Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 24) PROPOSE TIME

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Epi starts…
Pragya was kidnapped…she shouted a lot bt in vein she was brought near beach side..n was thrown on sand..ppl who kidnapped her was d guys wit whim she miffed in clg…

Guy1:come on nw cal ur frnd lets c who will help u..
Guy2:its ur bday naa nw we. Will enjoy ur bday…
P:no no..h cant do dis…

As d guys were coming near to her they took her dupatta..sudnly as they were approaching she pushes them n ran..they chased her..she ran fr a longtime bt culd nt see anyone…

As she kept on running she noticed sme person near beach side she ran to him n d man was revealed to be abhi…be was shocked to see pragya thr…
A:pragya u…here..wt ru doing??
P:h..h..they …r..r..ch..chasing me..h.h..
She was gasping heavily.
Abhj saw d guys n beat them black n blue they ran away…pragya felt little bit relaxed.
She ran to abho n hugged him.abhi hugged her back n was carassing her hair.
Allahwariya plays in bg
Aftr smetime pragya realises dat she is hugging him.she pushes him back.
P:its all ur plan na…
A:plan…wt plan?
P:to kidnapp me n bring me here..
A:wt yaar pragya hw can u think like dat abt me..
P:thn wt ru doing here t dis time.
A:u told me to lve na soo i was feeling bad n came to beach house..
P:do u think i am gonna believe ur stories…
A:arey baba…cme i will show u d house here..
They walk fr a while n reached abhj s beach house.
A:will u believe nw…
P:ha…bt i need to go back home.
A:its late we cant go till mrng if u dnt mind u can stay here…thr r servants..
Pragya gjves him a suspicious look.
A:ha..nlu nly if u believe in me.n dnt tell thus at home they will b tensed

Pragya takes out her home n tells her parents dat she will come in mrng as she is in bulbul s house fr assignment.she even calls bulbul n informs her..

At beach house..night.
Pragya thinks…still abhi didnt remember its my bday hw bad i knw he changes a lot…bt pragya y ru thinking of him n expecting him to wish..though u love him bt he wnt..na..if he do so he wuld hv wishes u…
Sme1 knocks d door..pragya felt it may be abhi n opens d door it was servant who brought food…she kept it on table n left.

Pragya thinks wt happens if he hv dinner wit me..so dat we can spend sme time na..bullshit y i am thinking these much cme on pragya leave it to hell…

She hv food n sleeps…
Aftr sme time she hears a knock she see clock it was 11.15pm..she was in half sleep n headed towards door n opened it.it was abhi…

A:hd ur dinner??
P:ya did u cane to ask ths na…s i had nw leave..
She was closing d door wn abhi holds it n enters d room..pragya felt little scared.
A:no actually i came..to…
A:i just wanted to talk to u
P:no need y ru being so nice..who r u to me ha..no need of talking n all..(hd tears)
A:i kne yaar u r in anger bt i do deserve it actually i remember its ur bday as u warned me nt to come to h i stayed back

Pragya turns towards abhi…he continued
A:HAPPY BDAY hw can i forget ur bday..i dnt knw hw long ur anger lost bt today i wanna make it special fr u..i dnt knw hw u celebrated ur bday these years bt dis time u r celebrating wit me so i brougt 12 gifts ft u till nct bday…here u go..

He gives dress to her…pragya was delighted to here all tese frm abhk she takes it…
A:i will be waiting fr u in drawing room get ready n come soon..
He leaves pragya was full happy she got ready soon m wore d dress n came down
She wpre a long white Cinderella frock.her hair was curled infront.n hd matching accessories dhe was just looking like an angel…
Abhi was struck seeing her…his heart beat rised his blood was running too fast..
As she came down he hold her hand n took her towards kitchen…pragua was seeing in surprise…


He opened d fridge n take out an ice plate which was written as happy bday…
A:as ice u shuld also be cool fr ever…happy bday..
Pragya smiles

He takes her to drawing roon n he takes out a box whicj is full of spectacle s wit different frames…
A:wt ever d pll say dntvtake out ur chashma my pragya is incomplete wit it.
N happy bday again.

Pragya was happy as he even love her wit her defects…

He give her a box of swiss chocolate
A:all over d world swiss chocolates r famous..if we wanna give happiness in small packets chocolates r d best so happy bday..
Pragya was lost in his words n thoughts.

Gift 5:
He takes her to his garden outsode n hives her a bouquet of flowers…
A:u knw on dis earth thr nly two beautiful things if one is flowers othr is women
So these beautiful flowers fe beautiful girl infront of me..happy bday..
Pragya blushes…

He gave a god idol…
A:u believe in god a lot na as u go fe temples regularly so i wish god give u all happiness to u…happy bday..
Pragya thinks abhi dnt believe on god na bt he did today..

He gives her an iphone..
A:music is d best therapy fr anything it gives happiness,enjoyment everything a person wants here u go wit sme of my collections..happy bday..
Pragya go on hearing d music..

Gift 8:
He takes out a nice wrist watch..n put it to her hand..
A:nw i will be wit u fr every sec u will remember me wn ever u see dis watch..

Pragya thinks hw can i remember u abhi if i didnt forget u as u always keep on thinking abt u..

He takes out a sparkle candles..m foes on liting it..
A:candles h shrt life bt gves light to othrs even on its short life as we shuld also hv to live fr others…dis os wt i learnt frm u ..thnka n happy bday…

Pragya was in tears listening to his words she was looking at him constantly lovingly

A:y ru gazing like dat..
P:wo wo..i am hungry..

He goes to bring s.things frm kitchen they sit down on d table lit wit candles…
A:here u go ur fav chats all things..enjoy it..happy bday..

They both enjoy food…
He takes out a frndship band..
A:i kne u r angry bt on d eve of ur bday lets b frnds. Plz..
Pragya smiles n agrees..

He ties d band..

A:lets go fr a walk on beach side..
P:its late na..
A:plz still 1 gift iS left na..
P:hm k.

They come outsode..as they were walking on sand..
A:i dnt lnw u liked all these gifts r nt bt hope u will like d last one..
Pragya was still walking she was ahead of abhk as abhi stopped thr he took a deep breath n hold pragya s hand she turns..
Abhi kneels down..

A:d last gift fr ur bday is me…i will b wot u forever I LOVE U till d rest of my life…will u marry me!!
He takes out a ring…

Pragya was on cloud nine..she was waiting tp hear it…as abhi was waiting fr her reply..pragya witout answering ran frm d place..as she culdnt answer him..
Abhi was confused..
Pragya went to room n lovked it abhi cane the n tried to knock bt thought nt to do so as he was scared of her decision n dnt knw hw to face her..so he left to his room..

Precap:pragya to lve d place b4 abhi woke up..

Hi frnds. Hope u like it plz do cmnt n share ur views..as i really ecpect cmnts as i worked on dis epi fr 2days..so plz share ur views wil be happy to hear it..
Love u all loads fr ur support n love.
Roshini rockstar.

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