Abhigya : Love for 7 lives!! chapter 4


Hey guys I am back! Thanks for your love and support via comments. Let’s ask you all a question. Do you guys want me to have a mash up with other couples or stories and do u want me to write a FF on any other couple , do tell me , I will think regarding it?

Chapter 4:

The scene begins , Shashi welcoming Raghav , Purab, and Bulbul at Patel Mansion.
She calls out for her dad. A man around 40 who still looks young comes and hugs her daughter. Yes , he is Mr.Madhav Patel , Shashi’s father. (played by Ronit Roy last seen in IKNMP as Dr.Neil Khanna)
A lady comes in a modern , yet traditional sari who Shashi refers as “Maa”(played by Pallavi Kulkarni last seen in IKNMP as Ragini Patel or Ragini Khanna) Here she is also named Ragini Patel.

The quattro is left alone in Shashi’s room for their practice.

Bulbul:So what next?
Purab:Budhoo , practice.

Bulbul eyes him angrily.

Shashi:So we have become partners but we don’t know eachother well so it is just like a start up.
Purab:But we will practice here?
Bulbul:Hey budhoo ofcoure not haven’t u seen the big mansion there will be 1 music room over here. Of course it is not ur pichkoo apartement.
Hai na di?

Shashi rubbing her forehead:Actually……guyss…my music room is not ready yet so we have to practice here only.

The trio in surprise:WHATTT?????

Shashi:But it is only for today….
Purab:Atleast there is a seperate room for practising in my pichkoo flat.
Bulbul:Ok,ok now stop boosting. We have to set up things.

They start setting up things. Suddenly , Shashi stumbles and was about to fall when our Rockstar catches her. (Saiyaara plays)They are lost in one other. They compose on RaBul’s cough.

Shashi:Everything set.
Purab:So let’s practice.
Bulbul:One by one , we will come and show our specialty. So Mr.Sadu go.

Purab comes and plays beautiful flute , Bulbul starts to dream Purab as Krishna playing flute and she herself being Radha and dancing around him. Her dream is disturbed by everyone’s clap.

Now it is Bullbul’s turn she plays beautiful piano, Purab appreciates her efforts.

Now Raghav comes and plays rocking guitar like a rockstar (as he was a rockstar when Abhi – chapter 1 )Shashi loved it as she loves to hear rock music daily (coz it was the last song which she hear with Abhi on their last date – chapter 1)

Now , Shashi’s turn she sings “Agar tum saath ho” when Raghav imagines both of them dancing on the same song romantically.

Pal bhar tehar jao
Dil yeh sambhal jaaye,
Kaisay tumhe roka karoun.
Meri taraf aaya,
Har gham phisal jaaye,
Aankhon mai tumko bharoon,
Bin bole baatein tum se karoon.
‘gar tum saath ho.
Agar tum saath ho.

Abhi starts singing with her the male version.

Teri nazroon , mein hai tere sapnay,
Teray sapno mein hai naaraazi,
Mujhay lagta hai ke baatein dil ki,
Hoti lafzoon li dhokebaazi.
Tum saath ho ya na ho
Kya farq hai,
Bedard thi zindagi,
Bedard hai.

Agar tum saath ho…….

RaBul claps.
All bid each other bye.

At night, Bulbul can not stop thinking about Purab.
Purab can not stop thinking about Bulbul.
Raghav can not stop thinking about Shashi.
Shashi can not stop thinking about Raghav.

The 4 different paths have the same destination!

End of chapter 4.

Precap:New entry.

Hope u enjoyed ~ Zuha Fatima

Credit to: Zuha

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