Abhigya : Love for 7 lives!! chapter 3


So guys I am back. Thanks for ur lovely comments and keep commenting. Many of u think that it is like Kasam but it is not coz I don’t watch it whereas they have not shown something like I am writing, hope u understand. Secondly, many of u want me to add RaBul so I am adding them☺

So let’s get to the story……

The scene begins, the next day, morning, college.

Pragya/Shashi is walking in the courtyard towards her class when she bumps into a sweet, charming, bubbly girl. The girl bends down to pick up her papers which were all in a mess. She stands up.

Girl:I am really sorry….
Pragya/Shashi:No need to say sorry
Girl:Ok; bye.
Pragya/Shashi:Wait, wait tell me ur name.
Girl:It’s Bulbul

Both leaves.

Pragya /Shashi enters the class all are staring her, she feels uncomfortable and walks forward, all are whispering in each other’s ears looking at her.
She sees Bulbul there, who offers her a seat, she sits.

Pragya/Shashi:Don’t you sense something weird.
Bulbul:Just ignore.

They hear a boy whispering to his benchmate:Look at that Behenji.

Pragya/Shashi fumes:Behenji kis ko bola.

The boy turns out to be Purab.

Purab:You Ms. Behenji.
Shashi/Pragya:You don’t know who I am.
Purab:Probably a beggar’s daughter.

This fumes Bulbul

Bulbul:I knew Mr. Purab Khanna that you are Sadu, but badtamesz as well, I didn’t thought.

Purab:Hello u Ms. Pooh, for the first time I am feeling pity on you that you made this girl your friend.

Bulbul:Acha! How can you say she is bad, do you know her personally.

Purab:Look at her , her clothes, they are like so cheapo Salwar Kameez.

Bulbul:How can you judge a person, with his clothes and if it comes on u so I were wearing this shirt since last 3 days so u are Mailay (dirty) probably a beggar’s son.

Purab : Oh Ms.control ur tongue

Bulbul:When it comes on you then only you understand.

The professor enters.

Prof. :Why is there so much noise in my class?

Purab:Sir can I ask u a question?

Prof.; Yeah sure

Purab:On which basis you enroll students

Prof. :On their background and qualification.

Purab:Exactly, so why have you enrolled this Behenji.

Prof. :Excuse me, firstly it is none of your business and secondly she is the daughter of Mumbai’s well-known business tycoon Mr. Madhav Patel, Ms. Shashi Madhav Patel.

Purab is embarrassed, while Bulbul enjoys.

Prof. :Ok we have 2 new admissions, one I have already introduced Ms. Patel and another one is Mr….

The very minute Abhi/Raghav enters.

Abhi/Raghav:May I come in Sir?

Prof. :You are 7 minutes late, out now.!

Abhi/Raghav tries to speak but in vain.
Prof. ask Abhi/Raghav to leave, when Shashi stands up and says: May I speak sir.


Pragya:I am sorry to say, sir but u were also 5 mins late today. When u can be late so why can’t he, you can come in coz are a teacher.

Abhi/Raghav is lost in Shashi, whereas Professor is impressed.

He allows him to enter. The lecture finishes and Professor ask everyone Questions.

Prof. :As this was your first lecture so to aware you guys every week you will be asked to submit a song or anything related to the explanation of the week so better start searching for ur partner.

He leaves; break.

At the cafeteria….

Shashi and Bulbul comes to the cafeteria, Purab was also there.
Shashi walks to him.

Shashi:Mr. Khanna we didn’t had a good meeting at the first place so lemme ask u wanna be friends with us.

Purab:Actually I wanna say sorry to u Man without knowing anything I said much.

Bulbul:So u should first think and then speak.

Shashi:Bas Bulbul. You both say sorry to each other.

Bulbul : But di…..

Shashi:Who di?

Bulbul:Actually, u are 1 year older than me and I don’t have a sis. So that’s why….

Shashi:Ok u can call me Di.

They hug.

Shashi: U have thought me as ur elder sister so sat sorry to him.

Bulbul:Theek hai. Sorry…

Purab:Sorry…. BTW I don’t have a partner, so will u be my partner.

Bulbul was about to speak but Shashi says”Yes”

The trio sits and have their lunch.

Shashi:Now I have to search for a partner.

Bulbul in a teasingly manner:Why di that one as good.


Bulbul:One u saved from Professor.

Shashi:Shut up!

Purab:Nahi di she is correct.

Shashi:Tum Bhi.

Raghav comes their hurriedly.

Raghav:Thanks re, u saved me or else I would’ve missed my first lecture.

Shahsi:No need of that.

Raghav:Actually I am from Allahbad and new here so can we be partners?

Shashi agrees, they both shake hands and so RaBul.

The scene ends on their split faces.

Precap: The Quattro comes to know each other’s talent…….

I know it was a bit boring, hope u enjoyed it, Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was busy.

Do tell me how did u felt for the ep. Plz give me suggestions and tell me regarding your comments.
Zuha Fatima.

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. nic zuha…well enjoyed ur ff….especially u hav added rabul…it’s good and mindblowing…

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Karthika ur FF is also good. It is good that u enjoyed. ☺

  2. awesome one zuha loved how pragya/shashi saved abhi/raghav frm the professor…. that part was awesome and the last part just loved it

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      It is good that you loved it, keep commenting. ☺

  3. Nice yaar

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanx Durga. ☺

  4. Very nice….. Love the way pragya saved abhi….. You showed purab very different loved rabul fight

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Yeah I also enjoyed writing this chapter…..
      Yeah Purab is different from what he is in the real story.

  5. ash(akshaya)

    Awesome yaar
    The way you brought the story was very good.
    I loved it
    Continue soon yaar and thanks for commenting my story my love story

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Ash, anytime for u dear☺

  6. it is awesome nd do update regularly

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      Thanx Maahi, ok will try to be regular…..☺

  7. nice…yar….as am posting my ff only on weekends..i get chance to read ur ff only on weekends..tht’s why am not commenting daily….really loved the way you write…..
    keep the good work..

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Ohhhh….. I see, thanks for commenting ☺

  8. awesome & I dont think this ff like kasam

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      Thanx shriti…. ☺

  9. shabana.(abhi is love of my life)

    awesome pragya wow!!!!!!!!! u r looking incredible two eyes are not enough to see your beauty..once again i love u abhi my real life rockstar

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks for commenting Shabana….. ☺

  10. shabana.(abhi is love of my life)

    i love u abhi……sooooooooooooooo much here is my open proposal for abhi / shabir..

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)


    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Reshma Pradeep….. ☺

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