Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 8)

Here u go with abhigya scenes thnks fr ur support frndsss
Pragya had a habit of going fr temple once wn she went fr temple n near temple she saw a small boy crying so she went near him…..
P:hello,beta wt hapnd y ru crying
Boy:di i i am feeling hungry
P:kk dnt cry cme i will buy u smthing
She goes near a shop n buys snacks fr boy abhi who was in d same shop notices her n thinks whos dat boy is
Boy eats n stops crying
P:nw tell who ru
Boy:actually i came wit my mom she is in d temple i was simply crying as she didnt brought me snacks bt thnks as u brought it fr me
P:so u cried fr snacks ha
P:hw naughty u r u was simply crying i thought it was serious
Boy:hey i willingly fooled u di
The boy gets up n teases pragya n run away abhi who saw evrything started laughing at her pragya noticed him n she left d shop,abhi followed her
A:pragya pragya hi wait fr a min
P:hi, y u cald me
A:hw silly u r to get fooled by dat smal boy haa
Pragya leaves looking at his attitude n enters d temple.
At school
Abhi saw pragya cming to cls he was standing near foor n ws chatting wit purab
A:(loudly in child voice)hey di i willingly fooled u
Pragya looks at him angrily n enters d cls
Bt abhi didnt stop her flirting he did d same whole day finally irritated by it pragya scoldwd him
P:who r u to tease me
P:u r just a clsmate u hv no right to talk abt me r tease me be in ur limits….
Abhi was shocked pragya leaves abhi thinks y i am going behind dis girl n getting scolds frm her wts wrong wit me n stops thinking abt her.
Same day evening she wwnt to temple wit bulbul
Abhi n purab were at d same shop purab see them n thinks to talk to thm he drags abhi wit him into temple pragya n bulbul were sitting n purab took abhi n sat behind thm as they were unable to notice purab n abhi
B:wt hapnd pragya y u look sad today
P:actually today i shouted at abhi fr no reason as i was upset wit smething i just shwed my anger on him
B:leave it na he wnt even think abt itP:bt i hurtee him its nt a gud thing so i will ask him to excuse me tmrw
Aft dat they leave n abhi thinks hw soft natured pragya is n likes her a lot
Nxt day in schul pragya waita a lot to say him sry fi ally in evening she goes near him wn he was alone in study hour
P:hi abhi
A:hi (smwt angry nt seriously)
P:can i talk to u
A:ya plz sit
P:actually abhi that is ……hw is ur studies
A:this is wt u wanna ask me i knw u came to tell me sry bt instaed of dat u r talking non sense
P:hw cme u knw abt it
A:i knw face reading
P:aachaaa!!!u hv dis talent alsoo
They both laugh
P:i am really sry fr yesterday
A:its k u hurt me a lot
P:sry u can punish me fr dat
A:ya surely u must be punished ur punishment is u shuld be my frnd…
Pragya hesitatingly says k by thinking wt he is talking y he wanna be my frnd many thoughts were running around her mind thn she woke up to leave
Suddnly abhi hold her hand n said sit na
Pragya loooks surprisingly tumhi ho song playa in bg
Thn abhi comes to his sense n leaves her hand
P:k bye

Like dis abhi was liking pragya s nature n attitude on othr side bulbul s feeling fr purab was becoming stronger day by day n same suresh was trying his best to impress pragya n takhil internet love was gping on bt the question is abt pragya it will be revealed latr
Sooo n nw all r in holiday n preparing fr fare well so all assembled the day before to decorate the stage n arrangements fr functions were done by students by only
Precap:pragya is leading others to do work some funny scenes in class

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