Abhigya : Love for 7 lives!! chapter 1

Hey Zuha here , with my first chapter. You know na as I mentioned in the intro that I am changing the names of Abhigya , and some of you don’t want it so , lemme clear it to all that it is not at all like the story , it is totally different. To clear your confusion , I am starting from the prolouge , and yeah they will end up uniting as Abhigya.

Episode 1 :
A guy calls a girl ( face not revealed ).
Guy:Hey , Senorita! What’s up?
Girl:Hello , Mr. don’t even talk to me I am waiting for u in the cafe since 2 hrs. And u!
Guy:Look phuggii……hello? Phuggi.

Guy thinks “Ms. Arora , this rockstar will make your day”

Yes , he is the dashing Abhi Mehra.

Scene 2 :
A girl is dressing up herself , infront of the mirror , she is the same girl whom Abhi was talking to.
She gets a call.
Caller:Are u Pragya Arora.
Girl:Yes , I am Pragya.
Caller:Do u have any relation with Abhi Mehra?
Girl:Yes , he is my fìance.
Caller:He had an accident.

This shocks Pragya.

Pragya:What the hell! Where , plz tell me is he fine na.
Caller:The road behind highway there.
Pragya:Ok , I am coming.

She rushes out hurriedly.

Scene 3 : Undisclosed location
Pragya reaches the place , but there are no signs of accident. She sees a perfect setting for date.

Abhi comes out , with a bunch of flowers hiding behind his back.

Abhi: Senorita , look I am sorry but today I want tomsay something which u may know but I wanna confess.

Abhi places his finger over her lips , and pulls her closer , Pragya is shivering.

Abhi:I want to say………
Pragya:You want to say…….
Abhi:You look damn hot when you are afraid.(and laughs)

Pragya who was expecting to hear the 3 magical words pushes him.

Abhi:Hey Senorita ! Aisay choti choti dates pe aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai.

Pragya starts beating him on his chest.

Abhi:Stop it!
Pragya:You know how much I was scared that u went through an acc… just leave it , everything is a joke for you.

And cries , abhi wipes her tears.

Abhi:You know na I hate tears in ur eyes. I love u!
Pragya:That is the problem , that I love you , god damn it!

They share a hug , they have dinner , and leave in the car.

Scene 4 : In the car.

Pragya:Sometimes it is said that , things said mistakenly also come true , I fear anything happen to u , how will I live without u.

Abhi stops the car .

Abhi:Phuggi , u think way too much , and what will happen , I will die…..

Pragya , places her hand and says ” Never , ever say like that.”

Abhi hugs her. They are about to kiss when a car comes infront , and their is a collision. We hear a heart -wrenching scream.

Scene 5 : A dark place.

Someone burns Abhi and Pragya’s pic and says ” Today is the end of your love story , Tumahri adhuri kahani !!” , and laughs evily (evil tune plays)

The screen freezes on Abhigya’s burning image.

Precap : Raghav and Shashi……..

Guys , it is a story of pure love , which will give a messags to all , when the love is true no one can seperate them , they live for their love they die for their love , they can do anything for their love , if the love is as clear as a mirror. And as pure as white. Reincarnation , and rebirth , I also don’t believe on it , but believe in true love , the love which lives to the eternity. Well , hope u like it and do read mh other FF “Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ” under Qubool Hai!

Love u all loads !
Keep smilingl
Zuha Fatima.

Credit to: Zuha


  1. kristy

    loved it. plz make longer episode. now i understand this thing. this is like rebirth. i cant wait for them to meet each other

    • zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks Kristy , it is good that u understood , ok I will try to make it longer next time , they will meet but not that easily. ☺

    • zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks shriti , and we can spell it in both ways dear , as it is the way like phone we don’t spell it fone , am I r8? ?

  2. durga

    Nice yaar bt plzzzzzz make it some wat longer thn by today episode ony I just somehow understand abt Ur ff concept I’m eagerly waiting for next part yaar

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.