Abhigya – Love for 7 lives!! Intro, prologue


Hey it is Zuha here , actually I write a FF for Asya and included Abhigya in it for few episodes , one of my readers Kristy asked me to bring them back , so I decided to write a FF on them , it is totally different from the real story , actually it is no more a story but a crap , and as all of u I also wanna pray that the Tanu track ends and our Abhigya reunite as a perfect couple.

Well , I have changed their names for time being , but they are still our Abhigya.

Let’s have a introduction!

Raghav Pandey ( Abhishek Prem ) : A small – town singer , who loves a girl who is in her memories , who he never knows but still loves her.

Sashi Madhav ( Pragya Arora ) : Daughter of a business man , whi we life is interrupted by memories of a guy who she never knows , but feels connected to him.


A couple is seen in a car , enjoying their teenage love , with rock music on. They were close to a kiss , when there is a collision of 2cars. A heart-wrenching scream.

Many years later , a guy is seen playing guitar , he is the accident victim , memory of that night flashes in his mind , the happy moments , kiss , and the accident which took the life of 2 lovers. He fears.

A girl is seen listening to rock music , a picture of a guy ( same one who was playing guitar) comes infront of her , and it is not for the first time but daily , she has a feeling that she is incomplete. She feels connected to this music , why? She also don’t know the answer.


Hope you liked it and it is just the beginning and this FF is not more than 10-15 episodes.
Many of u maybe confused but u will be cleared soon.
If anyone of you want to read my Asya FF so it is named “Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation” under Qubool Hai….

This FF is especially for u Kristy , hope u read it and like it.

Keep smiling , keep reading , and keep COMMENTING!!!!!

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. Nice yar but don’t change their name

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Sana , but at the and they will unite as Abhigya when you will read it na you will understand.

  2. Its gud nd different yaar

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks Hema!?

  3. Continue yaar! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks Shashi!☺

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks Hani!

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)


    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Reshma!

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Shreya , so very much u supported me in my Asya FF while over here as well love u yaar!?

  4. I am happy you decides to write a ff on abhigya. The names are a bit confusing but I will get used to it. Looking forward for your next episode

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Ohhhh…… u will understand

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