Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 26)


hi frndssss sry fr being late i was busy with my othr ffs,,so i culdnt get time really a big sooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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recap:abhi proposed pragya they have smile on their faces

epi starts

abhigya left d place they come out n moves to pragya s home in abhi s car.
A:i never thought dat u wuld agree so easily
P:oh hw can i miss such a sweet person bt u took to much of time
A:i knw i was confused bw u n tanu in school days thn wn i started loving u,sme more disturbence frm nikhil as i misunderstood u n purab s relation so all these happened
P:so hw u realised this
A:wn suresh proposed u at dat time igot cleared all these things
P;oh so u were thr wn suresh proposed me..
P;y u beat him dat bad..
A:hw can i tolerate wn sme one propose u…

pragya smiles they reach d home..wn pragya was abt to leave she opened the carsdoor n came out abhi too came out..
A:only bye..
P;thn??gud nite(funnily)
A:ha dats nt fair!!we r lovers nw…hw can u disappoint me on d first day of our love itself…
P:dnt be too much nw leave its getting late..(smillimgly)
A:atleast one kiss fr ur abhi
P;gud trial!!bt nt nw leave…
A;hw unromantic u r!!

when pragya was about to go..abhi also was moving to leave wn all of a sudden pragya came running n gave a peck on his cheek..abhi smiles…wn pragya was abt to leave soon abhi hold her hands..

A:hey chashmish wr ru going..ha..
P:abhi leave me na..
A;i dnt..
P;u dnt..bt i knw hw to..

pragya comes closer to abhi both wee vry nervous..she came vry close to him..abhi was lost in her eyes..he slowly leaves her hand taking this as advanatge pragya slipped away frm abhi s hand n she ran away..

A:hey dats nt fine..
P:I knwbye..

they both go to their respective rooms all night they think abt each othr..d day they spent..hw they proposed each othr n all…they felt happy n sleeps peacefully screen freezes on their smiling faces…sanam re plays in bg

in morning….

abhi calls pragya…
P:hello abhi..(still dizzy in sleeping)
A;gud mrng my love..
pragya smilles..
A:Still sleeping..
A:k..nw get up soon nget ready dadi wanna meet u..
P:oh..k give me sometime i wil reach thr..
A:k will be waiting..

pragya gets ready n leaves to mehra mansion

at mehra mansion>>>>
pragya reaches abhi was waiting outside fr her..she comes out of d car.
she was in yellow long chudidar her hairs curled(like fuggi)abhi was mesmerised seeing her

A;(himself)beautiful….oh i cant controll myself..she is soo cute
pragya comes near n snaps..
P:Abhi u..ok?
abhi comes into his senses..
A;ha yay ya,….i am fine…
P:hw am i looking?/
A;damn hot!
A;(Realises wt he said)ha..i mean i was lost smwr..u …u r looking awesome…
P;abhi stop day dreamings
A:hw can i jaan…wn u r wit me…

pragya blushes…
they both go inside…n took blessings of dadi

dadi asked them to go fr a temple near by bombay..t get blessings frm god…they both decide to leave in mrng..

precap:abhigya on d way…..to dat holy [place…

hope u like it..its long enough

i promise it

plz do comment n share ur views willl be waiting

Credit to: Roshini

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