Abhigya-love and destiny (epi 9 and 10)

Hi guys suhani here ..Long time..How are you all?Moni di and maya di I am going to miss your ff.I have a surprise for all of you at the end
So let’s start
The episode starts with days were passing and Pragya was recovering she even started working but one thing was bothering that was abhi’s behaviour.He was behaving very weird and was not calling her chashmish he was calling her by her name.She was thinking her chain of thoughts were ended when abhi called her.
Abhi:Pragya can you please go to mr sethi and check the deal.Purab said that there were some flaws in the deal.
Pragya nodded and started moving towards mr sethi office.
After a while Abhi called everyone down and told he want to tell something.
Dadi:Abhi what happened why did you call everyone here?Is there anything important.
Abhi:Ya di these few days I was thinking about something I want to share it with you.
Purab:What is that Abhi?You are sounding very serious.
Abhi:Hmm purab who took care of the concert arrangements?
Purab:Me Abhi why is there any problem?
Abhi:No Purab actually I was thinking how did the pillar fall as whenever we do any concert preparation we call the best people to complete that work.So when I was thinking about this I went to the people who took care of the concert

Tanu who was witnessing them was very tensed
Abhi:There I met this person(the boy who made the pillar fall on pragya).Tanu was shocked and was shivering.The boy face was with many bruises may be Abhi hit him very hard.So I know who did all this stuff.It is better they accept their crime if I call them I will make their life a living hell.
Tanu was shocked and was shivering.Abhi waited since no one came he went near the boy and slapped him hard.
Boy:Don’t hit me I will tell you who did this.The madam in maid dress asked me to do it.I did it only for money.I have no personal rivalry with you.
Abhi:Now get out.That boy walked out of the Mehra house.Pragya’s gang was very angry on tanu.Abhi started walking towards tanu and slapped her.Tanu lost her balance and fell down.
Abhi:How dare you try to harm my fuggi?I will kill you.He started to strangle her neck.Purab stopped him.
Purab:Fuggi what are you talking Abhi?
Abhi:Yes my chashmish my fuggi my mogambo.She is a perfect wife.She again saved me.But I failed as a husband(in anger tone)
Dadi:Abhi first calm down and tell us everything.
Abhi:dadi one day when I was searching for my guitar I found mine and Pragya’s photos.I was shocked but after seeing everything I realized she is my wife.On that day I got my memory back
Aaliya:Bhai why you didn’t say us?
Abhi:I was going to surprise fuggi after my concert ended but all these things happened.After that I wanted to know who did this so I started ignoring fuggi.But I didn’t find culprit by myself someone helped me.

He said and everyone were shocked.Bulbul was coming towards them.
Bulbul:Actually when I wanted to kill myself and jumped from there,some old lady saved me.After that I came to meet all of you but saw Abhi jiju outside an office.So I went towards him and he explained me everything.From that day we both are working on it.
Bulbul started walking towards Purab and they had an emotional reunion.After that she went towards Aliya.
Aliya:I Am very sorry bulbul.I know sorry is not enough.I have done so many sins.But I am saying truth don’t think.Please forgive me(crying hard)
Bulbul hugged her.Everyone were happy and he turned towards tanu.
Abhi:come inside and take her.The police came
Tanu:Sorry Abhi I am changed.I did this because I love you.Cant you see my love
Abhi:Shut up don’t take the word love from your mouth.Do u know what is the meaning of love?Love is fuggy love she was ready to sacrifice everything for me but you tried to kill me.This is your love?

Abhi came towards her and slapped her
Abhi:This is for the pregnancy drama.What did you think I forgot my past so I won’t remember what did you do with my fight.You know even an animal takes care of her child after birth and even before birth.But what kind of a human being are you you killed your own child and accused Pragya who saved your life.I am feeling ashamed to love you once.Then he slapped her again
Abhi:This is for trying to kill my Pragya.I know you made a plan to kill me but my Pragya was injured.Now I am going to finish your game.
Tanu:Aliya please save me you are my best friend.
Aliya:Shut up ms tanushree Mehta.I changed the day I heard yours and Nikhil conversation.Now go your sasural is waiting for you(shares hifi with bulbul)
Police comes and takes Takhil and the boy who tried to kill Pragya
Purab:Finally everything is fine.Pragya di would be very happy
Abhi:No no one should say that I got my memory back.I want to surprise her
By that time pragya walked in and was surprised to see bulbul.
Pragya:Bulbul(in stammering tone)

They both hugged each other and cried.Everyone were looking them with a smile.Pragya broke the hug and slapped bulbul.
Pragya:How dare you think about leaving me?If I do the same thing what will you di
Bulbul:Sorry na di.I won’t do it again.By the way you slapped me so hard if something happens to my face(made a pout)
Everyone laughed at her antics.
After some time everyone were chatting and having fun time.At that time Pragya received a call
Person:Hello mam is this Pragya mehra
Person:Mr Abhishek has met with an accident.Please come to xyz place
Pragya:What?(in disbelief )
Person:Sorry Mam can’t tell more than this.Please come soon.
Pragya:I am coming and she rushed out.
In xyz place:
Pragya came and started shouting Abhishek abhishek.
Everything was dark there.suddenly someone hugged her from behind.
Abhi:I am here chashmish
Pragya hugged him and Abhi hugged her back.After they break the hug
Pragya:Abhishek you are fine someone said you met with an accident.
Abhi:I played a prank on you fuggi
Pragya:Prank and slapped him
Abhi was

