhi:arey u r also calng me buddhu did i say anythng
Pra:coz tats true u r a buddhu
Abhi:ok i accept iam a buddhu iam a monkey or donkey watevr u say pls frgive me na (he said by holding his ears)
Pragya laughed at his dialogue and antics and said “ok ok i frgive u nw but dnt repeat it again”
Abhi:oh thank u so much “my sweet chashmish” he said and pulled her cheeks
Pra:ohh my sweet buddhu she said and pulled his cheeks
Abhi made a pout.
Pra:ok ok nw dnt keep ur face really like a monkey cme lets go to class
Both smiled abd headed towards the class.

While clmbing the stairs pragya slipped wen she was abt to fall abhi held her both had an eyelock( a romantic bg plays in the back)
Ten both cane back to senses though both were close frnds they felt strange and rushed to the class without looking at each othr.

Tats it fr today guys actually i hve exam tmrw so i ll give a longr update tmrw pls frgve?actually i thought to upload tmrw oly butseeing ur cmnts i couldnt resist frm uploadng today hope u all loce tis epi keep supportng bye☺
Also i put some othr montage oly but dnt knw y the default pic is cmng dnt knw wat wil be displayed today lets see if it dnt cme somebdy tel me hw to change it?

Precap: purbul eyelock and tanu telng abt her love to pragya..

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  1. Today’s epi was so so sooooo cute n i don’t think today epi is that much small anyways study well n all the best for ur exam

    1. Thank u fr ur wishes dear☺

  2. superb yaa. prag kada pidichi tiruguradula expert. cute eye lock.

    1. Thank u ma?

  3. Sueprbbbbbb nd really funny epi……I can’t control my smile while reading……..1 epi itself u make me fall as ur fan….and its not fair???but its k…..I like it no no no I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤this epi a lottttttt…….keep rockingggg….and all dbest for ur xms do well……..and also don’t forgot to give a long epi……I m eagerly waiting here…….deal????……….

    1. Of course deal dear tmrw immediately aftr cmng frm exam i ll update a longer one and thank u fr ur wishes??

  4. Wow…..super yaar…..so cool n d way Prags twisted Abhis ears wa not expected……all d best n do wel in ur xams

    1. Thank u darlu?☺

  5. Sooooo sweet abhigya really nice one…

  6. Nice ……….but update it fast……..all the best

  7. Wow really it was super

  8. Superb!!

  9. Thank u so much durga nannu monesha and tisha dii

  10. Superb

  11. Saranya superb epic keep going….
    Update regularly…. And long one tooo. And haan abhigya chemistry was awesome…. Keep going….

  12. Superrrrrrbb saranya cute n funny epiii keep gng all the best fr ur exam… Waitng fr te nxt epiiii…

  13. awesome episode saranya it was damn good superb lovely… more and more words yaar too good u made me ur fan waitibg fr ur next update and all the best fr ur exams dear…

  14. itz superb yaa.. very very interesting

  15. Superbbb. Loved it…

    1. Thank u so much krish nirmal tina vaishali lakshmi abhigya☺

  16. abhigya scence super…

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