Pragya:Prank!What Kind of prank is this you know I was so worried.What do you think of yourself?You are a rockstar so you can do anything you want.You are wrong mr.Irresponsible rockstar if you play this type of prank.I will definitely kill you.
Abhi smiled and Pragya was irked.She was about to say something when Abhi pressed her nose.
He hugged her from behind and the lights were switched on.She was shocked to see as it was the same place where Abhi proposed her first time.
Pragya:You know everything na
Abhi:What everything fuggy?
Pragya:You know about our past na
Abhi:What past fuggi?
Pragya was irked and started to walk when Abhi held her wrist
Abhi:Please don’t leave me again fuggi I can’t bear it.We both have suffered equally now I want to live happily with fuggi and abhigya,prabhi.
Pragya was happy as he remembered everything and hugged him with tears.
Abhi:Fuggy shall we get married?
Pragya:Marry we are already married na
Abhi:Ya but at that time I married you for revenge now I want to marry you wholeheartedly
Pragya smiled and nodded.
Abhi came and closed pragya’s eyes.
After walking some distance he asked her to open her eyes.She was surprised to see her whole family and everyone were present there.
Abhi and Pragya get married once again(I don’t know the rituals sorry yaar)
After marriage is done Abhi lifted Pragya in his arms
Pragya:What are you doing?everyone is seeing us
Abhi:What fuggi I am lifting you?Does anyone have any problem.
Abhi:Come fuggi we should start working?
Purab:Work what work?
Abhi:We should work for abhigya and prabhi.
Pragya blushes
Dadi:Who are they?
Abhi:Budiya you should wait for them.Right fuggi(winks at her)
He starts walking with her leaving others confused.

……….The end………
So how is my surprise?Liked it or loved it.
Thank you each and everyone who commented on this ff.I am very happy to get a wonderful tu family.Tu gave me many pyaari di,chotu, my cute small sis and friends.Actually I thought this is an is but it’s ok what starts good ends good.I know it is very bad on my part to update lately after 3 weeks and ending it.I said na I was ending it on 10 August but coincidentally I ended it on the day when moni di and mata di ended their ff.
Lastly Tina di we miss you and love you a lot.May your soul Rest In Peace.
Love all my TU family.

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  1. Loved it…i luv tiz love story alot n lot…

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  3. Guys I ended this ff?Hope you understand my last paragraph

  4. Maya

    Suhani! Its so fast that u ended this ff but it was very lovely ending! ??????Keep writing and keep entertaining us!???? Will miss ur comments too! Take care and bye sis!??

    1. Ya akka ended it a bit fast as I had no idea what to write after that.Thanks for the sweet comment.I will miss your story a lot.Take care akka.Love you??

  5. SavitaVidya

    break from the real annoying one. ehh I looove. let me even re read

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    2. Thanks for the lovely comment dear??

  7. y u end this ??????????????

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    1. Thanks for the comment di.I had to end this because I had no idea what to write after this.Regarding I will come I may be give an os but no ideas for any ff?

  8. Saranya24

    Awesome darlu gonna miss u badly hope u cme back soon love u?????

    1. Thank you for the lovely lovely comment angel di.Even I will miss you a lot.Lovd you more??

  9. Nice episode yaar… So u also ended ur ff….

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment?Ya even I ended it??

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    Superb ending suhani di loved it pls come soon bye

    1. Thanks for the cute comment princess.I will try to come soon??love you princess??

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    Superb Di..loved it like anything… It was a superb ending.. Wanna see another ff from u..???????luv u..????

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment chotu.Glad you liked the ending.I have no plans for another ff but if I get a plot I will be back.Love you too chotu??

  12. Lobbed it yaar I am gonna miss it for sure

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  13. Monesha

    It is not a surprise…. very big shock to me….. i really love this ff but you end it but you it was super ending. I really loved it to the core….. Plz give another ff….. Love you a lot loads of hugs and kisses to this ummmmmmaaaaa……… ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. You gave me a shock I gave you a shock?Actually I had no idea what to write after this so I ended it.Righf now I have no plot or plans for another ff.But you come back with another one.Love you di??lots of hugs and kisses to you??

  14. Harisha39

    Hey Suhani dhi!
    How r u?
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    1. Don’t you dare ask sorry..Glad thst you liked it.I will try to come back.If i get any idea i will definitely write.Love you too??

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    It was really a surprise! You ended it!???
    But it was an extremely beautiful ending…loved it choti…u absolutely rocked???
    Looking forward to more stories from you!
    Take care dear…love you???

    1. Ya di i had to end as i had no idea what to write after this.Thanks for the lovely lovely comment.Take care di❤️Love you??


    Hello my pyaari… sis.. you end it na… it’s too bad dear.. actually I knew my comment is little bit late.. but I will not tell you sorry because there is no such formalities between us.. don’t you knew how much I love this track.. I thought there will be so many twist and turns.. but it’s k.. please come up with new ff or os.. because you are capable for that.. and I saw your comment on my ff.. do you think that I forget you.. no never.. how can I forget my sis.. who is always mad about yourself.. do you knew you are my 3rd sis here… so don’t think like that.. love you so much dear.. be take care of yourself I knew you will what ever I said except this.. love you so much suha

    1. Good you did not ask sorry.Actually di I didn’t want to drag this so i ended this.If i get any idea i will definitely write.Haha you are write i am mad about myself.You know di you are very smart you know i dont take care of myself.Love you??

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